Now, when a book takes over your mind (as these are bound to do), you end up having it follow you even to your dreams.  So, here is my quest: to collect all the dreams people have had about Harry Potter or the books.  Here's what I have so far.

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Every dream sent in since August 2004 (and some from before) has finally made its way onto this page!  All previous dreams have been bumped down a page or two, just keep clicking on the link at the bottom of the page to get to the next one, and the "Back" button on your browser to go back.

Please realize that dreams are straight from the subconscious and can often be very strange, disturbing, or containing all sorts of sexual imagery.  I haven't posted some of the more objectionable ones, but some are marked with little warnings for the sensitive reader.

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From Natspup ~
I had this really odd dream. In my dream I knew Ron and Ginny. I took them to school with me to impress people and for some reason people started throwing eggs at Ron. Everyone was asking Ginny where she got her awesome clothes from. I took Ron and Ginny to my World History class and Ron and my teacher started arguing over the fall of the Roman empire. I kept telling Ron not to pick a fight with my teacher because he is very stubborn and is obsessed with history . All of a sudden Ginny shouted, "Lets get it started in here!" Ginny jumped up on a desk and started dancing "suggestively" and guys were drooling. All the girls were so jealous. Ginny kept singing, "Let's get it started in here." (That song sung by the Black Eyed Peas). Meanwhile my teacher and Ron started to get in a fist fight. People started placing bets on who would win. I put ten galleons on Ron and people were complaining that I couldn't use wizard money. I got real upset and broke my wand. Then Harry came in and told Ginny and Ron that Dumbledore needed them for a documentary he was shooting called The Real Life Of Harry Potter: His Secret Obsession With Photocopy Machines.

From Ashten ~
I had a dream about Harry's Parents got killed and Sirius was going after Peter and when he got arrested. Then he was at my house as a black dog then Dementors came and he turned back to a human and said "Don't tell anyone"

From LemonFresh ~
Dream 1 - This is just a fragment of a larger dream with a lot of ghosts and a large, complicated story, which I had some time ago. At one point I was working in a department store that might have been the Bay or it might have been Wal-Mart. It was an awfully nice store to be Wal-Mart though. I was in the jewelry/cosmetics section, and there were all these display cases and counters and marble pillars everywhere. I was talking to another employee, and it turned out that she was seeing Hagrid! They were engaged. She was just a fairly normal-looking woman, very dignified (and good at selling jewelry and cosmetics), probably in her fifties, but young-looking for her age. I believe at one point Hagrid came in and was going to go over to the Wal-Mart section of the store to buy her a gift. Then there were bonfires outside in a completely different place, and after that there were no more Harry Potter references.
Dream 2 - I got a special Birthday Newspaper for my birthday which you could get at a card shop. It had moving pictures like HP newspapers, and it may have been entirely about Harry Potter universe happenings (I'm not sure; this dream was a while ago). I was looking at it when I suddenly fell through/into it, and was in a school gymnasium with a lot of crowds. Then somehow I was in Hogwarts. It was suppertime and everybody was down in the Great Hall eating, except for me, Harry, and Neville. Harry (who was about 12) had gone crazy and was forcing Neville to help him shave his legs. Then he started running around Hogwarts with no pants on. He was wearing just a grey sweatshirt and his underwear. Fortunately nobody saw him as they were all eating supper (and he didn't run into the Great Hall). That was the end of the HP part of my dream.

From Rachel Bargis ~
I am a girl and staunch Death-eater hater, so it was very strange that I had a dream about being a boy halfblood servant in the Malfoy household about the same age as Draco (there was no slash in the relationship, just the hatred of a master to a servant treated like a dog). I had to tag after him all of his childhood and take his (and Crabbe and Goyle's) punches.  Chronologically, the dream was simple. The Slytherin trio came home from Hogwarts for Christmas their first year and I had to follow them as they walked down to the lake on the Malfoy estate grounds. Though it was sunny it was very cold and had snowed the day before. They shoved me off a bridge into the icy water and I had to run really fast to catch up with them as they went back to the house. After changing shoes I had to sneak into the dining room after dinner was held and help clean up plates. Master Malfoy yelled at me for being clumsy and not staying out of sight like I was supposed to. 
That was it for the story, but the best part of my dream was that I was aware of "my" past during the course of the dream. I knew that my parents were killed in the Death-Eater Muggle purifications and my pureblood grandmother indentured me to the Malfoys because she hated the sight of me. My name was Henry or Peter, though I don't remember a  last name. Lucius Malfoy hated having a halfblood in his house but was bound by wizard honor to his pledge to his second cousin, my grandmother. In the dream I knew that children born into wizard families travel by Floo powder a few mornings a week to the several wizarding primary schools that exist in the UK, though rich families like the Malfoys have private tutors for their children. I learned from the tutor since I was Draco's servant/whipping boy. Draco met Crabbe and Goyle when he was very young because their parents were friends, and they ended up hiring the same tutor and having classes together, though only I paid attention, and I did Draco's homework much of the time.  Secondary education for the non-Hogwarts bound was several 5-days-a-week schools traveled to by Floo that culminates after 4 years in the BATs, the Basic Acceptance Test, which shows that you're competent enough to carry a wand as an adult, though if you stay in school for 3 more years students have a chance at the OWLs or a trade school.  I was very angry and frustrated in the dream, knowing that I wasn't a good a wizard as Draco even though I was a better person. I couldn't have gotten into Hogwarts, and Draco used that to taunt me whenever he noticed I was a person instead of a punching bag.

From Amanda ~
I was in like an underground sort of area. I guess it was kind of  my idea of what was beyond the veil in book 5. Kind of like something  you would see in a video game, and I was looking for Sirius, after he  had died. I was walking through muddy and swampy areas. It was really weird. I was then in this cave like area and I found Lily and  James, and eventually Sirius. Then, I don't really remember, but I  think I brought them back to Harry. 

From Allestra Greenleaf ~
Okay, I'm obsessed with the Weasleys, especially the twins. I go to bed and dream that I'm walking around a house... It might've been the burrow... I dunno it was dark... Next thing I know is that I'm pulled into a closet. I'm freaking out now and I have a hand over my mouth as well. Then I hear a very familiar British voice. "Shh! They'll find us! You have to keep quiet mate." That's when I look around to find Fred, George, and, Molly Weasley. The one with his hand over my mouth (one of the twins) finally let me breathe. "Uhh.... What's going on....?" I asked in a low whisper.  Fred points out of a crack in the door. "We can't get caught." Molly said. "Okay...?" was all I could get out. After that I got up with a huge grin on my face... That's when I realized that I've finally snapped. 

From Michelle deB ~
I had a dream I was with Harry and my sister and it was the night that they had caught Sirius and put him in the tower. So, we were in a room pretending to do homework when Fudge ran in yelling at us about Lupin running around the grounds. It turned out he was looking for Sirius's tooth because he couldn't turn into and dog without it and Fudge wanted to show everyone he could, so while Fudge was yelling (not noticing anything) Harry put the tooth in my hand and his and we muttered a spell that made it duplicate. Then we gave Fudge the fake one because he kept yelling at us. He said thank you and walked away while we prepared to save Sirius... Then my dream changed to me filling a snow fort with milk and sugar 

From Lovelygal ~
I was running down a dark corridor. I couldn't see anything. I ran and bumped into something. It was Snape. "Excuse me. What are you doing up in the middle of the night? Come into my office. Since you are in Slytherin, I will not tell anyone else about your whereabouts tonight. Follow me please." As we walked down the dark corridor, I swear I saw someone walking a few feet in front of me. We got into his office and then Snape said, "Amy, will you marry me?" 
"Oh my God. You're sick." 
Then Harry Potter came in and bashed Snape in the head. "Now that that idiot's out, will ye fair maiden marry me?" 
"Heck no! She's marrying me." Draco Malfoy came in and told Harry. 
"Who doth you choose darling? Me or that slimy cheese ball who doth not knoweth how to speak to a young fair maiden like ye."
"I'll go with that perfect, hotty 'cheeseball'. Bye." Then I ran off into the night with my new 'husband'.

From Isabella
I had a dream just the other night that I was going to Hogwarts. I was in the same year as Harry, Ron, and Hermione, Only I was a Ravenclaw. I'd been going there since we were all in our first year, and it really didn't seem strange. I sat with Luna on the train, and we were both reading the Quibbler. Some younger girl that I didn't recognize kept going on about how incredibly hot she thought Draco Malfoy was, and Cho Chang kept sobbing about Cedric, while Marietta Edgecomb kept saying, "He doesn't die untill June, Cho. Your supposed to cry then, not now." When we got up to the castle, we somehow managed to forgo the feast and ended up in our dormitories. For the record, the Ravenclaw password was Ptolemy, and the entrance was behind a portrait on the fifth floor, depicting a woman dressed in purple velvet with light blue trim. We somehow started to talk about boys, and one girl mentioned Ron Weasley. "What, that idiot?" another girl put in. Soon, both she and I were steadfastly defending him. "Oh, don't listen to her," said one of the girls, "She likes a Muggle!" "No," another girl added, "she is a Muggle!" Then they all started chanting "Muggle! Muggle! Muggle!" at me in much the same way the the girls at school used to chant "Witch" at me. Quite disturbing, really. Then my best friend, who just happens to be male and could not have possibly gotten into the girls dormitory, came and kicked all the other girls very hard on the shins, and we left. We just strode out of the castle, and no one stopped us. Then my alarm clock rang.....

From Ann ~
When I dream stuff, I usually forget, so if a say 'black out' that means I don't really remembered what happened.
Dream 1 - I had this dream that I was at either a Yule Ball or an end-of-year ball or something like that, and I was there, sitting alone, and then my crush came up to me and asked if I wanted to dance. I was about to say maybe, when Harry cast a spell, throwing him across the Great Hall and then he walked over to me, held out his hand and asked the same. I usually don't like Harry, but I was in like a trance or something, and I said yes. Then a 'black out' came. After that, we were tangoing, and then right after the music changed, we started tap-dancing. I was like, 'Oooookay...' Then Draco Malfoy came up after we stopped and he started yelling at Harry , 'You took my girlfriend!!' I was like, 'Huh?' and I woke up. It was a little...freaky.
Dream 2 - Okay, so three days after the last Harry Potter dream, I had another. I was Remus Lupin's (my favorite character) sister and we were running away from Dementors. I guess they wanted to kill us or something...but anyway, we climbed up this giant boulder or something and I was going to cast the Expecto Patronus spell, but then Remus stood in front of me and took the blow of the Dementor's kiss and died. His life-less body rolled down the hill and I was sooo angry and sad at the same time, that with one Expecto Patronus spell, I made all the Dementors go away. I ran down the hill after that I saw Remus' body at the end. I collapsed over his body and started crying. Suddenly, I heard footsteps and I looked up and saw Sirius Black and James Potter standing there. Then I woke up, crying madly. 

From Mary Robertson ~
I dreamt that I was cleaning my room and night time, and I heard a tapping sound. I pulled up the blinds on my window, and saw Harry, Prof. Snape, and Dumbledore on broomsticks right outside my window! It was really realistic. I fell on the floor and crawled to my dresser to get my glasses and my wand. (I have a beautiful handcrafted Mahogany, 14”, from a Harry Potter fan-company called Alivan’s.) I stand up and they are standing there with the moonlight behind them, looking like a movie poster. They say that the proper age for first years is thirteen, and that I’m to be taken away to Hogwarts.
Then I’m my fan fiction character, Catherine Park. I’m in my fourth year at Hogwarts and I’m sitting by the lake. A seagull poops on my notebook and I’m all “Oh, crap!” (no pun intended) Then Fred and George come out with an old-fashioned blue handkerchief and Fred wipes it off and feeds it to the giant squid. In the background, I saw McGonagall swinging from a tree, running from Dudley, who’s in the form of a bulldog.

From Invisi-Megz ~
Warning: snogging!  And extensive wardrobe description...
 Ok so I was sleeping in this huge, king sized, 4 poster bed with a green and silver striped canopy and green satin hangings all around it. I get really hot under my huge silver-and-green comforter and silver satin sheets so I throw them off. Then this extremely annoying girl with short black hair who I assume is Pansy Parkinson and her friend with long brown hair who I assume is Millie Bullstrode which is weird cause I absolutely despise Pansy. Anyway, they come in, throw open my hangings, and begin jumping up and down on the end of my bed screaming “Blaise Zabini has a crush on you!” In unison over and over again and since I am not a morning person I shout “Get out of here you stupid gits!” Only I did NOT use those exact words, but they drag me out of bed anyway and tell me that I have a date with Blaise and they’re going to get me ready. They run to my trunk and start to throw clothes at me. They give me a long sleeved black t-shirt, this tanktop that’s a racerback and it’s dark green with a light green one attached to it and these huge tripp pants with lots of chains hanging off of them and neon green stitching. (Which is weird because my mom swore she would never allow me to wear those pants no matter how much I beg) I put them on and then we go to my vanity thingy and pull out 48 of those jelly bracelets, black ones, clear ones, and sparkly ones, my cross necklace and my heart shaped locket, my mood ring, my black hoop earrings that would fit around my wrist, and my multi-colored hairpiece (one of those crazy colored ones connected to the hairband that you pin in and they have little braids and that fake hair stuff). I put my waist length black hair (which I don’t have in real life, but I wish I did) up in a ponytail and they pin the hairpiece in and I put on all the jewelery. Then they put on black eyeshadow and red lipstick with clear lipgloss over it and paint two little stars in different colors on each cheek and send me down to the Slytherin Common Room where Blaise is waiting. Pansy runs down the stairs screaming “Meg, you forgot your shoes!” At the top of her voice, and hands me my white hightops that I scribbled all over on with sharpie and I put them on. Then we sneak off to a coffee shop in Hogsmeade and order Firewhiskey but the waiter turns us down saying “ You’re too young”. So we give up and start snogging instead. For some reason he keeps attempting to kiss my neck but I won’t let him cuz I’m ticklish there and someone tells us to get a room so we leave and I shout something rude at the person. We go to the Shrieking Shack and then I wake up. Strangely I got up and put on those exact things (excluding the pants, which I replaced with a tripp skirt I have that my mom doesn't mind me wearing) the very next day to go to my friend Kassey's house.

From Lunar-Music ~
A few years ago, I had a dream that I was on a softball team, and it was coached by my seventh grade English teacher, Mr. R, and Professor Umbrige. There were a lot of randomly assorted cartoon characters on the team (I think Penny Proud was one of them) and Ginny Weasley was also on the team. For some reason, we all seemed to prefer Umbrige as a coach, over Mr. R... I'm not sure why.

From Kohaku ~
I get home late at night, my parents were on a business trip and I notice the light on in my bathroom. "I guess I forgot to turn it off," I think so I go up the stairs and hear my electric toothbrush going and Lord Voldemort comes out of the bathroom brushing his teeth with MY toothbrush, and was wearing striped pajamas complete with a matching nightcap. But before he could see me, Hermione pulls me into my room, "What the heck are you doing here?!" I whisper. She said they were Ron cowered behind my TV and Harry played my Play Station. Then she asked me to go downstairs and get a book for her because it was dreadfully boring my my room. so I get the book but Voldemort sees me then he asks me to marry him and I wake up.

From Anonymous ~
Dream 1 - One bright day Janaye (friend) and Sam went on a walk through the forest. We didn't believe in magic, and we didn't know that WE were magic, and we discovered a torn down castle.  It had a HUGE lake and another forest on the side.  We walked a little more forwards, and Janaye realized she had to go home.  I, however, stayed though I had to eat dinner.  And when I was walking, I suddenly fell into the lake.  And I was attacked by a HUGE squid thing.  I fought it, and limped out of the lake because my right leg was practically torn open.  And I saw some people, one wearing black like a murderer.  So I tried, as fast as I could, to get to the forest.  I saw a big tree and slept in it.  Those "People" saw me, and took me to the castle, and I was still sleeping.  I woke up in a bed with a lot of people hanging over me.  And I got frightened.  I got out of the bed and tried to stand up, but I fell instead.  I somehow healed myself, and everyone just starred at me. Then, later, it was time for the sorting hat ceremony.  All first years went to get sorted.  Before anyone got sorted, Dumbledore made a speech saying ‘Voldemort is after someone here at Hogwarts.  Please be careful what you do.’ And I said out loud ‘I know who he’s after.’ I walked up to Dumbledore and said quietly ‘He’s after me.  Because,wellÖ I'm hisÖ sister!’ He was amazed. And said ‘Sam, if you wish, you may tell everyone else that.’ Then I told everyone that ‘I'm Voldemort's sister. BUT, I was ALWAYS the stronger one!’ When the sorting began I got sorted intoÖ'Gryffindor!' said the sorting hat. Everyone was truely amazed.  So, when I was walking down the hall to the common room with Janaye, Fred and George picked up the ends of my robes from behind me and they both said ‘Our master!’ and I said ‘Stop please.’And I took my robes away from them.  When I got into the common room, I was sitting in a chair when suddenly, Fred and George started bowing down to me saying ‘Our master, our lord.’ I got mad and said ‘IM NOT YOUR MASTER!’ They then said ‘Master is displeased with us!’ And I went to a different chair facing the other way.  They AGAIN started bowing to me and chanting ‘Our master, our lord’ and then they started fanning me and I said again, ‘IMÖÖNOTÖ..YOURÖÖMASTER!’ and I grabbed the fans away from them.  Then it was the next day. We were eating in the great hall, but when I entered, almost EVERYBODY was starring at me. And then there were loud knocks on the door. Dumbledore said ‘Enter.’ Everyone was looking to see who it was. It wasÖ Voldemort.  There were shrieks of terror at the sight of him.  He said ‘Sam,come.’ I said ‘Why?’ He said ‘COME NOW!’ Then I went. I asked Dumbledore ‘May I?’ He nodded. I went with Tom, and he gave me a box.  I opened it and it was Nagini. ‘Hi Nagini!’ I said happily. Then I gave Tom a blood pendant which holds some of my blood and I held the pendant that held some of his blood. Then I went back into the great hall.
A year passed since I was at Hogwarts.  It was now my second year.  It was close to my third year.  So I went with Harry into the Chamber of Secrets.  And when I was there, I said ‘HI TOM !’ and I didn't see Ginny on the ground. So Tom summoned the Basilisk. I could speak snakes too. I said 'Attack Tom.'  Tom said 'Attack Sam NOW!' and it attacked me and Harry.  When Harry was leaving out of the Chamber, he didn’t ask ‘Sam? You comin’?’ instead he left me there to die.  And I took the Basilsk fang out of me and I held my arm and crawled out of the Chamber. When I was out and walking to the hospital wing, Snape, out of nowhere, attacked me to where I hit the wall and fell.  And that noise attracted a lot of attention. So EVERYONE except Ron and Janaye were saying ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’ and so Ron took me to the hospital wing.  The next few weeks it was Quidditch.  I was Keeper.  So when I had the Quaffle, a Bludger attacked me, hitting and breaking my left arm. Another time I had the Quaffle in my right arm. I threw it to score, and after I scored, while my arm was extended, another Bludger hit and broke my arm.  I couldn’t hold on to my broom so I fell off.  Everyone saw me get injured and seen that I fell off my broom.  ButÖ.no one was there to help me, only Ron.  even the teachers left me.  I was alone, injured, and was being helped by Ron to the hospital wing.  When I woke up, near the bed was a card and a vase of flowers.  I opened the card and it said ‘ I hope you feel loads better soon! Love your best friends, Ron Wealsey and Janaye Godawa.’ And I was happy that I had two great friends, even though my blood was pure evil to my guts.  And Ron wasn’t scared of me. That made me happy that he wasn’t scared of me when everyone else was.
Dream 2 - It was now time to practice dueling with the retard, Gilderoy Lockhart.  And I was called for Gryffindor house, and Tom, somehow, was called for Slytherin.  I was frightened.  The teachers and all the students were watching the battle. "GO!" they said.  I found out that this duel was a death round, winner take all.  Tom started it with "EXSPELLIAMUS!" he shouted.  I slammed against the wall behind me.  The Slytherins were roaring with laughter.  I was nervous and determined that I couldn't win.  I got back up and he shouted "SERPENTSORTIA!" a huge snake slithered from his wand. It bit me with its venomous fangs. I then found myself on the ground, clutching my ankle, in pain.  Then he shouted "AVADA KEDAVRA!" The spell knocked me off my feet again, I was clutching my ankle still, and I opened my eyes, seeing all of the people watching me on the ground. Voldemort came up to me with his wand and said "DRINK THIS!" I yelled "NO!" "DRINK THIS NOW!" he said loudly, and fire burnt his wand into a dagger. Every time I said 'no!' he held it closer to my neck, and he held it up so close, blood was trickling down my neck, I was in pain.  I took the vial and put a drop of it on the ground.  It burnt a hole through the floor.  It is acid! I thought. I drank it, and I became dizzy, the world was spinning.  I fell to the ground and all I saw was dead, decayed people.  I was scared half-to-death.  Then I ran for the door, so close, but yet so far.  Tom grabbed me and stopped me from getting away.  I turned around. it was a dead person touching me.  He said softly, "The poison you drank makes you see your worst fears all around you.  And you can't stop it from working!" I ran out of his clutches.  He said again "You have that snake bite still, the more you run, the more the poison will penetrate in your veins, to your heart.  Face it, you're done for." He was right, I was done for.  I was going to die.  I saw many faces looking at me, all scared expressions, except the Slytherins who were still roaring with laughter.  I ran away into the halls, although I was poisoned.  I ran to the open doors to outside, but right then, I fainted.  I must've died I thought.  But, no.  I awoke in the hospital wing with a lot of tools of some sort on me.  The professor said, "I'm trying to keep you alive, but chances are, you wont live.  I'm sorry."  I then said "Can you tell Ron and Janaye that I will love and miss them, and that I might die?" "Yes" she replied I was horrified that my own brother would try and kill me.  I fell into a sleep, I dreamt of Ron and Janaye.  I hope they will be forever safe until they must go too.  I thought, I shall be their guardian angel if I must die, and I will forever haunt Lord Voldemort.

From Lucas Austin ~
I dreamed I was playing Quidditch against Malfoy. Malfoy took a Bludger to the head and broke his broom. It took two days but Gryffindor took home the Quidditch Cup.

From Andromeda ~
I was Hermione in the dream at first, shopping in a Muggle clothing store. I was basically looking around a lot, and squealing about how wonderful the whole affair was. Then, the cashier was getting really pissy because I was just looking around. I grabbed the first shirt I saw and ran.  Suddenly, I was under a bridge, but this was from the perspective of Professor Lupin. Harry was there and so was Hermione, wearing the shirt that I as Hermione took from the store. Harry was looking for an Auror in the rafters (for lack of better word) who lived there. I think he may have been a vampire. I told Harry that I figured the Death Eaters had already gotten him, but Harry refused to stop looking. We could see his feet and legs (adorned in Cowboy Boots and Jeans) dangling out of the rafters. Harry made a jump to grab his feet. I tried to stop him, but he pulled at his feet, and half of the auror's body fell on top of Harry, as well as a torrent of blood. Hermione started to scream and tear at her shirt and scream, "I DON'T APPRECIATE ANYTHING!!"
Later we on the bridge which wasn't over water, and Hermione jumped. Harry got venomous with me and said, "You could have stopped her! You could have..." Then my mom woke me up.

From Miracle Casteel ~
There was a unicorn, a werewolf, a stag, and a dog. It was the middle of the day and I walked up to them. The unicorn transformed into Bertha Jorkins, only she looked like my friend Beth* and she walked away.  "Hi guys, what are you doing here?" I ask. Then it's night and they transform (including Moony) into humans. So we hang out even though I was nine and they're like 16! So we voted on playing Soccer but we went to a bowling alley and I sucked, as usual. Then I bowl a strike! (And Wormtail is suddenly as old as he is in Prisoner of Azkaban) So Wormtail kisses me on my right cheek and I like it. Then I wake up and am SO grossed out that even though I woke up early I took a shower and put on TONS of make-up. 
*My friend Beth has neck-length brown hair with blond hairs mixed in. I don't know what colour eyes, and she's white and she was in my 1rst grade class, so I can only guess she has freckles. 

From Tonks ~
This has to be the strangest dream I've ever had! I was in the Great Hall, sitting on the staff table in a wedding dress with a wicker basket in my hands. It was full to bursting of mangos. I don't what was going on, I think I was waiting for someone, and I was talking to Snape in the meantime (which was odd in of itself because he was being perfectly friendly). Anyway, Lupin kept trying to put his chocolate wrappers in my basket, and for some reason, this really made me mad. I mean I shouted at the poor guy! I shouted at him to keep his wrappers, and then I started throwing mangos at him. He'd only laugh and do it again, so I spent my dream throwing mangos at Lupin, who in my opinion, is the last person who deserves things thrown at him. 

From Veronika ~
I dreamt that we (can't remember who was with me, but I think my dad was one of them) tried to catch Voldemort using the trap book from Riven (the computer game). Voldy was supposed to be up at my old high school, and I wondered how on earth to get him into the book, if I had to throw it on him or something. We were flying around in the Ford Anglia, and I remember we took a trip over the town square where there is this really ugly tall sculpture we took a spin around.
This dream must have come from playing Myst and Riven, and realizing how much the linking books reminded me of Tom Riddle's diary. I was 23 at the time I had this dream.

From Amanda ~
I had a dream that Harry and I were running through the Ministry offices, trying to find the Auror offices. When we get there, he asks someone where James' Desk is, and for some reason, it's way in the back, and they haven't cleaned it out yet. There's a picture of Lily and Harry on the Desk, and it's strewn with dusty papers. Harry shuffles through these, throws them angrily on the ground and starts to rummage through the drawers. I pick up the papers and try to get him to calm down a bit, and tell me what he's looking for, when Tonks comes over and demands to know the same thing. Harry replies "You know, that THING." Tonks gives him a knowing nod and says "You know, Sirius might have taken it to Grimmauld Place. You should check there."  Harry nods to me and says, "Let's go." He drags me out through the offices and suddenly we are in Grimmauld place, trying not to wake Mrs. Black's painting. As soon as we're past, I keep asking what we're looking for, but he won't tell me. He keeps saying "I'll make you wake up if you don't help me look." I don't particularly want to wake up, apparently, because I shut up. Suddenly, he shouts "I've got it!" and he whisks me into an embrace and starts snogging me.  I shove him off and Shout "What about Ginny?"  "Sorry, got caught up in the moment," he mumbles. He still won't tell me what he's found, though, and he's slipped it into his pocket. We go to see Ron and Hermione, who are waiting at the Burrow, where Hermione and I are struck by how similar we both are. The Harry/Hermione shippers off in the corner get into a frenzy, saying that Harry kissed me because he thought I was Hermione, et cetera, et cetera, until Emerson of Mugglenet comes and Shouts "DELUSIONAL!" before settling in to watch the show. I go and join them, my part done, and I wake up, really freaked out.

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