. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


From Kayla ~
I once had a dream I was going to
Hogwarts... I was the same age as Ron, Harry, and Hermione and but I was starting out as a first year.  Hermione was tutoring me so I could get up to speed.  Ron was getting fed up with Professor Snape and ran away from school and then it just blacked out.

From Katy ~
Dream 1 - I was at school, during exams, which meant we weren't doing anything. I was really bored, and all of a sudden Fred and George Weasley enter my classroom, and apparently we're friends, because they promptly sit down with me and begin planning school domination. We talk about this for awhile – at least an hour – until I finally look up and realize everyone I know has left the room, and there's suddenly random Moulin Rouge characters there. Of course, Fred, George, and I are like "WTF?", when one of the dancers says, "Hey, Katy, we've got a show to do." I look down and I'm wearing full Diamond Dog regalia. Suddenly I realize I'm a can-can dancer, too. The other dancers pull me out of my seat and I tell Fred and George to get good seats, this will be interesting. They do, and I promptly jump on the stage with the other girls. For a few seconds we just stare at the crowd (pretty big by this point; people are crowded on the school desks). Then the music starts and we all do our thing. It's was pretty provocative, to say the least. Our act ends, with much applause, and Fred and George fight their way through the crowd to congratulate me on such a good show. I smile and head off with them backstage, both of them flirting with me.
Dream 2 - I'm a Gryffindor student (not Hermione, though we're really alike), and I suddenly find a note in my bookbag from a random Slytherin who likes me. In this note he asks me to go out with him, so I do, and we end up going out for quite awhile. I start hanging out in the Slytherin common room, where I'm quickly accepted. (Apparently I'm a rather Slytherinish Gryffindor.) Everyone likes me, except Draco Malfoy, who always insults me. One day I'm hanging out in the Slytherin common room, when he comes up to me and starts telling me off. I get really mad and start yelling at him, and suddenly we're in a huge fight-- on the floor, rolling around trying to strangle each other. All of a sudden somebody picks me up by my collar, and I turn my head to see Professor Snape glaring at me. I say, "Hey, professor! Ferret boy has anger management issues", or something similar, and Snape just sneers and gives us detention.
Dream 3 - I'm wandering around the grounds of Hogwarts when I run into Harry, who has a mission to defeat Voldemort, and he wants me to come. I agree and go back to the castle to get my fighting gear and run into Snape who tells me off for wanting to go because I'm fragile or something, and he doesn't want me to get hurt. I tell him to stop worrying and apparate off with Harry, landing in my real life neighborhood at night. We walk around for a bit before running into Voldemort and he and Harry start insulting each other while I laugh at Voldemort's lame insults. Then they start dueling, but I wake up before I see who wins.

 From Bizzygirl ~
Dream 1 - I was in the Forbidden Forest with Hermione and my friend Vanni. We went back in time with Hermione's time thingy. We were kind of running away from something, like the Werewolf. Then we hid in a ditch. The ditch had water in it. This dream kept repeating itself. Then I woke up.
Dream 2 - After I woke up from my first dream, I fell back asleep and kind of had the continued part of the first dream. I was with some more of my friends. We were walking through the Forbidden Forest reading a book. Then all of a sudden, I started singing a made up, but familiar song. Then we were in a weird place. Kind of like a hair place. My friend Gina wanted to do something with her hair. Then we were walking through the Forbidden Forest again, singing the same song. Then after that, we were in a really, really weird place. We were in groups. Harry and I think Ron were in my group along with a girl, I can't remember who she was. In fact, I think I was Harry. Someone in our group had to do sort of a challenge. We had to defeat Voldemort. I (or Harry) went. But then I got weak. So the one girl in our group went. During the time the one girl was trying to defeat or kill Voldemort, Ron, Fred, and George showed me a passage you can go up and throw these hard, heavy balls at Voldemort. One of them threw a ball at Voldemort and the girl ran away. Then I went back in there. In the first part, you had to defeat the Dementors. But the Dementors were people. I got past them. Then I went into this separate room to defeat Voldemort. At one point, I think I forgot to go up to the secret passage. I was trying to defeat him with just my wand. I got kind of beat up. Then I remembered and I went up there. I threw the balls at him, but at one point, the balls turned into flaming marshmallows. So I threw the marshmallows at him and he burned. And I think I killed him! From flaming marshmallows! So then I got out of there. And everyone thought I was dead 'cause I was in there for so long. Then Ron had this really weird look on his face. And he was talking in a really weird way, like an evil spirit was in him. And he told me that Sirius was either going to die, or was already dead. Then I was like, "What?!" And then I woke up.

From hiphopfarendo ~
Dream 1 - (I had this when I was 4, year 1995, sometime before October. In other words, this was before Harry Potter was known to America [or many else, for that matter]).
I had been having these weekly dreams about a place only me and about 100 others could get to, usually by means of flight (though once I just turned the corner of my house and walked right in) and there was a meeting but nobody talked about anything we all just kind of walked around. There was a wooden arched bridge (like in fairy tales, I guess) going over this stream coming from a large waterfall, and there were paths and trees and stuff. A really romantic place (perpetual just-before-sunset), but I was only 4 so that was one of the last things on my mind. Anyway, we were all walking in and everyone was standing around this forbidden puddle, talking about someone who fell in. I was not interested for too long and my eyes wandered around the crowd. Normally in those dreams the rest of the crowd's faces were detailed enough to get the gist of what they looked like, but just a little blurry. However, there was this one kid (4 years old as well, or 5 at least) who's face was really vivid. He had jet-black hair, darker than anything- pitch black, right? And then there was his sad, darkened-by-grief little face with bright, dare I say 'startlingly' green eyes, wearing large, baggy black clothes. Everything went into slow mo and as he walked past he gave me the evilest glare IN THE WORLD and walked away, like in those weird movies? Then I woke up.
Dream 2 - Okay, this dream was short, extremely fun, and quite painful. I was 12. I was starting Quidditch training, but we were in the pitch, just halfway up the stands tower that was five times as high, standing in a cave-like box cut into the stand. They gave me my broom and I flew out. I felt three feelings: 1. exhiliration at finally flying a broom (I'd been waiting for a dream like this since finishing book four) 2. frustration at realization that the broom was going too fast to see around – high speed caused loss of control and 3. pain as I hit a stand and woke up laughing the hardest I'd laughed in months.
Dream 3 - Had it at age 13, right after reading book 5 for the second time. This is my favorite dream of my life.  I was walking with my pet BILLY GOAT (I love billy goats!!!) up to Hogwarts except it was dark, two-story, and empty with no lake. But it WAS Hogwarts. So I was walking up and a few people were kind of standing around. There was also this road to the left of Hogwarts. To my great happiness, it was a COBBLESTONE ROAD! WHEE!! Anyway, it started being a Harry Potter dream when this dementor came and started chasing me in fractured circles around the grounds. He was not noticeably tall, but he was a dementor nonetheless. I ran towards the cobblestone road and couldn't run fast enough, so my dear, dear billy goat came and I jumped on his back and he ran – galloped, whatever – along the road. It was a long road with a tiny McDonalds along the way, so I listened in happiness to the clickety-clacking of the goat's hooves on the cobblestones until we reached a train station at the end of the road that was not the Hogwarts express because it was thinner and jet-black and FRIGGIN' AWESOME!!! Yeah. So the billy goat and I got on the train and left for the peasant town, leaving the dementor hopping mad right outside the station as the train pulled out. When we got to the town, it was multicolored and looked like Christmas time. It was a snow covered square like in the mall but much smaller, with a candy cane colored, wide pillar with phones and T.V.'s and stuff on it, and there were toy shops and candy shops and a food shop all around the square, and there were those bright obnoxious Christmas lights lighting up the whole area but it looked really cool. I got back on the goat's back and was enjoying the stores when suddenly, the dementor emerged from the next train and came toward me! My billy goat got all freaked out and ran away, leaving me landed on my butt in the snow, and I was like "Fine!" and then I started running from the dementor as theme music started up like in the first non-cartoon Scooby Doo movie. It was all, 'SUPERSTITION!!! some say they're insane, but really they see it...' or something like that, and I'm about to get back on the train when I fall in the snow, the dementor's hand around my ankle. (That's when I realize I have Hogwarts robes on, and I'm like 'cool!') then I wake up and Superstition is playing on the radio alarm and I laugh cuz that's where the stupid theme music was coming from. I can't remember the words exactly, but they were almost exactly the same, too.  

From Pelican of Hawksquill 
(I dreamed this after promising that I would get up early on the one day I didn't have to, so I would be able to play computer without parental interference. However, although I did wake up several times during the night, I never got around to it, and woke up with many fractured dreams in my head. You have been warned...)
Dream 1 - This one was kind of vague, mostly because it was short and I can't remember much about it. I think I was swimming with Harry Potter & Co., but my bathing suit didn't fit  and that's about it. I woke up and fell asleep, to dream this much longer story...
Dream 2 - In this one, I was in the Great Hall with Harry Potter, Ron, Percy, Hermione, some girl from Ravenclaw (Cho?), my good friend Annabella, and a new girl. I instinctively knew that I was in the 6th book but it was very strange, because I was in it but also reading it, and the book was in the new girl's perspective (first-person). Anyway, it read a lot like a self-insert fanfiction.  So, while I was realizing this, the Weasley twins came sauntering our way. Ron said "Oh, no, not them," and he and Percy called them names, but I waved to them (they're my favorite characters in the book) and they waved back.  Then the cooks (I don't think they were house-elves) started bringing out desserts, and the Sorting Hat called out the names of people getting them. I remember that Draco Malfoy and his thugs all got some, but then Prof. McGonagall read a list of corrections, and Gregory Goyle had his pie taken away.  The scene changed to the new girl standing with Dumbledore. At this point, we were on a HUGE cruise ship and all of Hogwarts was in it, so the new girl (I'll call her Mary-Sue) and Dumbledore were on a balcony, overlooking the magnificent sunset. I was kind of skulking behind a pillar watching them, and I heard Dumbledore say softly "Look at the sunset. What do you see?" I was expecting Mary-Sue to answer quickly and be intimidated of Dumbledore, but she took a long while answering and then said something in a calm voice. This infuriated me. (Still not sure why...) I looked at the book and saw that I was almost finished, and there wouldn't be anything good or Harry Potter-ish in it because of Mary-Sue. Suddenly, I realized the boat was sinking! I ran around trying to look for Annabella to tell her what I was thinking, and saw someone huddled on the deck in the abrupt rain. I kneeled down beside her and said excitedly "I know what's going to happen next, Annabella!" but it turned out to be the Ravenclaw girl. I blushed and blurted out "You're not Annabella! Sorry!" Finally, I found her standing next to Mary-Sue and the people from the Great Hall. Mary-Sue was extremely close to the edge. I told Annabella sarcastically "Let me guess. She's going to fall off, but be rescued by the man of her dreams, right?"  Predictably, Mary-Sue did fall off (although this was not so impressive, as just about everyone else had already) so we all went to look for her. I dove underwater. Eventually, everybody was found. We got off the cruise ship and back into the real Hogwarts, but it was just as strange.  I was walking along Diagon Alley, or someplace like that, with a group of friends, when I saw a poster for a new Scooby-Doo movie (gag!) and the dog himself walked by me. I started running in the other direction, when I got to a dead end. I saw some actors auditioning for the aforementioned movie. The one in front had strawberry-blonde hair and freckles. Just as I realized that she was one of the girls I'd met at a summer camp, there was another change of scene. (This has nothing to do with Harry Potter, but I included it anyway because it was still a part of my dream.)  I was in a kind of arena, with a circular space below me and lots of circular benches going up. It was made out of a dark grey stone and surrounded by a forest, making everything dark and gloomy. I was standing on one of the benches, following an old man. As he walked, he dropped little presents for spirits living in the benches. (?? Don't know how I knew this...) There was a stick, a knife, a cross, and some other stuff. We came to a gap between two benches. The old man hopped off, but I stayed on. I nudged the stick, the last thing he'd dropped, backwards so I could stand on the edge of the bench. The old man notified me of this, then told me to put it back. I did so. We walked on and stopped at a little red train, with miniature people getting on. The train moved away as the old man disappeared. I picked up a little silver hat, which one of the people had dropped, and ran down the aisle to give it to a woman. She had a kind of stall with silver items in it. I was giving it to her, but the silver hat turned to ashes in my hands. I started crying and walked back... Then I woke up.  
Dream 3 - Basically, I was going to Professor McGonagall for detention, but I went to her office through a hole in the wall. She wasn't there. The room was very pink and neon, and in the wall to my left there was a huge glass window. My mom was walking in the streets below me, so I waved to her and she waved back. She started to walk on, but I wanted her to stay and talk to me, so I pulled Fred and George through with me. My mom sent up a note that said "Let's have a magic show!" so the twins started doing little tricks like standing behind each other and waving their arms, and stuff like that, because they were dressed the same and looked alike. My mom clapped. Then I woke up once more and typed this up. 

From Ministry Hater ~
I had a dream that I was like in a train/grandma's backyard type thing and there were Hogwarts students there and there had been killings for a few nights. They had to have my mom and my Dad kill me and my sister as a kind of sacrifice.  So before the night  we were going to be killed I was with Ron Weasley in the cafeteria and we were stuffing down pancakes while my sister, my friend Stephanie, Hermione, and Harry were right out the window beside us being all sad. I went to go get more pancakes when I saw my friend Colin going towards the snack bar so I follow him and when Colin got to the snack bar this girl asked "Do you want some cucumbers, Colin?" and he said "No thanks, Patricia" (or something like that) and all of a sudden I felt jealous and I wake up.

From HPbestfan ~
Dream 1 - Ok. I had this dream that I was in this white room with windows and I could see the Gryffindors playing Quidditch. But anyway, I saw this girl with black hair and ponytails and she asked me what my name is so I told her my name. I told her that that I would love to go to Hogwarts someday. She asked me how old I was so I said 11. She said I was too young and then my dream ended.
Dream 2 - First, I went with Hermione both holding two broomsticks to watch Harry play Quidditch, but he didn't want us to watch and he took our brooms. So we tricked Malfoy to give up his Nimbus 2001 and there was suddenly two brooms. For fun I went on to the broom and... it was like having a brush of wind past you but it will never hit your face. Your hair will fly but you could see where you're going. It was great. To get Harry back I went up to the Gryffindor common room and, weirdly, found a box of overgrown lice (must have been Fred's and George's). So I told them to go and just get Harry (tease him) and they flew off. Well, I had some extra time on my hands so I flew off on the nimbus again. I went past a forest that looked a lot like my grandma's forest right near her house. So anyway, I was flying and I heard from somewhere that Harry put my broom in this forest. So I started looking ...I thought I saw something like it but when I went to go see if it was, it was only two huge logs that looked like broomsticks from afar. I finally found my broomstick in a wedge between dirt and leaves, and a huge log. And then...... my dream ended. 
Dream 3 - It all started out when I was walking to the Quidditch Stadium. Well, as soon as I walked there I was amazed. It was just like going into the Quidditch stadium in the movies. So, anyway I got on my Firebolt and started to fly around. Oliver blew the whistle and I started looking for the snitch. I heard it whizz by my ear so I turned around ... and there it was! So I started chasing it and I twisted one way and lost sight of it but gained it back. Then another way through the goalposts. I really didn't care what the others were doing, I just wanted to catch the snitch. It looked like a quarter-sized ball but I couldn't see the texture because I wasn't close yet. I turned at least four times and ended up chasing it near the right wall. I lowered my head and got closer and closer until I was banging against the wall. I reached my hand out, tried to catch it but I missed. So I tried again ... and I caught it. So I went down and told everybody that I caught it and they were proud of me. Since it was my first practice. So we went down to eat dinner and I had a small sample of what looked something of spaghetti. Oliver told us that," the faster we eat, the faster we get to the game." But I woke up before we went to the game.

From The Pioden ~
First, I am Harry Potter. I am in this huge bowling alley with the Weasleys. I was also wearing Dudley's "Reversible sweatpants". They were enormous and grey, and reversible! Yay! Anyway, Fred and George burst in, saying that the Death Eaters are coming. Mr. Weasley is yelling, but I can't leave because I lost my reversible sweat pants. So I was running around looking for them. I come up to the lady at the counter who is Professor Trelawney, and say "Have you seen my reversible sweatpants?"
     Then, I am not Harry anymore, but a disembodied mind. I see the bowling alley, which was actually a tiny little caravan bobbing along on a hill in front of the full moon being pursued by Death Eaters. Then, I'm Harry again, but this time in Hogwarts with Ron and Hermione, but I still have the reversible sweatpants. The Death Eaters are still chasing us, and they are like a mob, with no particular individuals. Suddenly Voldemort appears out of a wall, and cackles manically, then turns into a statue of a mummy. Snape rises out of the floor, then begins blasting things randomly. Then I woke up.

 From Alissa ~
One time I had a dream about the Harry Potter World. Me, Harry and his friends found a passageway to Snapes office (looked like a chem. lab). Snape was talking to Lupin and Lupin was telling Snape how wonderful we are (you should have SEEN the look on his face!). I snuck out at that and made a potion for Lupin; He was very impressed. We went back to Gryffindor tower and all the House Elves were there! Harry asked Dobby what was going on and he said a band of Goblins were setting up camp in the kitchen (it reminded me of gypsies). I followed Dobby to the kitchens when he went to explain and we found ourselves in the middle of their camp! I tried to find an English speaking one so I could ask them what they were doing, but every one was glaring at us. We climbed on to a platform to see, and everyone stopped moving. All except one, and he was pulling the lever to make us drop.

From Lyssa ~
 I got a Firebolt for my birthday or something. My school had a Quidditch team, and I was supposed to be playing Chaser in our first game, but instead the whole school ended up going to a swim meet between Bulgaria and France. (I had brought the Firebolt with me, since I thought we were having a game...) The whole time I was protesting that we should be playing Quidditch, until some guy in my math class told me to shut up. Then I woke up.

From H. Heath ~
I was at Hogwarts and I was myself. The great hall looked just like it did in the movies and I was sitting at the far table just looking around. All of the sudden, Harry and Hermione pop up out of nowhere. No Ron though. Harry told me there was a task we all had to accomplish together. He didn't specify what the task was but held out his hand to help me up.  We walk down a hallway and Hermione leaves the other way. I ask Harry where Hermione went and he doesn't answer he just pulls me into kiss. I am completely shocked and then I hear "Honey wake up it's time for school."

From Jess the Cat ~
Warning!  Kissing and BIG spoiler for Order of the Phoenix.
In my dream I was Harry and I had just finished reading Order of the Phoenix for the second time. I was at Sirius' house and in my room sitting on the bed when in walks Hermione. She sits on my bed and starts saying that she thinks she's got a way to bring Sirius back to life but needs to check the library at school first. I thank her and say "If there's someway I can repay you..." She says there may be one thing and leans in towards me. I put my hands around her waist and start kissing her. Then, in walks Ron and we break away. Ron sits on the bed next to mine, which I presume is his, and lies down to go to sleep. I then motion Hermione to stay quiet and reach under my pillow for the invisibility cloak, which I then put around us both and we walk out of the room holding hands. We get outside the house, lean up against the window and start kissing again but stop when Fred and George look out of the window. Unfortunately, I then woke up. From Jess the cat.

From SNC Plimoth ~
I was with my friends in my real school, when one of them said "Oh crap! we're late for potions!" and we ran down a flight of stairs into the Hogwarts dungeons. Snape was all "5 points from each of you except her" he said pointing to my friend ''because you're in Slytherin'' and I was all ''Hey! that’s not fair!'' and then my real teacher (this guy rocks) came in and was all "You stole my students" and just randomly leaves.  So then we kept on bugging Snape and suddenly I was in my PJs and everyone didn't care...
And for some reason, Neville got a potion right so Snape faints...

From B. Dolan ~
Dream 1 - Well I can't remember much about this dream as it was ages ago but at the start it was kind of like a HP video game or something and you had to play as Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna, Ginny and Neville. You had to run up these stairs that were moving away from you and as soon as you got to the top you had to jump over the heads of Snape, McGonnagal, Lupin, and I think Dumbledore and Fudge and I was getting so frustrated 'cause I could never get it the million times I tried it. Then it all changed to real life and I was in my living room on my sofa bed having a sleepover with Dan, Rupert and Emma!  I was mostly talking to Dan about how I wanted to audition for the part of Luna (which is true in reality) and he said "Hey I think you'd be good for the part," then Rupert who had been listening in had said "Oh but they charge loads of money to actually get in don't they Dan," with a look of dislike of me on his face. "No," Dan said with a What-on-earth-are-you-talking-about look on his face. Then we all walked outside and I introduced them all to the friendly owner of a corner shop near me then we walked out side the shop and they walked a different way from me. When they were round the corner and out of sight my best friend came round the corner and I told her all about it.
Dream 2 - I felt so sad when I woke from this dream because I was Harry and I think Sirius and I used a time turner to go back to when Harry's parents were killed although it was set in my friend's house and Harry was round about 15.  Sirius, James, and Lily were talking speedily of getting me (Harry) out of there and all l really remember is walking outside and hugging Lily (my mum) so tight that I didn't want to let her go because this time I knew she was going to die. Then Sirius took me to a flying limo (no, not a flying car or motorbike) with a helicopter propeller sticking out the top.  Then I woke up.  I still remember how it felt hugging Lily.  We were both really bony and we were the same height.  I had held on so tightly for so long with tears in my eyes.  With a huge lump in my throat knowing that I'd never see her again.

From Rachie ~
I was on the Hogwarts Express with my two friends, Leigh and Lauren, and we were walking around. We were 1st years. We ran into my friend Lana who was with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Leigh of course didn't see them because she was to busy reading a book and bumped into Hermione. Hermione fell over and Leigh tripped on her. Hermione got really mad at Leigh and when Leigh got up, she pushed Leigh into a compartment. Harry and Ron ignored it, but Lauren ran into the compartment.  Hermione pushed Leigh in and helped her up. Lana of course introduced me to Harry and Ron while Hermione was too busy fixing her hair. Harry and Ron introduced themselves to Leigh and Lauren after Lauren helped Leigh get up. Hermione just waved. Lana walked down to their little compartment and sat down. Harry followed while Ron looked around for Ginny. Hermione followed Ron trying to keep away from Lana. Leigh, Lauren and I walked around looking for a compartment. When we found an empty one, Draco and Ginny ran into the compartment before we did and sat down saying we had to sit faster. We didn't know, but we thought Ginny was having a relationship with Draco, but they were just trading some cards. We couldn't find anywhere to sit. We found a compartment which had some more 1st years sitting inside, and we sat with them. Lana and Harry were walking around, holding hands. I got all freaked out and thought something was going on between them. Of course, Leigh fell for Draco the minute she saw him. Lauren started to get a little crush on Ron. I started to have a crush on Lana's brother, Jordyn. He was one of the 1st years sitting with Lauren, Leigh, and I.
     When we finally got to Hogwarts, everyone unpacked. For some reason, they couldn't have a sorting ceremony this year. Lana just had to know why. She asked every teacher she passed, none of them said anything.
  Everyone was talking about it. The 1st years were completely clueless of where to go. Professor Snape lead all the 1st years into the Great Hall for sorting. None of the other teachers were there. I just knew something was going on. Every 1st year got sorted, it didn't take THAT long.  When the sorting was done, we all ran to our assigned houses. Lauren, Leigh, Jordyn, and I were all in Gryffindor.
     A few days later was a ball all the 4th years were having (this was Harry's, Ron's, Lana's, and Hermione's 4th year). Harry asked Lana to the dance and Ron asked Hermione to the dance. At the dance, everyone was just standing around doing nothing. The 1st years were spying. There was nothing happening. Then all of a sudden, Jordyn ran into the hall and threw the punch bowl at Lana. Then a whole food fight started.

From sg009d9350 ~
Dream 1 -  JKR Did a very sneaky thing and brought out her new book Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince ONE CHAPTER AT A TIME! And it cost £5 for each little chapter book thing (And considering that there will probably be a bit more than 20 chapters - that's a lot of money she's making.) And you had to wait a month at a time for the next chapter to come out. They looked like little magazines with chapter drawings on the front.
Dream 2 - I also had a dream not that long ago that someone was interviewing Mad-Eye Moody about the books on TV and he was very polite – and American, oddly enough (he spoke kind of like Brian from Family Guy).  And he liked signing autographs. Perhaps Lockhart got a hold of some of that Polyjuice Potion from Crouch Jr...

 From Remu ~
I was in the castle with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Harry was calling me Moony, and was just telling us about the thing that Professor Trelawney said in her vision, when we snuck outside to see Hagrid. We weren't under an invisibility cloak, but riding dragons off the North Tower. We landed on Hagrid's roof, and we were suddenly at the bottom. Hagrid sobbed and told us to come in, but when we found Peter, he was in human form dressed up as a rat. Strangely, Hagrid thought he was Scabbers, and Peter changed back into a rat again and jumped into Ron's arms. Apparently, none of them had noticed either. Then, we saw a large half-wolf half-mountain goat tethered to a post outside. Hagrid told us all to leave and leave him and Buckhorn in peace. We walked outside, when a giant dog attacked. It was probably Sirius. He dragged Ron into the willow, but instead of going through the underground area, he had jumped through the willow like it was a barrier. We ran after him, and we were able to make it through. We made it into the Shrieking Shack, and that's when we saw Sirius and Ron, but Ron had been tied up. Then the whole Peter thing happened, and we escaped with our lives. I was tied to Peter and Ron, and we left the Willow. We went outside, and I could hear vaguely that Sirius was asking Harry if he wanted to go stay at his house. I smiled, then I noticed that the clouds had vanished. I didn't know what was happening, but I had been shaking and I lost my mind. I looked at Peter, ripped off the ropes that tied me to him, and ran at Sirius. He turned into a dog that looked like a St. Bernard or a Bernese [Pyrenees?] mountain dog, then I attacked him. I got to Harry, but then the dementors came, and I changed back. They were about to 'Kiss' me, when I woke up at 1:00. 

From Eris ~
I went to bed after reading some GoF. In my dream Harry and Remus were working on the whole dementor lesson stuff then time kind of sped up. Now he was in the passage way to Hogsmeade and when he showed up in Honeydukes all of my friends were there. Oh no, not me, just the rest of the band geeks. Anyway, when he went back to Hogwarts I met him on his way to Lupin's office. When we arrived it was all...dark. Then a closet door opened very slowly ( like in scary movies) and Lupin stepped out. But he looked very pale and anxious to see us. He was a VAMPIRE!! AHHH!!  He was going to eat us! Why in the heck!? I didn't get it! Oh well. After that I woke up for school. 

From Natz ~
I was in the Gryffindor common room sitting near the fire talking to Hermione, while doing my homework. Hermione kept looking at the clock – it was coming up to midnight but that didn’t seem to bother me, but then Hermione muttered something under her breath. “What are you mumbling about now?” I said to her. “Nothing,” she replied with a grin on her face. Harry came bursting in through the portrait entrance. He ran over to me and got down on one knee and proposed to me! That very next second I saw myself walking out of the Gryffindor common room with Harry following behind me, suddenly Draco ran out in front of me and grabbed me with his wand to my throat, “Move and the girl dies,” Draco whispered. “Draco, Draco please don’t do this,” I could hear my self saying. “Shut up,” Draco angrily said as his grip got tighter around my neck. “What do you want with her?” Harry asked, not taking his eyes off of Draco’s wand “The philosopher's stone,” Draco answered. “It was destroyed,” Harry said with out hesitation. “All but a single piece, I want that piece!” Draco yelled and the echo repeated thought the corridor. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Harry said puzzled. “I do,” I managed to say “What?” Harry said with complete confusion, “You know where the stone is?” Draco said loosening his grip around my throat, “Yes,” I whispered. “Where?” Draco said with anticipation. “It’s in my jewelry box,” I told Draco not taking my eyes off Harry. “Harry, go and get it,” Draco commanded. “He can’t, the stairs won't let him up,” I said sarcastically. “You get it,” he demanded, his wand pointed, I walked a few steps then, “If you don’t come back lover boy gets it.” That was it, my heart was racing, I could feel it, I turned around to see Draco’s wand pointed directly at Harry. “I’ll get it but if you hurt him…” I was drowned out by the laughter of Draco; I walked on to the portrait spoke the password and entered. I saw myself walk into the common room looking around for Hermione but she was nowhere to be seen. I saw myself run up the stairs to the girls' dormitory. No one was in the bedroom, thank god, I saw the coffin-like jewelry box by my bed.  I walked slowly over to it. “Charmed,” I whispered like the wind through a long hallway the box opened a ballerina with a black tutu emerged, dancing around like a fairy, and the song was all top familiar but I couldn’t name it. Inside was a small purple gem attached to a silver chain ... the philosopher's stone, my mind said gently. I gazed at the stone, that tune echoing in my head THEN I WOKE UP!

From Katie ~
Dream 1 - It was really early in the morning and I was sitting on my porch with Hermione and Ron.  We were just shooting the breeze, talking and such, when I realized my bus was at the end of my driveway (I have an enormous driveway) so I started running out to it when I noticed I didn't have shoes. I was just about to get on the bus when Ron yelled at me, "Hey Katie, this guy wants to talk to you." I whip around and peer back to my house and see this glowing thing.  I told the bus driver to please wait, and I ran for the house. When I got there Hermione was looking at me like I was an idiot, and Ron just kind of stared at me with a glossy look. I turned to the glowing thing only to find out it was this poorly drawn 2D Chinese kid. It was very confusing...but then I woke up.
Dream 2 - I was with my friends and we were walking through this place – I think it was from the first movie when Harry sets the boa constrictor loose – well, we were touring this place and we came upon where the boa constrictor should have been but instead, Daniel Radcliffe was inside! He was looking so hot because he was totally rocking out with his "band." I turned beet red when he handed the microphone to me and motioned me "up stage" (which was actually in the cage) and all my friends just giggled. As he took my hand, he said my name, then gave me a kiss and I got to sing with him! It was so cool but then my alarm went off and it ended.

From Charlotte ~
Dream 1 - Ok, weirdly enough, this was when I hadn't read the HP books in awhile, and had just started the first one again; if you have the PC game The Sims it will make sense. Ron and Harry were sitting in a room with some beds and the walls at 3/4 mode. Ron looked at Harry and said, "Who'd have though all Voldemort wanted to do was lock all the members of Magical Parliament in a cupboard? I mean, we should have done that a long time ago!" Then the walls did that thing they do in the game (?) and I could see a bunch of people sitting in really uncomfortable chairs in a tiny little cupboard.
Dream 2 - This one was as if the Weasleys didn't know Harry, but he was coming to stay with them when he was about maybe, 10. So, all I see is Mrs. Weasley sitting on the stairs with a box of framed photographs and a bunch of others on the walls. She looks up at the wall and says "Oh no, what if Harry saw these? He wouldn't like it. I'd best get rid of them." So she started taking down all these pictures from the wall, and smashing them on the floor, and all the little people were freaking out and sort of melting and disappearing. It was awful! I woke up and opened my eyes and thought "Oh my god I've got to go find those pictures!" and I actually got up and opened the door before I realized it was a dream! And all this was really weird because I almost never remember my dreams, and as I write this it's been almost a week.

From Heather ~
Dream 1 - (Star Wars theme... sort of) I was in the Death Star being chased by somebody (I don't remember). I ran down a curling staircase and saw this huge glass dome. Inside the dome was a figure dressed in black with his back to me standing just inside the door. I assumed it was Darth Vader and ran into the dome. It turned out to be Severus Snape. (Darth was using him as a decoy) I then ran back out. Suddenly I was standing with Remus Lupin and my friend Becca in a line up for a fast food restaurant. Lupin was going on and on about how Snape is misunderstood and is really a nice guy. My friend Becca was running away from home and bought food for her trip which consisted of a couple of Aero bars. Then I woke up.
Dream 2 -  I was in the desert when all the Harry Potter characters popped up. Then they all went away except for Severus Snape and Hermione Granger. Hermione fainted and Snape brought her to Dumbledore. Then everyone showed up again and Tonks was all "If she does not receive true loves bloom, she will come to see her doom!  And that was it. I think Snape kissed her, but the rest of the dream is foggy. 

From Katie ~
I dreamed that I was in the Great Hall and there was a huge stage, where my friend Paul was performing. He was singing and dancing with a pinball machine. There was a huge crowd there, made up of the different Hogwarts students. I ran around the back in this white dress, asking Hermione if I could borrow a hair tie. She told me to calm down and go into a different room. A door appeared so I opened it and went inside, following directions. Then Harry was there and he was like, "Katie! You're getting married!" Then I started bawling and said, "WHY?" Then Harry led me out of the door and showed me Ron, standing in the hallway, watching the performance. "You're going to have to marry Ron!" A great big grin lit up my face, because Ron is like a superhero to me, and I asked him, "Why?" Harry jerked me back into the room and said, "Because he's going to be extradited to Sweden if you don't!" Before I could answer, Harry jabbed this white, can-can dancer-like headdress on my head, but it wouldn't fit. So he stood on a ladder and jumped on it. Then he gave up and Ron came in and was like, "You're jumping on my wife! I challenge you to a game of underwater chess!" Then a chess board appeared, but before they could 'duel' the ground started to shake and Harry fell through a crack in the ground. Ron was very happy and we could still hear Harry screaming (just like Arnold) "I'll be baaaack!" Then Ron sighed, "I love it when I win – let's go get married!" Of course I said, "Okay!" Then I woke up, finding my little sister was jumping on me.

From Marko ~
I dreamed that I was at my school, serving detention.  Then when I turned to leave, my teacher turned into Professor Lupin.  He started yelling at me for disrupting his class.  "I'm not even IN your class!"  I exclaimed.  Then the fifteen other students in detention transformed into flying house elves.  They started chanting "Loony, loopy Lupin!  Loony, loopy Lupin!" over and over again.  Lupin screamed and tried to chase them away with a banana.  I eased myself towards the door to escape, but a dementor flew in my path.  But instead of sucking out all out my happy memories, it grabbed a microphone from the classroom and started singing "There are no bananas in the sky, in the sky!  There are no bananas in the sky!  There's a sun and a moon and a coconut cream pie!  But there are no ba–" The dementor stopped singing.  Professor Lupin got really mad at the mention of the moon, and turned into a werewolf.  He tried to claw the dementor to death, but it didn't work.  The dementor got so mad that he showed Professor Lupin the moon.  But not the moon in the sky, the dementor showed Lupin its *ahem* behind.  Then I woke up with my pajamas half down.

From Coppertop ~
I had this dream that I was a Gryffindor and that I really hated Harry for some reason. I followed him around (like Draco) and made his life miserable. One day I followed him up to the library and was about to start calling him very inappropriate words that only prostitutes should use when I knocked over a large book. I picked it up and the page it opened to was an article about a mass genocide in South Africa. (In the back of my mind I knew that it was the one that my lit teacher had read to our class that day.) It was really weird. As I read it went on to say that a weird cult leader named James had gathered all of his followers in a small country in Africa, (they were called Death Eaters...) they all wore cloaks and weird clothing and sacrificed many animals. Then the main event happened. James laced the KoolAid he handed out to everyone and their children with cyanide and the ones who refused to drink it and die were slaughtered. This is all unfunnily true. when I woke up I looked it up on the internet and the day that my teacher read the article to us was the thirty year anniversary of this mass genocide which places it around the seventies, James' time, and they wore cloaks like wizards. It was so weird and creepy. That was why I hated Harry, his dad killed my parents in Africa (not really, just in the dream). 

From Miss Mary Jane ~
Warning!  Kissy stuff and possible Slashiness!
I was on the Hogwarts Express with my brother, Harry,Ron, Ginny, and Hermione. My brother had taken a fancy to Ginny. I thought she was just right for him, very innoncent and sweet. To my surprise, Ron kept flirting with me and touching my hair. He was acting very different than he is in the books! Then he showed me his tattoo, a lighting bolt on his arm in honor of Harry. I realized then that and Harry and Ron were sweethearts.

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