Now, when a book takes over your mind (as these are bound to do), you end up having it follow you even to your dreams. So, here is my quest: to collect all the dreams people have had about Harry Potter or the books. Here's what I have so far.

This will probably be the last update before May, but please, don't stop sending your dreams in.  ALL the dreams I've received since last May are up on this page.  All the dreams that used to be here are on the new, second dream page.  If you've sent one in to me that isn't up here, please send it again.

Please realize that dreams are straight from the subconscious and can often be very strange, disturbing, or containing all sorts of sexual imagery.  I haven't posted some of the more objectionable ones, but some are marked with little warnings for the sensitive reader.

From Elly
 I'm in my school, which is actually Hogwarts. And I'm walking with the Gryffindor students to Charms class ( which happened to be the Tech. Ed. room, when they tell me I've been transferred to Slytherin. I shrug, and go off to Potions class (the cafeteria) with the Slytherin students. I can't remember what happened next, but Draco Malfoy was in trouble, and I saved him somehow. An' then he gave me a big hug, and said he loved me. That's it.  

From Elly's friend Telly
Okay, me and Elly were on Wheel of Fortune, playing against these two country-type people, who were really stupid and smelly. A man and wife. Tom Marvolo Riddle was playing as that host guy, and Ginny's corpse was acting as Vanna White, making the letters on the board appear. The secret phrase was 'Potter Must Die'. The man on the other team got the 'r' in 'Potter', and he turns to his wife and gasps, 'I got a R!' Me and Elly roll our eyes, and in the end we win. Tom beams at us, and goes, 'Ginny's Corpse, tell them what they've won!' And Ginny's Corpse gave us fruit baskets, a new car with a list of people to kill (as Death Eaters) in the glove compartment, and a room next to Tom. Then I woke up.

From Pokelover
I had this dream after I finished the Fellowship of the Ring and after seeing the Harry Potter movie.
 It starts like this: I was walking with Gandalf when Professor Dumbledore pops up from nowhere. "Well hi Albus how are you today," Gandalf said. Then out came Harry Potter. (He looked to be about 21) I said hi nervously.
Professor Dumbledore looked at me curiously then said "What kind of creature is that?" "It is a hobbit and it will journey with your party." said Gandalf. "It is nice to meet you, Lisa Took." I was given a pony to ride on and off the four of us went.
 We had finaly gotten out of the Shire (a little country where hobbits live) when a big storm hit. Little creeks started to look like rivers as the heavy rain poured on. "Come Lisa, get on my horse," shouted Gandalf over the thunder. I did as I was told. If I had waited a few minutes later I would have drowned. After the storm we met Ron. Professor Dumbledore gave him a horse and off we went. We traveled past the Misty Mountians when we met an elf-like ceature. "Hi, my name is Link, and are you heading to Mirkwood?" "Well yes why don't you come with us." We stayed at the last homely house for five days and started off agian. When we entered Mirkwood we saw many evil people. They were: Sauron, Gannon, Voldemort, a giant spider, and my english teacher telling me I would get detention if I didn't do my homework, then I woke up.

From Nicole
Okay, here's my dream. My best friend Ashley and I were attending Hogwarts, which resembled an elementary school up the street from my house, with a playground, cafeteria, etc. We were eating lunch outside, sitting on a balancing beam, when Professors Dumbledore, Snape and Flitwick walked by. Snape and Flitwick had shovels, and Dumbledore was saying that this was the only way to protect the Sorcerer's (Philosopher's) stone. I don't know what he was talking about, it wasn't very clear. Well, Flitwick and Snape were digging in the forest, while Dumbledore watched and told them they were doing a great job. Then Snape got mad at Flitwick and buried him. Ashley and I were watching, and suddenly Snape and Dumbledore (who didn't seem to care about Flitwick being buried) saw us, and became very alarmed. So I told them that they were doing a very good job, and that we'd be sure to stay quiet about their digging. Snape seemed to believe us, so he came and sat with us, and ate our lunches without asking. After that it just ceased to make sense.

From Melissa
1. I remember that I was a 6th year student except that I was home for some sort of Holiday. Even though I was among the Muggle world, I still wore my good ol' black robes and cloak. One day, I was on the Base, (the Military part of my hometown but civillians are allowed on the base because our schools, including my high school, and our airport is there) and I stopped in this small store, near my school, called the Canex. I walked in, (my cloak was billowing in an awesome effect) and I saw three adults standing near the counter with worried expressions on their faces. No one else was in the store and I simply marched up to the 3 adults and saw that they were watching a surviellance tape on a small monitor. They were muttering indistinctively and so I stopped and glanced at the screen. I gasped in shock because I saw Harry, Ron and Hermione on the screen near a display of candies like skittles and maltesers and M&Ms and such. I saw Harry and Hermione looking kind of suspicious, (the 3 of them were wearing their robes and cloaks) and Ron was closest to the candy display. I saw him grab a candy pack, shove it into his robes and the three of them hurried out of the camera range and evidently, out of the store. I stared at the screen and said aloud without realizing it, "What were those 3 doing here?" The 3 adults, all men, turned and stared at me. "You know these kids?" one of them said. "Yeah, I do." Without another word and hurried out of the store. Luckily, I ran into the 3 of them just down the street. They were all talking and laughing but they looked up in surprise as I stopped near them. "Hey, Melissa," Harry said, quizzically. I didn't reply but turned to Ron. "Ron!" Ron looked startled. "Why did you take those candies?" "What?" Ron said. "I didn't take them! I swear!" "Hmm..." said Hermione, "come to think of it, I saw Malfoy in the store earlier." I gave an exasperated sigh and ran back to the store. I went in and saw Draco, (note: Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco all looked like they were still only in there 1st or 2nd year) and he was standing near the frozen foods, alone. I stormed up to him, grabbed the front of his robes, near the collar and yanked him towards my face with a menacing growl. "Draco! Did you put some sort of Altering Charm on the camera to get Harry, Ron and Hermione in trouble?" Draco looked horrified because his feet were above the ground a little as I held him up which is surprising because I'm not that strong. "No!" he said. "I didn't!" "Okay then," I said, shrugged and put him down. Then we started acting like old buddies! "You know," I said, "I'm 4 almost 5 years older than you." "Nu-huh! You're not that old!" "Yeah, I am!" "No, you're not!" -This went on for awhile- "Yeah, I am! You're only 11 and I'm 15, almost 16, so ha!" I grinned. "Ooooh...hey, you are much older then..." "Duh. But, I have to go. Take care, Draco," I smiled and I saw Draco smile which really twisted my heart because I adore Draco. After I left though, Draco seemed extremely sad though and somehow managed to climb onto the roof of the Canex and he hung his head, and cried. I guess the poor kid's stress is getting to him. More happened in this dream but it stopped being HP related. So, I woke up!

2. I don't remember where my dream started but the first thing I remember is being on the road, in front of my Nan's house, and I was preparing to play some Quidditch with the guys. (wizards from school, of course, no other girls were there.) It was night-time and it was cloudy so not even the moon and stars were out. The street was dimly lit and I saw that the other players were already there, including Harry. Harry was still my good friend although I was a Slytherin, (Slytherin Pride, Baby!) but I was different from the other Slytherins and was a lot friendlier. I was the Slytherin Seeker, (Poor Draco) and I mounted my broomstick and rose above the cement street. "Hey, Harry!" I called out to him and he swivelled his head around as he turned to look at me from his broomstick. "Good luck," I said and smiled to which he returned his smile and his bright green eyes seemed to glitter. Harry and I had it the worst...we had to find the Snitch at night! The game started and the air above the street went mad as all 14 players zoomed about. (Odd, I couldn't see the goalposts but they must've been there somewhere.) I scanned the darkness for the glimmer of gold and saw Harry doing the same. I caught a glimpse of gold but Harry was too close for me to chase it and so I pushed down the broomstick handle and plunged down towards the ground. I was doing the Wronskie Feint. Harry saw me dived and looked extremely nervous because he knew of this move but then again, he couldn't take the chance of me actually seeing the Snitch and catching it. He dove after me and we both plummet. The ground was hurrying up at us and I glanced to my side and saw that Harry wasn't going to pull up. I panicked. He would get hurt because of my stupid move and his own stubborness. Just as we both were going to collide with the ground, I pulled up quickly and smacked the back of Harry's broomstick as I passed which forced Harry's broomstick to zoom up before any damage was done. I zoomed up and saw the Snitch. With deadly predator accuracy, I caught it and our game was over. Harry and I congratulated eachother and was laughing. We both headed off, then, to just hang out and perhaps get some snacks.

From Gramsey
I had this dream that I was at Hogwarts and my name was Terra Branford (that's not even my name!!!). And, anyways, I was a new student and the only American at the school. I was the total outcast and I had a HUGE thing for Harry (well duh!). I was at a pajama-party-dance thingy and Snape was just staring at me like I was a porkchop, smiling at me like an idiot. Then, for some reason, No Doubt was singing at the dance and I was to sing a song from their new CD "Rock Steady". It was "Waiting Room" (I think). Then, when I was singing it, I was staring right at Harry and he didn't even notice!!! I was really ticked off. I stopped singing and Ron told Harry that I was looking at him. So Harry came up to me and asked if I wanted to dance. We danced then, all of a sudden, we ended up in a bedroom. We had a make-out session and we were about to...well...then I woke up.

From Neko-chan
1.   Dreamed the night after watching the webcast of the London premier of 'Philosopher's Stone", and right before an English test. All that I remember is that I met Daniel Radcliffe (Harry in the movie), and he was being very sweet. Something weird was going on, and I think we were in trouble for some reason. Anyway, we were sitting on a couch, and I had my arms around him (sisterly-like. He's about the same age as my l'l bro) when his parents came in. I turned to his mum and said, with my irresistible-puppy-face, "Can I keep him, please??? I'll give you Philip!" Philip being my brother. Unfortunately, I woke up before she could say yes. This one has become a running joke with my friends. "Hello? Mrs. Radcliffe? I had a dream where you said I could keep Danny. Hand him over."

2.  This one is very short, and rather odd. I was at school, only it wasn't school, it was more like a fancy office building or hotel, with oriental carpets, huge mirrors, carved vases, gold filigree everywhere, and elevators. I was with my friend, and she had me read from this extremely demented script. All of a sudden, she rushed into the next room and I followed to see her talking excitedly into a pay phone. She was shrieking "I've found her! I've found the voice for Hermione!" And I was all excited because I'd gotten a part in the new Harry Potter animated TV series. Then we went out to the parking lot, but I don't remember the rest.

3.  By far the strangest and most disturbing of the lot. I was at home, only it wasn't my house, because it had a fireplace. We were all sitting around, and my parents came home looking frightened and said that there had been a mobilization of Death Eaters. How they knew this, I don't know, because they were obviously Muggles. Anyway, I had this bag of, well, something, and I knew I had to hide it, because it had been entrusted to me and was somehow important. So I ran around the side of the house, and Ron was there, and I started digging frantically and trying to bury the bag, all the while hiding from the crowd of people in cloaks who were running down the dark street with torches and pitchforks. Then the dream did this sudden scene change, and my parents and my brother and I were at this courtyard. There was a building with big glass doors, and the ground in the courtyard had a spiral/sun-like design made of small stones. I knew that Voldemort had gotten everyone to come there somehow, and that when we got into the building he was going to slaughter us all. Everyone else seemed to know, too, but didn't care. They were all just skipping merrily off to their doom like a bunch of lemmings. Then we got in this line, and we got on this boat that took us on a tour of all these ancient Eskimo-type artifacts. One of the dioramas had life size mannequins that were dressed in fur parkas, and they started talking to me, but I couldn't see their faces. Then one of them pulled its sleeve up and it had all this nasty, gray, rotting fishy skin, like a dementor. I was the only one who was at all bothered by this. And there was a toy duck. We all got off the boat, and we were standing around in the boathouse, and there were big chunks of ice floating in the water. I had somehow managed to lose my parents, but my little brother was still there, and he was blathering away like nothing was wrong. I told him to shut up, but he wouldn't, and just kept talking. I thought, 'Oh my god, we're all going to die, and he still. Won't. Frelling. Be. Quiet!' All of a sudden, there was an awful sour taste in the air, and a sickly yellow-green mist began to creep into the boathouse. It was followed by this gaseous ball of the same color that sort of bounced on the water, and I knew it was the Avada Kedavra curse. I tried to get away from it, but for some reason I was running around the dock towards where it came from. I guess I had figured out where it was going to land and was trying to move away from that spot. I saw Voldemort, and suddenly woke up to discover that I had been sleeping with my mouth open, drooling, and that was where the sour taste had come from. 

From Arwen, Princess of Rivendell  (Warning: Kissy stuff!)
I was Hermione, (in the dream) and Harry, Ron and I were walking in Hogsmeade and Ron left to go to Honeydukes, or somewhere like that. So, Harry and I were walking to The Three Broomsticks, and we stopped in front of it and we started kissing for a long time. Then we stopped. Ron walked up, and said, "Oh, I figured you two would get together!" and Malfoy walked up too and said, "You and Potty are getting married!" and that's when I woke up!

From Anubis Warrior
I was in Oliver Wood's dorm. (This comes to no suprise, I love Oliver, I'm by far his biggest fan.) We were talking about Quidditch, when we decided to go to the Quidditch field.  (Why, I don't know.) When we got there, Oliver said he was sick. I thought it could be something serious, so I took him to Madam Pomfrey. It turned out he had some illness or something (I never knew exactly what.) So I had to be reserve Keeper. The dream goes on for a while, so basically I'll sum it up to this: My Harry Potter fan fiction I had written was the exact same storyline! 

From Severus Snape
I had a strange dream one night that I was going wand shopping with Hagrid. We went down to Diagon Alley and went to Ollivanders. There, Ollivander, me, and Hagrid were wandering around trying to find a wand that would shoot out sparks and work for me. There were several I tried and several that pertained to the Hogwarts Houses like: a Slytherin 13" bat wing or a Gryffindor phoenix hair. I actually was leaning toward the Slytherin bat wing (I guess since Slytherin is my favorite House), and tried to use it several times. After coming back to it for the 3rd time Hagrid stopped me and told me we wouldn't get a wand here. I was quite distraught but I trusted Hagrid so we went to another store. It was small, squat, dark, and looked like a Phillips 66 gas station. The inside was shadowy, almost smoky, and dark and was filled with shelves with various food items and gas station products. Though, those food items weren't the things I was really looking at. In the far wall stood a big pink, heart shaped, light bulb lined, floor display of one wand. The lightbulbs flashed from time to time drawing my attention from the food to the wand. Anyway, me and Hagrid looked at it and I tried it once and it didn't work. Hagrid tried to make me stay there and try it a couple more times and I did for a while. After that I wandered around the dark shelves looking at the various products until Hagrid came out of a room roaring drunk, crying, and telling that the wands I tried wouldn't work and I couldn't get a wand because I wasn't magical enough. I started to cry with him because I really wanted to go to Hogwarts and then I woke up. 

From  Sabine Kaltz
This annoying boy genius kid in my class had just told me that he likes me. I was screaming very loudly. Then I found myself in the arms of a very attractive Harry Potter, but I was a beautiful mermaid. That's it.

From Marina
     I had a dream that I got a letter that said I would be going to Hogwarts.  When I got there Malfoy was staring at me as if in love.  I said, "What's up with you?" and he kept on staring so I just left.  I met Harry and he stared at me too. Then he said ,"You have the most prettiest smile I ever saw." I started blushing.  He asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend.  I was shocked.  We just met.  But I made an exception.  He was very cute.
    One day at poisons Malfoy was staring at me again.  I asked him,  "Do you have a crush on me or something?"  He nodded.  I told him," Why would anyone go out with you?"  Everyone started to laugh.  I didn't notice that everyone was eavesdropping us.
     At dinner Malfoy was trying to break me and Harry up.  I got so mad.  So mad, I slapped him.  Snape saw what happened, came up to me, opened his mouth to say something and then... I woke up.

From Darkarts Master (some odd but decidedly kissy stuff at the end)
This happened when I fell asleep reading #1, I finished it though.  It's one of those double dreams.... It all started when I walked down the hall of the Main Hall and I ran into Harry and Co. They started talking like they knew me, but I had no idea who they were. Then I followed them as they walked off toward the dungeon for some DADA lesson. There was Quirrell and he wasn't wearing a turban, you could see Voldie on the back of his head, I told Harry and Ron but they said they only saw him in a turban. So after class I confronted him and told him in knew his secret, he got all mushy on me and begged me not to tell and said he'd give me anything. So I said that I wanted a peanut butter sandwich. Well being a wizard, he had no idea what PB&J was, I had to show him. Soon he made one, I took a bite and I fell asleep. Then I woke up in another dream (strange).  I see all my friends at Hogwarts and I'm in the Gryffindor common room as everyone gathers around me. They ask what happened and crap like that, I told them about Quirrell and he was going to destroy the school (I have no idea how I figured that out!) They didn't belive me (typical).  So me and my buddy Brandy, I called her Sue, go figure. So me and "Sue" go and try to find Quirrell, we found him all right and he was making out with Snape in the DADA classroom, oh the humanity! That was when I awoke from the dream and I was to scared to go to sleep the rest of the night. It's sorta long and stuff, it was a scary dream at the end. And Voldie looked like a snake! 

From Sean 
    Well... It sorta started off in the First book, I was running down to the door where Fluffy was and played a guitar (?) I kept going when I opened the door and fell into the Chamber of Secrets where I fought and killed the Basilisk. When I had stuffed my sword in my belt I was transported to the house where Sirius and Lupin were with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I helped convince Harry that Sirius was friend not foe and together we killed Snape and brought Peter up to the school. After all this happened I found myself swimming in the lake , flying my Firebolt around a dragon's head, running through a maze, and battling Voldemort.  When I touched the Cup thingy I woke up.

From Salar
    My friend had a dream once, and it was about her, me, and another few people from my class. I was her best friend. All she gave me was details about the dream, so I can't be sure what had happened...there is this girl in my class which is extremely annoying and not that attractive, {I'm not mentioning names, I might get caught} but she was Draco Malfoy's girlfriend or wife. We were just two girls and Ron was supposed to be my boyfriend and Harry was supposed to be my friend's boyfriend. We were all walking around at Hogwarts, laughing at Draco and more, unfortunately she woke up after that so, that's it! (I had a real good laugh when I found out who was Draco's girlfriend/wife heh,heh.)

From Dianne
    This happened after I had just read a Snape fanfic and watched Can't Hardly Wait earlier that day.  I was at this party and there were a bunch of Gothic-looking teenagers who were dressed in black and dancing and all.  Suddenly, I was in this old room (that looks like it could be a part of the Malfoy manor) and the five or six Gothic teenagers were there and they were like saying, "the Dark Mark's burning! We must Apparate to his side at once!"  And I realized that I was a Death Eater too, and before I knew it, I was talking to Voldemort and then he led the other D.E.s in torturing and making people suffer in ways that aren't even described in the book. It was only then that I realized how scary Voldy can really be. 

From Britt
     I am always having weird Harry Potter dreams, so this probably won't be the last. I was visiting Hagrid when it started, and I was this really pretty student girl named Leann that went to Hogwarts. Hagrid was giving me treacle fudge and I started to get sick, so I said bye and left. I went outside and saw none other than Severus Snape sitting Indian style on the grass reading a big huge book. I was suddenly this teacher, but I was still really pretty and my name was Prof. Leann (hmmm...) I started screaming at Snape for some reason, like a bunch of stuff about how he'd never paid any attention to me and he flirts with Prof. Trewlawney (gag) and a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember. Then after a while he looked up real slow and smiled cutely like a pervert and started laughing like crazy. All of a sudden it was National Poltergeist Day and Snape turned into Peeves. He cackled and grinned, then he floated away and the book turned into Sirius Black. Sirius looked really upset about something. He was tall and cute with long black hair and really bright gray eyes. We were in Hogwarts suddenly, in the Gryffindor tower, and he said he was looking for someone. I said, "Who?" really softy, but he wouldn't tell me. Then we were in Potions and Snape was standing at the front of the class. I was still Leann but I was a student again. I glanced to my right and there was Hermione. She gave me a big smile and I returned it. Then I looked to my left and there was Draco Malfoy. He was smiling too. I sort of smirked meanly, but he moved his chair up next to me and said, "Hey Leann" and I just sat there and tried to ignore him. He was this sort of tall kid with light blonde hair and bluish eyes and he was really popular at Hogwarts, I knew for some reason. Then Snape looked up and gave me a weird grin and I just sat there like an idiot. Then Dumbledore walked in and said something to Snape and Snape looked at Harry (he was sitting in front of me) and beckoned. Harry looked back at me and said, "I'll miss you guys," then he left. All of a sudden I got a humongous urge to go after him. I leapt up, grabbed Malfoy by the arm and started to run past Snape. Snape just stood there and grinned with big yellow teeth. We ran and ran the all of a sudden I tripped and flew forward and fell right over a ledge. Malfoy yelled and grabbed for me but he couldn't reach me. Then this weird, suspenseful music started to play, like the Lion King music when Simba is fighting Scar. I started to cry as I watched a severed finger fly past me. I looked up and there was a fingerless Peter Pettigrew with Prof. Lupin. Peter was a fat, balding guy with a really evil look on his face. Prof. Lupin was really cute with light brown hair and brown eyes. He yelled "Leann, watch the sun!!" I tried but I couldn't stop looking at Peter, whose eyes had changed to red. I screamed and yelled, "Remus, please help me!!!" He looked desperate and really mad. Then I saw Lupin yell loudly, reach out, grab Peter by the collar of his shirt and yank him around. Then Lupin looked at Peter and started getting red eyes too. Malfoy was really pale and looked scared. I suddenly grabbed some stray broomstick and flew upwards and hit Peter on the neck. He made a really weird sound and flew off the ledge. I shook Lupin really hard and then he woke up and looked at me funny..... and kissed me.... I was thinking, how freaky!!! When I woke up. 

From Mandy (Warning - Mushy stuff!)
    I don't know why, but I was at either my church or a hotel with my parents who were partying out in a bar in the building (yeah, I know I know...) but I found out that a certain stone on the second step on the porch was really the door to Fred and George Weasley's room. The thing is, you can't enter it if someone is watching you. So making sure that no one was watching, I removed the stone and walked in (and this was one tiny stone - I don't know how I fit). When I got in, Fred and George were jumping on their beds (which were identical and in opposite corners - I think they were red). Mrs. Weasley was yelling at them and Ginny was in some sort of fit of giggles. She looked like she was having a seizure. Well, it turned out that I was dating Harry Potter and we often took long walks together (Ron always teased him about this). We would talk and every time I spoke to him (okay this gets mushy), he would kiss me on the mouth. It was strange - I like couldn't get a word out without being kissed. Well, we get back to Fred and George's room (which apparently included two other rooms and find that Hermione and Ron have (and I can't remember exactly, but I think) have announced that they're going to get married. And then Cornelius Fudge shows up shouting about a policeman or something (and this is the part when it gets foggy) and I hear yelling everywhere around me. Note: I woke up and found that the yelling was coming from my sisters who were fighting downstairs. 

From Valerie
    This happened a little while after I finished Goblet of Fire. 
    I dreamed I was looking at a shelf and that Order of the Phoenix was sitting on it.  (I didn't know it would be called Order of the Phoenix, so in my dream I just called it Book 5.) Anyway, what was really bad was that about as thick as a picture book, about 1/4 in. thick! Someone tell me they've not had worse nightmares!

From Sophie 
    I'm at my Grandma's house, and then Dumbledore walks in through the back door to say that he needs me for his Lupin practice. So I get in his car, and then I'm Ron, and I'm in the front seat of the flying car from Book 2. We whiz around, hovering above the ground, Dumbledore talking gibberish and me flicking on and off a mini Playstation that's in my lap. Then we're in the Chamber of Secrets, but it's more like a study that's really dark. At the top of these stone steps there's a red velvet chair, and a pile of Good Housekeepings on a table next to it. Then Dumbledore tells me to go and find the Snape truce map (don't ask), so I search through all the magazines until this notepad falls out, then I turn to tell Dumbledore but he's talking to this man in a green suit and a top hat, and I somehow know he's called Mr. Leroy. I run up to them, but then there's this door in the way which says 'Hermione Humboid is not at home, can she carry your message?' So I stand there for ages, crying, until Mr. Leroy comes out and says 'Now, now, Miss MacGonagall, you shouldn't be snooping, because in here we're practising the Phoenix and the Carpet.'  I then become really angry, and I walk up to Dumbledore, give him the notebook and slump into this green swivel chair. He takes the notebook and puts it into this handbag hanging on a hook, and then calls for the Ministry of Kind Notebooks on a mobile phone. Mr. Leroy comes and lifts me out of the chair onto his back, but I tell him to fly away home, so he opens this window and drops me back onto the chair before doing a forward roll out of the window. Dumbledore gives me a pat on the head before getting in his car (which just appears) and disappears. I sit for a while in the chair, and then I see Emma Watson (Hermione in the movie) walking past, then she appears in my bedroom, which is on the other side of the house. I jump up and shout to her that I don't really mind that she steals my tiger but would she at least leave me an answering machine. Then she looks at me and says 'well I don't really want to leave my brother Mika, so no, that's not what I'm looking for.'  Then she disappears. I swivel around in the chair, and then I'm in my living room, and Dumbledore and Mr. Leroy come up to me and ask me if I would like a whale for Hogwarts, and if I'm lucky I can meet Fawkes at the national book convention at Durmstrang. I scream at them to go back to their Wand shop, or I'll be in Hufflepuff for 78 years. Then someone starts to say 'Sofie, Sofie," and I wake up, my mum standing next to my bed telling me to get up! 

From Robbie
    I am watching this happen, not IN it. We are at the end of the fourth Harry Potter book, and Harry (who looks like my second cousin Laura) is dueling with Voldemort. Voldemort just said Crucio at her. So she runs away really quickly and it looks like she just disappeared. Some really stupid Death Eaters say, “Maybe she knows how to apparate!" Voldemort says, “Fourth years don’t know how to apparate…” Then he carefully sets down his wand. And he goes down some stairs (which sort of appeared out of nowhere) into this basement thing, but it’s a hallway with lots of doors to different rooms. By now, Voldemort doesn’t really look like Voldemort. He looks smaller and less scary. Maybe that’s due to the loss of his wand… Anyway, Voldemort doesn’t know which room to go into. So I’m holding this puppet that looks like a real girl. But of course, no one can see me. So he thinks the puppet is real. The puppet says, “In there...she went in there…” and it points to a door on the right. Voldemort says, “Thank you…you are a good little girl…thank you…” He’s almost done closing the door when the puppet says something that gives away her being a puppet. So Voldemort doesn’t know if this is a trap or not, but he goes in anyway. Laura (Harry) IS in there, lying on the top of a full-size bed. When he comes in, she looks up, says something in a nonplussed way, like “Oh, it’s you…” and then goes back to laying on her bed. Laura is only 5'1. Then Voldemort lies down on the bed next to her (as if this was the only obvious thing to do) and he's the same height was her. So Laura starts talking about books for some reason. And then, (seemingly for the first time) she notices that there’s an evil Dark Wizard next to her, and is about to say something when-

From Aphrodite
    I was at a Backstreet Boys concert in Atlanta with my best friend Arwen. They were singing 'The Call' when Voldemort jumped down out of the ceiling with Wormtail. He goes 'Where are Aphrodite and Arwen?' and then everyone else disappeared. He grabbed us and took us back to Hogwarts. Harry and Ron were outside when Voldemort appeared with us. They got up, ready to fight. Voldemort put us down and Harry instantly killed him. He then ran over to me and kissed me on the lips. Then we went inside the castle and we were 19 and it was our wedding day. It then showed us like three years later and we had three kids. Ron and Arwen had ended up married but they had eight kids! Then I woke up.

From Dragona
    I was a student at Hogwarts and I was a Slytherin. It was right after dinner in the great hall. I went back the Slytherin common room and right in front of me was Lord Voldemort, and he said "ahh my child, I've been waiting." 
I had to reply due to fright "W-w-waiting for what sir?" 
"Waiting for you my dear child for..." (this is hillarius) he started to sound a lot like Darth Vader and said "Sarah, I am your father." Sarah isn't even my name!!  And on top of that, a strange kind of music turned on, the lights turned off, a stage appeared and there was Draco Malfoy, dressed in a light pink dress with flowers in his arm and a sash that said "Miss Slytherin" on it and that was it. 

From Skywalker
    I dreamt that I had to audition for Gryffindor's Quidditch team. The audition took place in the Rec. Room of my music school. I saw an old, battered broomstick in a closet and flew it with no difficulty - except that it broke in midair. I landed and asked Professor McGonagall how to perform a charm that made objects unbreakable. This is weird: she said to me, "Haven't you been paying attention in my Transfiguration classes?" Even though that had nothing to do with Transfiguration! My dream ended when I went to see Madam Pince for a book on that sort of thing. 
In my second dream, I dreamt that I flew to Hogwarts in an airplane I had built.  I crashed it, so I would need to build a new one.  I went to my dormitory overlooking my crashed aircraft and unloaded my stuff. I played a video game with Ron and then went to bed. The next day, I went in an auditorium with the other First Years, but nothing happened on stage. Instead, I heard a whisper travel among the crowd that someone had spotted a dark figure at the end of one of the aisles behind them that they thought was a Grim. Suddenly, I heard, "I am Snape."  The figure turned out to be Snape. The lights got brighter and a small group (including me) were to follow Snape out of the auditorium. Eventually, the students branched off into where they were supposed to go. Snape told me to follow him. I was led into a strange place where tons of students, I guess, were skateboarding and rollerblading. Snape told me to choose a set of protective gear and rollerblades. I chose a set that was blue. He still wanted me to follow him, though. I had trouble keeping up because people kept pulling me over to ask me questions about my airplane. Eventually, I found Snape again. The only reason why I followed him was because I knew that Snape was not a person to cross. Snape and I got to a strange door, and just when he lifted a hand to the doorknob, my dream ended. 

Brenda            (Warning - for those of you who violently hate Pokemon, skip this one)
    I was at my house when I got a letter.  My mom and I got my stuff for Hogwarts and I had packed everything even my pocket Pikachu.  On the train I found my best friend Veronica. We were talking when my pocket Pikachu started to shake, a Pikachu popped out.  (note: this was in the yr.2033.)  My friend and I were put in Harry Potter's old common room. After the first week there I had met Harry Potters son John Potter. (Harry Potter is one of the teachers at Hogwarts) well one morning my Pikachu shocks me and I hit my head on something. John comes in and says "You should see the lump on your head."  I threw a pillow at him and I duck, but the flying pillow hits my friend instead. A whole pillow fight starts and then we hear foot steps.  We all hide in the closet and wait.  John steps on Pikachu's tail and he says PIKACHU!!   We all fall out of the closet and on to Harry Potter Pikachu shocked everyone again and then I woke up.

From Alex
    OK... I was in my school and Voldemort was chasing me around my school. I had this friend who look like Lucca (however you spell her name) from Crono Trigger and she kept giving me things like plaque and mirrors and I ran with it and Voldemort kept trying to get the thing from me and finally she gave me the right thing and I ran into one of the Death Eaters (I think it was Malfoy) and I ran past Voldemort (they were closing in on me in an alley thing) and I ran back into the school and ran into this kid I know and then Voldemort knocked him down (it was kind of funny) and I ran outside again and I realized I somehow buried Voldemort's wand in the ground (have no idea how I knew). I saw Voldemort yell at Malfoy for his wand and I ran onto the roof and found a broom and flew away 
The other one I had (later that day) I was in this yard thing (I think I was at the Burrow) and Bill came out of the building and told me to go somewhere. And I followed him around the house thing and I saw people like Fred (there was no George and I don't know how I knew who it was) and Ron and Harry and I went to the place I was supposed to be and I saw Mrs. Weasley and then I woke up.... 

From Kaesa
    Once I had a dream where I'd gone to Diagon Alley and gotten my stuff and everything, and I was practicing the Lumos charm while sitting in my front yard. Then, the school bully came along (he looked rather like Draco Malfoy, or was it the other way around?) and said something like "Hey, freak!" 
    I said, "Guess what! I'm better than you 'cause I'm a witch and I get to go to Hogwarts!" Then I stuck out my tongue. I'd never say something like that, but it was just a dream. I would have cursed him instead.  
    He said, "Oh yeah? Prove it." He probably would've punched me, too.
    I said, "Look, I can do this one spell . . ." and then I realized I'd dropped my wand. It was getting dark and as I was searching through the grass for it I kept picking up random sticks and saying, "Lumos!" in a panic. Finally I heard a horrible snapping noise and saw my wand, in two pieces on the ground.
    Then there was another one, where I believe I started out in Harry's POV. I (Harry) was watching a sea of red (Gryffindors) battling a bunch of people in green (Slytherin). I'm pretty sure Voldemort had taken over. Anyway, Harry sat there watching . . . it was a sort of sick spectator sport and Harry'd broken out of the mind control they were using to make the Slytherins and Gryffindors fight. Hermione was in jail because she kept trying to escape to the library, and Ron had also gotten kicked out of the game/war. One of my best friends was playing the part of Ron, dispite the fact that we're both girls. Go figure.  Anyway, Ron and Harry tried to escape by following Michael Jordan out of the confinement area and crawling through the pipes. I don't know why MJ's in cahoots with the Dark Lord; he was the only basketball player I ever really liked. Well, anyway, Ron and Harry got caught by this weird Muggle supervisor who Voldie'd put in charge of the prison. They had fake names prepared because Voldemort didn't know that they'd survived the war.  Then my consciousness zipped over to Hermione, sitting in a cell in Azkaban. All of a sudden, Fleur Delacour pops up and seduces the guards, who let Hermione out. We (er, they) all try and escape again but we get caught, and we can't use the same names as before. Hermione says her name is Penelope Grunnings, then Prof. McGonagall (from behind the Muggle) yells "Potter!"  So they're not caught, Ron introduces himself as Peter Potter, and Harry accidentally comes up with the name Bill Gates, but amends it to Phil Gates.  They walk away complaining about their fake names. Hermione says hers is too 'preppy and suck-uppy,' Harry just shakes his head at his stupidity, and Ron says, "But honestly, Peter Potter? It sounds like Viktor Krum describing rain!"  Then there's a weird little bit wherin a Slytherin (played by another of my best friends, for no real reason) is spying for Gryffindor, and a very earnest Ravenclaw (myself again, I think) seems to be offering Harry somebody else's email address as her own. End of dream.

From Dixie Malfoy
    I dreamt I was marrying Harry. I was in the back of some church waiting to walk down the aisle behind all my bridesmaids (of which I had 14, don't ask me why I had that many). I remember peeking through the doors and I could see Harry waiting up at the front and for some reason Draco was his best man. (This is what you get for reading Cassandra Claire's Draco Sinister before bedtime.)   I don't know where Ron was; he wasn't in the dream at all. Neither was Hermione for that matter. Ginny was my maid of honor, and I can remember following her down the aisle and standing next to Harry. That's when I woke up. 

From Alexandra 
    I was a witch but for some reason I worked at a gas station and was very poor.  The other gas station people were also witches and wizards.  One of the witches got angry at her boyfriend and stole his broomstick.  I went to Shoprite and suddenly the Dark Mark appeared and Shoprite (a food store in case you didn't know) caught on fire.  Everyone was screaming and running.  Voldemort left a threat note saying he would kill everyone attending the town picnic and if they didn't show up he would kill them separately.  I had no choice but to attend.  When I heard him and his Death Eaters coming I ran into the woods.  For some reason there was a giant couch (maybe it was Hagrid's spare furniture) in the woods.  I hid under there but one of the Death Eaters found me but he let me go.  As I went further into the woods I found Harry Potter talking to Professor Dumbledore in a really scared voice telling him of Voldemort's crazy rampage over the muggle picnic.  Then someone stunned me from behind and I woke up.
I dreamed I went to see the movie. But all I saw was Snape, Harry, and Aunt Petunia. At one point, Hermione asked me what I was doing there, and the next minute I found myself being dragged off to Snape the hottie's office where he made me try on the sorting hat and put me in Slytherin. Then, I got attacked by flying Christmas wreathes being flung at me by Gringotts goblins. Then I woke up.

From Carly
    I was Remus Lupin, about 8 years old, and I was going to Hogwarts for my first year. I (Remus) had all my possessions with me to take to school.  I was on platform 9 3/4, and I was waiting for the train to let me in.  Then suddenly all these Ministry wizards apparated and grabbed me (Remus) and told me that werewolves weren't allowed to own anything, and they took all my stuff. So I had nothing for school, and then Snape and a bunch of Slytherins came walking down the platform and saw me and laughed at me. Then the Ministry wizards apparated again and said I had to go to Azkaban for being a werewolf, and they handcuffed me and took me to Azkaban while Snape laughed, and I saw Sirius and James looking at me. (This was weird because I was reading a Remus fanfic about prejudice against werewolves last night)

From Julianna
    Me, my family, and a duckling were at a big store.  I had a wand and a book - a very odd book, it had a picture of a duck, cow, monkey, and every animal!  I would just have too say koosh and I would be it and I was walking around with Harry Potter!!! And I found the duck and turned into it, then back to myself, then I tried to kill the duck me.  It worked then I woke up! 

From Meagan, a.k.a. HpGirl
    I was in my house, not Hogwarts. And the first thing I noticed was that I was Harry Potter. (I'm really a girl, so imagine how freaky that is.) So, I went down into the basement, where my two best friends were, only they were Ron and Hermione. I had just finished reading the Second Book for the three times at the current time. So, I noticed that there were bathroom stalls all around. Hermione took Ron and I into a stall and we drank the Polyjuice potion. Of course, the potion went wrong. I was going up the stairs to my room when I started to change back. So I ran to the basement and went into a stall. So the next thing I knew was that my mother was walking down the stairs, only she was Professor McGonagall. And then I woke up. 

From Kristen
    Well, I was with Cedric, and we were at my town's beach, but when we faced the water, there was this kind of play place with all the tubes you can crawl through, like at McDonalds or something. When we got to the other side, we were in a room crammed with a whole lot of tables all filled with food. Ron was there, and it was his mum's house I think, because Mrs. Weasley was there, except she looked really tired. She looked like my sister's ex-best friend, who has short red hair and is kinda plump. Ron explained she was recovering from a drug overdose that made her want to cook a lot. So we all ate something and left through the tubes.  When we got outside, the beach was gone, and we were inside Hogwarts. Cedric and Ron went one way while I started roaming around the castle, which was totally different from how I picture it. I guess I was a sort of ghost or something because no one took any notice of me. I went down to the lower levels and found the hospital wing. Instead of Madam Pomfrey, the nurses were all teenage/early 20s-ish, and they were all dressed like they belonged in Tomb Raider. One of them was trying to make Hermione calm down. She was in a fit because she had, and I quote, "Rabbit teeth, cat fur on my face, yellow eyes, and I keep turning into a wallaby!" She was stomping around, while the nurse was trying to force her back into a miniature version of my bed.  Not wanting to hear anymore, I wandered around until I found a group of adults, except they were mostly animals. There was Dumbledore (human), Snape (human), Lockhart (human), McGonagall (cat), Sirius (Padfoot), and Lupin (Moony). Lupin was a very mangy cartoon wolf. He had scraggly gray fur, ripped ears, and one of his eyes was half closed while the other was very open all the way and very large. Like Mad Eye Moody's big eye except yellow. And, for some strange reason, the glow worm from James and the Giant Peach.  I found out, somehow, that this group was dedicated to rescuing people that were trapped out on the grounds and were in danger of being hit by lightning from the spontaneous thunderstorms. I watched them go to rescue Colin Creevy, who was sitting beneath a large tree on the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest. A moment after they rescued him, lightning struck that tree and cooked all the roots, which were sticking up like a mangrove tree in the Amazon. The adults came back to inspect the roots, and I heard them taking pieces of the crisp root and saying, "Didn't even have a chance," and shaking their heads. I went up to pick a piece of root, and it was all gooey on the inside and hard on the outside. I remember thinking it looked like the pillbug in The Emperor's New Groove, but brown instead of blue. When I turned to go back inside, I saw that the outside of Hogwarts looked like the back of my house, and I was in my yard. Well, when I went back up on my porch, I saw the same kind of tubes that were at Mrs. Weasley's.  I got back inside (and it looked like it was before), and walked through two rooms to find the adults talking. They were all human now, except of Lupin, who was watching me with his weird yellow eye. Suddenly, the glow worm says, "Wait a minute, you're not human, you're a - " But Dumbledore kept magicking her so she couldn't reveal that Lupin was a werewolf. So every time she was about to say "werewolf!" she would shriek stuff like, "blueberry!" or "chicken!" or "cantaloupe!"  Every time she was stopped from saying werewolf, her head would jerk and her eyes would open really wide. She was floating in midair, and kept shouting weird things ("Frog spawn! Walnut! Tinkertoy! Elderberry!") until finally she said, "Wait a minute, youre not human, you're evil!"  Then Lupin the wolf trotted out of the room and came back as a person. Then Dumbledore pointed his wand at the glow worm and she disappeared.  And then I was being sorta pulled out of the air from Hogwarts, and my dream played in reverse, but quicker, so it was sorta on rewind. When I finally came to the beach with Cedric, we said goodbye, and I thanked him for a "lovely time," and I left him doing magic with his hands, and making a mess of all the sand and seaweed on the beach. I floated quickly along the road back to my house at the other end of the island I live on, until I got to my house, went into my room, and found myself asleep with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in my hands. I fell back into my body, and then I woke up.

From Kathleen

    I was at Hogwarts and I was Harry, and Voldemort was trying to turn Hogwarts into a Dark Arts school and trying to kill me and this girl who I don't know, but was my friend in the dream. He was well on his way with the school. The girl and I went onto the grounds which looked like my friend's backyard. I turned back into myself, but Voldemort still wanted to kill me even though I wasn't Harry anymore, so I dyed my hair black as a disguise. He recognized me anyway, though, and took me through the school, showing me the Dark Arts classes. 

From Selene 
    In my dream I saw Harry, Ron and Hermoine listening at a door in the invisibility cloak.  Hagrid came out and they followed him.  They walked past the Slytherins on their Nimbus 2001's, an Acromantula and Lockhart babbling like an idiot.  Just as they reached Hagrid's hut, a bat came out of nowhere and became Voldemort. 
    "Now I will kill Harry Potter!" He laughed insanely. 
    He aimed the Avada Kedavra curse at Harry.  It was deflected by some metal thing. 
    "Protector of Saturn and it's children, I am Sailor Saturn!  And I will kill you!"  Sailor Saturn appeared out of nowhere and pointed the Silence Glaive at Voldemort. 
    "I have no time for you, you aren't even a Witch!" he said, disappearing. 
    Saturn told Harry to look away as she de-transformed. 
    "You are a witch!You're wearing robes!!!" 
    Then I woke up and realised the silver coins I had looked like Sickles.

From Stellaluna
     Dream 1:
  I was at home when my little brother got an acceptance letter to a school of witchcraft and wizardry. It wasn't Hogwarts, because we live in America, but it was like it. He was surprised and happy, but I was so mad because I was a muggle and too old to go. We went and got all his supplies. When the day came for him to go, the whole family went with him to view the sorting. All the houses were mixed up, like Ravendor and Slytherpuff. I think he went to Huffleryn, I'm not sure. Anyway, during the feast, I snuck back to see the sorting hat. It was sitting on a stool in the middle of a room. I stuck it on my head, but it didn't say anything. I started screaming in my head for it to tell me if I should be in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, but I remembered I was a muggle, and it wouldn't work. I started crying and yelling that it wasn't fair, that I wanted to be a witch more than my little brother, and I felt really forgotten about and sad. Then I woke up. 
Dream 2:  Warning! Kissy stuff! 
Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, the rest of the Weasleys and Lee Jordan were at my house for a sort of summer lunch party. I was cleaning the deck and doing the chores, like a sort of Cinderella figure. Fred, George, and Lee kept walking by me. I went downstairs to get the laundry, and Fred followed me. Finally he told me that he loved me and he wanted to go out with me. He gave me a hug, and I giggled. We went inside to watch T.V. He said that it would be hard for us to be a couple because I was 3 years younger than him. I suddenly became aware that I was shrinking in height and age, and soon my dad was calling me upstairs to take a bath. Then my mom did my hair like she did when I was 8, and I saw a magazine cover that said it was 1996. Fred passed me and smiled. Then I woke up. Before then, in the same dream, Harry was talking to the teachers, telling them there were dragons in the common room, but they didn't believe him. He rode up and down in the elevator alot. I don't remember much else. 
Dream 3:  I just had this dream last night and I have been weirded out all day. 
I was having a subconcious Harry Potter dream, meaning I don't remember much, but the last seconds were very clear. There was a big party.  Harry, Ron , and Hermione were in their 5th year. This is a continuation, so there must have been a lot of tension building up in the dream. Suddenly Hermione told Harry that she was pregnant with his child. Harry went sort of pale faced and terrified. Then the dream did a "meanwhile, back in the Gryffindor Common Room..." Fred and George were escaping from Hogwarts in a flying car. They were drinking lots of wine. I guess I kind of thought, "Whoa, Hermione's pregnant!!!" and woke up very confused and creeped out at 5:30 in the morning. I still have the shivers. 

From Meg
    I dreamed I was flying on a broomstick playing Quidditch. I was the seeker for my house which was Gryffindor. My friend was also a seeker but I didn't know that until I almost knocked her off her broom. She was the seeker for Ravenclaw. We were talking and suddenly I saw the Golden Snitch floating just next to her ear, I grabbed it and won the Quidditch tournament.

From Marie       (Warning - some gruesome and disturbing imagery in this one)
    Okay, I had this dream while I was on vacation in South Carolina, and it freaked me out at first, but then I thought it was cool and turned it into a fanfic. 
    I dreamt that it was after Harry had left Hogwarts, and Hagrid had a daughter, but his wife was dead and his wife's mother lived with him and his daughter and that his daughter (I later named her raven) was part of an ancient culture that had chosen ones, who had to perform a sacred human sacrifice ritual and Raven's grandma was one of the chosen ones and Snape was Raven's mom's best friend, so he was her godfather. The human sacrifice ritual was that the chosen one had to sacrifice her granddaughter to the fates once the granddaughter comes of age, by cutting a gash along the girl's scalp and pulling the skin off her head, and that it was time for Raven to have the sacrifice done to her... so Hagrid was really upset and depressed and he went drinking in Diagon Alley, and he was talking to Snape and telling him that he was going to kill himself because the only way to save her would be to give up his own life willingly so the fates would be appeased.  Anyway, Snape tried to convince him not to do it, and he thought that he did convince him, and he left for the ceremony, which was to be held on the beach, and Snape was the annointer, which was this thing where he had to annoint her head with magic crystal balls, and they went to the beach and were about to start the ceremony when Snape said, "wait, where's Hagrid?" 'cause the dad had to be at the ceremony, and the grandma had a hunch of what happened and was like, "Oh no. When was the last time you saw him?" and Snape told her it was in Diagon Alley, so they ran off to find him, getting all worried, and then they went to Diagon Alley and finally found Hagrid in this shadowy side alley. They saw that he had slit his throat, so the fates would be appeased by his death and Raven could live. Snape tried to cover Raven's eyes but she pulled away and went up to Hagrid's body, and started crying and saying things like, "Daddy, no! Don't die, Daddy!" Then her grandmother stepped forward and said, "I'm sorry, but you'll have to loose two loved ones tonight." so she told Raven and Snape that after either the ceremony was performed or the father gave his life, that the chosen one could finally rest, meaning that she would die.  Raven was saying things like, "No, grandma, you cant leave me, too!" but her grandma shook her head and said that it had to happen and everything happens for a reason and that it was her time and it was all for the best. So the grandma died and turned to glittering dust that blew away, and Raven cried and cried, and Snape tried to comfort her and led her away, because he didn't want her to see the gruesome sight anymore. So then she had to go live with Snape, and he was nice to her, but he was saying that she wouldn't like living with him because he lived in the dungeons and it was dark and depressing where he lived and stuff, and Raven didn't see how her life could ever be good again and was really depressed, because she didn't have any family left in the world, then I woke up. 

From Animesailor (warning - mushy!)
    I was in the Triwizard Tournament and somehow I got transported with Harry and Cedric to Voldemort! When Peter killed Cedric, I started sobbing into Harry's robes. I then started to hug him. It was weird. He was sitting there, not really knowing who I was. His leg wasn't injured though. He then tried to comfort me by patting by back, then he hugged me. 

From Heather 
    I was part of the Triwizard Tournament. I was a contestant, Harry was, Krum was, and Colin Creevy was. It was the second task. I went down to the bottom, and came up first. It took less than 5 minutes. Apparently, I had to rescue a bunch of tomatoes. Suddenly someone started swooping down from the sky carrying fire. Everyone screamed because they thought it was Voldemort, but it turned out to be just a muggle who had discovered Hogwarts. (Don't ask me why nobody cared) Also, there were some muggle women swimming in the lake. They thought there would be a show. It was past an hour, and Harry didn't come up. Everyone decided to forget about it and leave him down there. Colin Creevy asked me where he was, and I honestly told him I had no idea. I think at that point I had turned into Hermione. Here's the thing, Colin looked exactly like a boy from my school who I used to have a crush on. He was really cute, and really nice. Lots of rumor sites are guessing that Colin will die in Book 5, and now I'm distraught, because I'll picture him as the boy I had a crush on. Also, Bart Simpson and Milhouse and some other Simpsons character were in a restaurant, and they were going to leave without paying, but McGonagall and Dumbledore stopped them. Bart recognized Dumbledore and said that he remembered him from an old movie. Then I think I woke up, but I think there was other stuff in the dream I don't remember. 

From "Girl Whose Sister is Obsessed With Harry Potter"
    I had a dream that Professor Snape was following me everywhere, turning everything I tried to eat into lima beans and telling me that I should be exercising, jogging and doing crunches. I think this was a wakeup call that gymnastics is a month away! But a strange one! At one point he came out of the local lake and took my french fries. Scary....

From Victoria (Warning - mushy)
    Ok this dream was I was on the set of Harry Potter movie.  I was at Privet Drive.  They were filming the part when he was in the little closet that the Dursleys left him in, when he was done he came up to me and said "You want to take a look around?" I said "Sure, why not."  He held my hand and showed me around, but just outside there were people taking pictures of us. Like we were going on a date or something. So many girls screaming and yelling out his name, of course there was a lot of girls jealous of me. I really didn't know what was going on, until there was this guy from the press and asked Harry "Are you both going out? Are you both getting to have a good relationship? Are you both getting married?". That's the time I said "What ever gives you that idea-" just then Harry cuts me off and says "Yes that reminds me," he gets down on knee and says it out loud "VICTORIA WILL YOU MARRY ME?"  Everybody's in shock and surprised. I really didn't know what to say, I was so surprised. He was looking at me with his green eyes waiting for my answer. I said "Yes I will marry you."  Then right after everybody from the set of the movie gathered around and clapped. Right there he stood up and kissed me, after I woke up. In my dream it seemed real because it felt like was holding my hand, even though I live in Hawaii & he lives in the U.K.

On to more dreams!

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