. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

From Gramsey (mushy stuff!)
I had this dream that I was at Hogwarts and my name was Terra Branford (that's not even my name!!!). And, anyways, I was a new student and the only American at the school. I was the total outcast and I had a HUGE thing for Harry (Well duh!). I was at a pajama-party-dance thingy and Snape was just staring at me like I was a porkchop, smiling at me like an idiot. Then, for some reason, No Doubt was singing at the dance and I was to sing a song from their new CD Rock Steady. It was "Waiting Room" (I think). Then, when I was singing it, I was staring right at Harry and he didn't even notice!!! I was really ticked off. I stopped singing and Ron told Harry that I was looking at him. So Harry came up to me and asked if I wanted to dance. We danced then, all of a sudden, we ended up in a bedroom. We had a make-out session and we were about to...well...you know... then I woke up. 

From Melissa  ~
Dream 1 - I remember that I was a 6th year student except that I was home for some sort of Holiday. Even though I was among the Muggle world, I still wore my good ol' black robes and cloak. One day, I was on the Base, (the Military part of my hometown but civillians are allowed on the base because our schools, including my high school, and our airport is there) and I stopped in this small store, near my school, called the Canex.  I walked in, (my cloak was billowing in an awesome effect) and I saw three adults standing near the counter with worried expressions on their faces.  No one else was in the store and I simply marched up to the 3 adults and saw that they were watching a surveillance tape on a small monitor.  They were muttering indistinctively and so I stopped and glanced at the screen. I gasped in shock because I saw Harry, Ron and Hermione on the screen near a display of candies like Skittles and Maltesers and M&Ms and such. I saw Harry and Hermione looking kind of suspicious, (the 3 of them were wearing their robes and cloaks) and Ron was closest to the candy display.  I saw him grab a candy pack, shove it into his robes and the three of them hurried out of the camera range and evidently, out of the store.  I stared at the screen and said aloud without realizing it, "What were those 3 doing here?" The 3 adults, all men, turned and stared at me. 
"You know these kids?" one of them said. 
"Yeah, I do." Without another word I  hurried out of the store.  Luckily, I ran into the 3 of them just down the street. They were all talking and laughing but they looked up in surprise as I stopped near them. 
"Hey, Melissa," Harry said, quizzically. I didn't reply but turned to Ron. 
"Ron!" Ron looked startled. "Why did you take those candies?" 
"What?" Ron said. "I didn't take them! I swear!" 
"Hmm..." said Hermione, "come to think of it, I saw Malfoy in the store earlier." 
I gave an exasperated sigh and ran back to the store. I went in and saw Draco, (note: Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco all looked like they were still only in there 1st or 2nd year) and he was standing near the frozen foods, alone. I stormed up to him, grabbed the front of his robes, near the collar and yanked him towards my face with a menacing growl. "Draco! Did you put some sort of Altering Charm on the camera to get Harry, Ron and Hermione in trouble?" Draco looked horrified because his feet were above the ground a little as I held him up which is surprising because I'm not that strong. "No!" he said. "I didn't!"
"Okay then," I said, shrugged and put him down. Then we started acting like old buddies! "You know," I said, "I'm 4 almost 5 years older than you." 
"Nu-huh! You're not that old!" 
"Yeah, I am!" 
"No, you're not!" -This went on for awhile- "Yeah, I am! You're only 11 and I'm 15, almost 16, so ha!" I grinned. "Ooooh...hey, you are much older then..." 
"Duh. But, I have to go. Take care, Draco," I smiled and I saw Draco smile which really twisted my heart because I adore Draco. After I left though, Draco seemed extremely sad though and somehow managed to climb onto the roof of the Canex and he hung his head, and cried. I guess the poor kid's stress is getting to him. More happened in this dream but it stopped being HP related. So, I woke up!

Dream 2 -
This is another dream I've had although I'm shortening it drastically because there were a lot more HP parts to this dream but I'd spend forever writing it.  I don't remember where my dream started but the first thing I remember is being on the road, in front of my Nan's house, and I was preparing to play some Quidditch with the guys. (Wizards from school, of course, no other girls were there.)  It was night-time and it was cloudy so not even the moon and stars were out.  The street was dimly lit and I saw that the other players were already there, including Harry.  Harry was still my good friend although I was a Slytherin, (Slytherin Pride, Baby!) but I was different from the other Slytherins and was a lot friendlier.  I was the Slytherin Seeker, (Poor Draco) and I mounted my broomstick and rose above the cement street. "Hey, Harry!" I called out to him and he swiveled his head around as he turned to look at me from his broomstick. "Good luck," I said and smiled to which he returned his smile and his bright green eyes seemed to glitter.  Harry and I had it the worst...we had to find the Snitch at night!  The game started and the air above the street went mad as all 14 players zoomed about. (Odd, I couldn't see the goalposts but they must've been there somewhere.) I scanned the darkness for the glimmer of gold and saw Harry doing the same.  I caught a glimpse of gold but Harry was too close for me to chase it and so I pushed down the broomstick handle and plunged down towards the ground.  I was doing the Wronski Feint. Harry saw me dived and looked extremely nervous because he knew of this move but then again, he couldn't take the chance of me actually seeing the Snitch and catching it.  He dove after me and we both plummet. The ground was hurrying up at us and I glanced to my side and saw that Harry wasn't going to pull up.  I panicked.  He would get hurt because of my stupid move and his own stubbornness. Just as we both were going to collide with the ground, I pulled up quickly and smacked the back of Harry's broomstick as I passed which forced Harry's broomstick to zoom up before any damage was done. I zoomed up and saw the Snitch. With deadly predator accuracy, I caught it and our game was over. Harry and I congratulated each other and was laughing. We both headed off, then, to just hang out and perhaps get some snacks.

From Nicole ~
Okay, here's my dream. My best friend Ashley and I were attending Hogwarts, which resembled an elementary school up the street from my house, with a playground, cafeteria, etc. We were eating lunch outside, sitting on a balancing beam, when Professor's Dumbledore, Snape and Flitwick walked by. Snape and Flitwick had shovels, and Dumbledore was saying that this was the only way to protect the Sorcerer's (Philosopher's) stone. I don't know what he was talking about, it wasn't very clear. Well, Flitwick and Snape were digging in the forest, while Dumbledore watched and told them they were doing a great job. Then Snape got mad at Flitwick and buried him. Ashley and I were watching, and suddenly Snape and Dumbledore (who didn't seem to care about Flitwick being buried) saw us, and became very alarmed. So I told them that they were doing a very good job, and that we'd be sure to stay quiet about their digging. Snape seemed to believe us, so he came and sat with us, and ate our lunches without asking. After that it just ceased to make sense.

From Crazy Sabby ~
Harry Potter had just proposed to me. It was our 7th year of Hogwarts. He proposed to me on the loudspeaker at the Quidditch field. Then we kissed (after I said yes) for all to see. Even Angels Fall started playing somewhere. End of story. Roll Credits. 

From Lunabird45 ~
I dreamed that I was running (In the shape of a big black wolf) with Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs. We broke into Honeydukes, and while me and Moony held up the shopkeepers, Padfoot and Prongs loaded up a bag with candy. We were about to leave when my teacher, Mrs. McClure, came in, dressed like Voldemort. She threatened us with Avada Kedavra and detention if we didn't give the candy back.
All during the dream, "Baby Got Back" by Sir-Mix-a-Lot was playing in the background

From Creeping Cockatrice ~
I don't remember it that well as is was numerous months ago but it was set at Hogwarts (duh) but it vaguely resembled a fair ground and I was walking to Herbology (I was in first year) eating Bertie Botts beans with Ron and Hermione (oh yeah I was Harry) by the way the beans don't taste as bad as the books make out. That's it. 

From Rdgurl49 ~
I once had a dream about how I killed Harry Potter accidentally in a duel, and I was then telling Albus Dumbledore "But I didn't mean to!" 

From Undomiel ~
My dream happened after I read the series for about the 3rd time. I was in Harry's Muggle school, and was sitting next to him in class. He told me his story, about how horrible the Dursleys were. I told him about my family. Then, it all blurred out and we were at Hogwarts during Harry's third year. After Sirius Black attempted to break into Gryffindor tower, we were all in the Great Hall. I went up to Dumbledore, my grandfather, and asked if I could go with the teachers to search for Black. He asked me why, and I told him that I knew that Black was my father, and I remembered the day that he was taken away. While wandering the halls, I see Black by the window, and talk to him. He remembers me from the lullaby he used to sing me, and he gives me a hug. Then everything goes blank again. The last part was in Harry's fifth year. The classes for Gryffindor and Slytherins are combined and I travel with the class as a teacher. I also teach a class on safely becoming Animagi. Although I am registered, I can turn into anything so there is no real distinctions between me and other animals. Draco Malfoy has a crush on me, and follows me like a dog, much to the amusement of Harry and the embarrassment of Draco. I am also dating Firenze, the wild young centaur from the first book. 

From Leah ~
I was running down a hallway in Hogwarts, screaming at the top of my lungs and a huge mountain troll was running after me, grunting and stuff. Well out of no where, the Weasley Twins showed up and started hitting the troll with bludgers and their beater sticks. When the troll fell down, Harry's wand somehow got stuck up it's nose and Harry popped out of no where and took his wand out of his nose and said, "Ew, Troll boogies." And Ron's voice, out of no where went "Erugh!" and the twins, and Harry laughed then troll snorted loudly and I woke up, laughing in my sleep.

From Padma the Short ~
I was in my house only it was Hogwarts, and I was following Ron around, trying to help him find a stuffed dragon. Why he wanted a stuffed dragon, I'll never know, but it seemed eminent. Then McGonagall caught him and for some reason stuffed dragons were against the rules, so he got expelled. From there on I kinda was invisible, but saw everything that was going on. Ron had to go to this school which was really intended for ghosts only. They had a game which was sorta like Quidditch only different, and they were swooping around in the air over a football field. Ron had disappeared.

From Pineapple Showercurtain ~
 I was at Hogwarts in Ravenclaw 2nd year and my two best friends Liz and Katie were in Gryffindor and Slytherin and Katie in Slytherin was dating Draco. Then at a Quidditch match where I was a chaser, I got knocked out and wake up in Rivendell and these elves are telling me that Voldemort tried to kill me but I can stay with them and be protected as long as I do one thing. "What's that?" I ask.  "You're not allowed to breathe."
I had this other completely twisted dream that all these women were trying to marry Snape.

From ASAthena ~
I'd finished Book 4 probably a week earlier... 
I was in Hogwarts, not as a main character (I don't think)...I either was in 3rd person omniescent, or I was a kid at the school "in the background" watching things. I kept picking out Harry, Hermione, and Ron from the crowd.  Anyways, there was this great big artifact that just entered the school--not the Goblet of Fire, but it must have been something similar, because I kept calling the artifact that (and getting corrected).  There was to be some big ceremony for this special artifact, held four floors beneath the castle, but these floors were nicely furnished (plush carpeting, nice clean halls, etc...like a ritzy hotel) I found out Hermione was a "were-flobberworm" (and, in this dream, she had a sister with the same problem), and she'd kept it a secret by hiding in the bathrooms. She could swim through pipes in this form. This had nothing to do with the artifact, though... Anyways, at the bottommost floor beneath the castle, there was a stony floor, and kind of a river that met it, and there was kind of a roof overhead, and the river/stream kinda came in, but not. Any way, down there (I was a student now, for sure), I met Milo Thatch (from Disney's Atlantis), only I think there was some gal with him (not Kida). He didn't recognize me, I think, 'cos I remember trying to get him to remember me, and I had a hard time doing that! "Remember me? ..." And that was my weird Harry Potter dream. 

From Mimiko (High Anime Content: if you haven't seen Evangelion you probably won't get this)
In my dream my name was Riruri ("lily" in Japanese) I was on a train going from Japan to Hogwarts. I looked much like Asuka (and Evanglion girl polit second child) Next to me was Shinji! On the other side was Gohan. Finally we arrived at Hogwarts. Suddenly Harry came out of nowhere and bumped into making me fall in a big puddle. Jumping up I grabbed hold of the front of Harry's robe and called him a baka (an idiot) and punched him (Asuka has a bad temper) then Hikaru and Umi pulled me off him. And out of nowhere Voldemort, an angel (evil angel look up Evangelion), and Sailor Moon appear out of no where.  Sailor Moon goes into one of here stupid little speeches so Voldemort kills her. so everyone was running around screaming and I was all like who's he.  So then I whistled an out of nowhere my eva came! And Shinji got his and we killed Voldemort and the angel. And then Shinji kissed me. 

From Jena ~
Okay, my dream started out in Hogwarts, in the entrance way to the Great Hall, and it was dark and stormy, and everyone was eating supper. I was some sort of witch, not anyone in particular, just me as a witch I guess, except I was around Sirius's or Lupin's age. Anyway, it was set in the 5th book I guess, and I came into the Great Hall kinda like Moody in the 4th book, all mysterious and such. All the students gasped and stared and I just made my way to the Professors' table where Dumbledore smiled at me. Then it skips a lot, and the next thing I know I'm in Dumbledore's office at night, in a white nightgown and a long red velvet robe and I'm kinda mad at Dumbledore for some reason... and suspicious. Anyway, Sirius as a dog comes in and I raise an eyebrow as Dumbledore gestures toward Sirius and he changes into a human. I gasp and say something like: "Sirius!!!" And we hug and kiss passionately. Weird huh? Hehe, the weirdest! part was that there was almost no dialogue, very unlike my other dreams where everyone chatters constantly.

From Alice ~
I was at some meeting of some kind, and I was told I was going to a new school (funny seeing as I'm no longer at school...). then I arrived at the school, and it was a boarding school, and I went to my room, and there were 3 other girls there, and they all said their names were Hermione (but pronounced her-mar-nee, because one of my good friends was convinced that is how it was pronounced), but MY name was Harry Potter, apparently. Anyways, we had to go to our first lesson, which took place on a flying carpet. So we flew around the block (of my house) on a flying carpet, then about half way around we had to get off and then we were told be were going to learn to walk in the air. So the first person went, and they started walking, then suddenly they looked like they were walking up invisible steps. But the really strange thing was that the person doing the walking was David Duchovny (the actor, who I HATE). Anyways, we cut to the next scene which was in a garden, but the plants were actually cardboard cutouts, and I wasn't Harry Potter anymore, now I was Buffy.  So then Willow came over to me and said that she had to pretend she was Buffy for some reason or another. then I saw Spike, out in the bright sunlight, and I was thinking, how could he, being a vampire, be out in bright sunlight, and not be dead. So then I went over and talked to him, and he said it was ok because he was standing in front of a big fan, and it blew the sunlight off him. So then I stood in front of the fan to stop the fan blowing on him. And then my alarm went off and I woke up.

From Suicune ~
I was at Hogwarts and I got in Gryffindor. The girls' dormitory was my own room and it was very crowded with 20 girls everywhere!  Well, the next day I woke up to find a little black dog looking at me out of the mirror! She cocked her head and said 
"A long time ago in a land far away, 
Where the world is divided by night and by day. 
The sun shines above the moon glows below...
It is a land where no human can go....Blinkdog....BLINKDOG!!!!!!!!"
I found this VERY strange and ran down stairs for breakfast. Instead of the house tables it was a grungy school cafeteria! Yuk! Well anyway I got in line for food, but to my great dislike Snape was serving it! And wearing a cooks outfit! At seeing me and my friends he smiled evilly and held up a spoon full of porridge. I ran out of the room and went outside.  I stopped and looked down at the ground. Looking up at me from a mud puddle was the black dog. "Linky Cinky Collie Mollie BLINKDOG BLINKDOG!!!!!!!!!"  She yelled. I was getting scared now so I ran to Hagrid's hut.
" Hi Hagrid..." I panted.
"It's so awful." he said.
"What is?''
''Well don't you know?''
''How could you not know...The whole school does.''
"I don't.''
''But Blinkdog told everyone.''
''Not me''
''OK I'll tell you.''
''The whole school got sick after eating Snape's food.  So they had to call in a rescue helicopter to save them!''
I didn't have time to dwell on this for at that moment a tornado (caused by the helicopter) came whizzing straight for us!  I dove under the hut for shelter. over the wind I could heir some one yelling. It was Sirius Black on Buckbeak! "Yeeheee!!!!!!!!!! Ride 'um cowboy!!!!!'' he yelled waving his hat.  He only had a short ride for at that moment Buckbeak decided that he no longer wanted a rider, and pitched him off. Sirius hit the wall of the castle add slid allllllllll the way down. The people from the chopper came over to Sirius (He was muttering something about Pokemon and My Little Ponies) and took him away.  I was scared out of my mind by now and ran in to the forest.  My dream ended by Blinkdog jumping out of thin air and yelling ''God Bless America!!!"

From Chiquita ~
In my dream I get out of bed because I'm very thirsty so I go into the bathroom for a drink of water.  I look at my reflection in the mirror and I have a lighting-bolt shaped scar on my forehead. I turn around and Lord Voldemort is standing there. I scream and scream and scream. Then I woke up and my forehead hurt really really bad.

From She-who-must-not-be-named ~
This is the night I finished Prisoner of Azkaban and the Chamber of Secrets and the night my cousin Marco said witches eat babies.
In my dream, my friend (Jaime) and I were Gryffindor students. My sis and all her friends went to my school (which was supposed to be Hogwarts) too.  On Halloween knight, after the feast, half the students suddenly turn into werewolves and Grims.  My sister eventually had a flying car and all her friends and me and my friend were squeezing in it trying to get out.  Marco just had to be the driver and he didn't even have a license yet.  Since we couldn't fit in the car, me and my friend decided to run away on foot. We had to go up and down pipes but we kept on ending up on the same place, the roof of "Hogwarts." There, we saw this sign saying "witch night" and we ran around seeing if there's a way out of there. All of the sudden, ultra-white witches with blonde hair come out eating babies (it was bloody and gross!). They asked us to give birth to some babies for them to eat and offered some to us and we refuse. They get mad and we go up the pipe again. Then we came to a floor with a sign that says "werewolf level". We look at each other and as fast as we can, tried to look for a secret door or something. We couldn't find one. Then all these werewolves come out. In the middle of them, I see Lupin reaching out his hand. He says," come, I will help you out." Me and my friend struggle to grab his hand and once I touched him, I felt this pain and I wake up.   Not part of my dream: I tell my brother and he says he just dreamt that me and jaime were evil withces chasing people around this castle killing all with a touch.

From Dolphindefender ~
I had this dream about Severus Snape.  He was my age of 12 (and believe it or not he had clean hair).  Anyway he was wandering around with Lucius Malfoy, Igor Karkaroff, and Walden MacNair.  Blah blah blah... Tons of stuff happens. At the end I'm sitting in a tree with Severus and I start blushing. He shrugs and smiles, then puts his arm around me and says, "I hate Potter, but I like you!"

From Jester ~
I dreamed I was being Sorted. I sat down with complete confidence, ready to hear my favourite house called out. The hat shifted on my head for a moment, and then cried out, "HUFFLEPUFF!"
McGonagall took the hat off me, but I didn't go over to the Hufflepuff table.
"No, there's a mistake!" I cried. "I-I'm in Slytherin! I'm a Slytherin person! You can't put me in with those duffers!"
They told me to sit down. I kicked up a fuss.  "I will not sit down! I am a Slytherin!" Everyone just stared at me. They said you can't choose your House. What the Sorting Hat says, goes. Then I woke up. It was terrible!

From Wot_tha ~
Okay, I fell asleep wondering what the 4th Harry Potter book (finished it before bed) would look like in the movies (even if they didn't make one).
I dreamt that I was in the movie, only it had a completely different storyline - I was wearing white robes and a white & blue striped scarf. I was in the grounds, it was 'snowing' only it wasn't cold and the snowflakes vanished before they hit the ground. This was weird because there was snow about a foot deep.
Suddenly I'm watching myself, I could see myself talking to Malfoy.
He came up to me and smiled, then said "Would you go out with me Saturday night?"
Crabbe and Goyle were watching and started to mutter something.  Then the scene changed, and I was a strange Hogwarts student - as I was in a house all of my own, and for some reason I was allowed to wear any kind of robes I preferred. I was then walking down the corridor to go to potions class, and a group of girls kept looking at me and whispering. I didn't know why until Professor McGonagall stopped me and said "I respect your reasons for your choice of clothing, Miss (?) (She called me by someone else's name, but I can't really remember it) but I would prefer that you should choose a less .... pink colouring, perhaps?" I looked down and I was wearing hot pink robes.
I was then back in the grounds (and in the white robes) and Malfoy called me a muggle, since the hat couldn't pick a house for me, and he smirked.
I then walked towards him, wand in the air, and started to say things I never mutter in public. I looked at him when we were like 6 centimetres away from each other. He also took out his wand, then *kissed* me on the mouth for like 10 seconds!!! Sparks flew out of our wands and Harry and Ron were spying on us from Hagrid's hut, using omnioculars. Ron was jealous of 'us' because he was going to ask me out at dinner, but Malfoy got to me first. That's what he said. He made it sound like I cheated on him. The rest of it just kinda faded away.....and I like Ron WAY better than Malfoy in reality, and this is the 1st Harry Potter dream I've actually remembered. 

From Luv Bug (mushiness!)
My dream is where Dumbledore dies and my grandpa, mum and I have to go to Hogwarts.  I meet Draco on the train and we fall in love.  And you know all the way to Hogwarts. Then I meet Harry and get on with him. And then Draco kills Harry, and Voldemort kills Draco and I marry Voldemort and have his child. Twins! Harry and Draco.  I dreamt this when Dumbledore the person [Richard Harris] died.

From Laina ~
This may sound weird but it was the night before my midterms so I had been up really late (4:30 AM) so I guess I fell asleep at my desk and this is what I dreamt:
My little sister and I were sitting on the couch and I was reading Harry Potter ,and suddenly we were at the part in book four where Hermione finally said how to pronounce her name (and I won a bet with my friend because I'd been saying it right! Ha! But anyways...) and my sister was laughing for some reason and then I looked over and found that my sister had turned into Hermione!  Well, of course I was surprised (well , wouldn't you be?) and I was gushing about blah this and blah that when she said to me that she wasn't Hermione she was Cho-Chang and she was this way beacuse Snape had put a spell on her.  By this time I was pretty worked up in my dream so I started screaming (don't ask my why.)  "I will get Snape for this!"  Just then I heard the door open and it was my dad. I ran to get him and tell him that Cho Chang / Hermione was in OUR LIVING ROOM! and as I hugged him he turned into Snape!  But instead of freaking or getting mad at him I told him that I'd made him coffee (which I hadn't) and told him that I'd worked VERY hard making it so he'd better drink it (another lie) and he'd better go drink it... so then he looked at me very evilly and said "you're late for school" and then my dream was over.  I opened my eyes and there was my dad saying "you're late for school."  No doubt I freaked! Ah well, those midterms eh?  

From Skittles~
This dream doesn't have much to do with Harry Potter but here goes: I was in this city like neopets but I was actually in it and I had to find my shop. I don't know why because there was nothing in it, but when I was looking my mom came and said that we moved. so I went with her to this city made of orange jelly that was floating in the ocean. The mayor was upset because they had to get the city to shore before high tide. So i whistled and this monster came up and started throwing the buildings to shore. Then we were in this cave and we were walking and we found these people sitting around a table. We asked them what they were doing and they said this was American idol.(?) Anyway, Simon wasn't there, so we were the judges. Then this one guy comes up and puts the tape of his music in the tape player sitting on a rock, except its not music its Monty Python. So we are all sitting around listening to Monty python and that evil queen/witch lady from Snow White shows up. She asks us if we've seen Snow White. We say no and help her look. When we get out of the cave, (finally!) there is this little kid that's like 7 years old that's dressed in a really cheap Harry Potter costume just running, out in front of us. He looked really scared. I woke up screaming

From Sarah ~
Spirit day in school was coming up soon, so that may have been the culprit. 
I wanted to go to school as a leprechaun, but I didn't have red hair. I had my costume on, and I was walking in the doors of my school and Ron shows up. He asks me if I wanted to change hair for the day so I would have red hair like a leprechaun, so I said yes. So we changed hair and he said goodbye and left. I had the best costume in the school and I won the first place prize (a Firebolt) and everyone loved my costume. Then I woke up. I thought it was funny.

From DaisyBaby37 ~
Me, my sister Jennifer, Hermione, Ron, Oliver, Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle were sitting in a circle in this jail place. Whenever we'd try to escape, these big fat guys would threaten to throw us over a waterfall. There was a little shack made of straw behind us, but when I tried to go in it, a really really skinny guy that looked like a stick bug blocked the door, and he was wearing a top hat and a tuxedo. He was holding my 'lucky smiley face' (????) so I glared at him and tackled him, and we tumbled down this long flight of stairs. My sister kept yelling at me to knock it off, but I kept beating him up until I got my lucky smiley face back. I ran back up the stairs, and Jen was scowling at me, but I just sat back down in the circle. Oliver said a really funny joke, but I don't remember what it was. Then Draco just stared at everyone and said 'I don't get it.' That's all I remember.

From Girl Obsessed w/ Harry Potter ~
I was at Hogwarts drinking butterbeer when Harry appeared by my side and asked me where the Snitch was. I replied that I had no earthly clue, seeing as how I had not attended the afternoon's Quidditch game. He told me that Oliver Wood had said I had stolen it and that I had to give it to him now because Malfoy was making a fake snitch and was going to say he had caught it. I don't know what I said because suddenly -- poof! -- the scene changed. I was walking down to the Great Hall when suddenly Snape spotted me and started chasing me. I cast the wingardium leviosa spell on him and levitated him up to this really high balcony. Then I ran into Harry and he hugged me and said that he needed me to help him figure out what the silver frog was.....(sorry, I have no idea what it was) then Hermione told him that he had eaten it so he said I had to perform surgery on him with magic, and I was like, eww noo. Then I woke up.

From |\/|3|_!55@  [which I'm guessing is a clever way of writing "Melissa"] 
It started out with me waking up in the Gryffindor common room. Everything was hazy, and some other people were on the floor, and there was lots of old food, and trash, like a party had been thrown and I had passed out. I looked around (still lying down) and saw that Neville was staring at me, with a sketchpad, drawing me. I screamed, and Neville turned into Robin Williams. I don't know why. Then Robin was all, "Want some potatoes?" I said no, saying it was against my religion. I still don't see how that works, but anyhow....I got up, and sat down on a chair, which really just turned out to be Fred and Angelina, who had fallen asleep making out, or something. Then Harry ran in and was screaming.
"Melissa, you've gotta help me! Hagrid wants to eat me, and make Hermione into ranch dressing!!" Harry yelled, crying purple (?) tears.
"Alright Harry, I'll go get Ron." I said. 
Then Harry was all, "But you are Ron." Which really doesn't make sense since he called me Melissa, and I was myself.
"And, this is the worst....Michael Jackson wants to have dinner with Hagrid..." Harry continued. Then I woke up.

From ZoŽ ~
Okay, here's some things you need to know beforehand in order to understand: I'm going to Germany this summer. Unfortunately, I'll be there when the Order of the Phoenix comes out, so I'll have to wait to read it! Ahh! 
Anyway, so I guess I went to Germany in April, early, and Bibi, the girl who's going to host me while I'm there, felt bad because I wouldn't be able to read the Harry Potter book right away. Apparently, the fifth book was coming out in April, too, and while I was there. So she bought it for me, and I remember that the book had the British cover, but never really got to see what it looked like. Well, when I opened the book to read it, it was written in really poor English (I don't remember exactly what it said, but I know that it was terribly translated). And I know that the first chapter was about Harry and a bunch of wild animals, like setting them free from the zoo or somewhere...something like that. I was all mad, and I wanted to find out who died, so I flipped to the back and read "...and Mrs. Weasley, with a expression of utter terror plastered on her face, collapsed to the ground, lifeless." I knew that a Dementor had killed her...but with the Killing Curse? Hmm...weird. Well, that's when I woke up.

From Werevyrn ~
 In my dreams I am always my "alter-ego", Thessaly Werevyrn, a character I created for an RPG I no longer play in. The name, though, has become dear to me.
So anyway, there I was, in Dumbledore's office, waking up from a dream about Tom Riddle. How and why I was in Dumbledore's office I will never know, but the "dream within the dream" had provided me with a very interesting task... restore the diary of Tom Riddle. I had the formula and everything... all I needed was the diary, some of its original ink (which it provided on its own, "bleeding" the black ink when I needed it), the Basilisk fang Harry had plunged into the book, some of my own blood, and a special herb called Widow Spurge. The fang and the herb were to be ground into a powder and brewed in the liquid ingredients for 10 days. The resulting potion would be an ink that, when used to write in the diary, would restore Riddle's memory.  And why was I doing all of this? I'm really not sure. No one could actually see me in the dream, either. I carried out my task, successfully, and Tom appeared before me and .... gave me an enormous hug and a kiss!  Go figure.

From Feorwine (mushiness!)
This is really strange, but now I've forgotten bits of it... well it happened over 7 months ago. This is what I can remember (and for everyone that knows me, I'm at last admitting my secret, desperate affection for Ron Weasley):
 I was in a very small bedroom at the east side of the house (it kind of looked like what I imagine Harry's room in the books to look like, but smaller). The far window was open wide, and in the middle of the room emitting great sizzling hisses was a massive cauldron on the floor. The caldron was filled with a strange luminous pink-yellow slime which I was mixing, causing the room to turn pink and fill with it's magical aura and light. Then, a big ginger cat (that kind of looked like Crookshanks) jumped through the window and onto the floor. It looked hurt in some way. I was already quite confused about where I was, but I seemed to know what I was doing because I picked up the cat and laid in on a bed in the corner. I was hugging it and stroking it's bushy fur. Comforting it. When it turned into Ron Weasley (though this didn't seem to surprise me much, as if I was just expecting a cat to turn into Ron)! He had become an Animagi, he looked a lot older (so did I). I hugged and kissed him and thanked the Gods he was OK (he was being pursued by someone). I handed him a flagon of the strange slime and he drank it. Then we were back to kissing again. He said he had to go, but he would come back and for me to stay there.  I had a strange feeling it was something to do the Death-Eaters and Voldemort, but he didn't say anything. He just looked terribly tired and terribly ill. Then he transformed and hopped back out of the window. That's all I really remember. But when I woke up, I had the strangest feeling in my stomach, a feeling of foreboding. It wouldn't go all day, and my friends asked my what was wrong (as I seemed upset) so I told them about the dream, they thought it was silly. But the feeling didn't go away, I've never felt the after affects of a dream like that before. I was so real, as if that night I'd just seen Ron.

From Laura aka Ron aka Winky ~
I had this really weird dream that I was at my school and I was trying to find Professor Dumbledore's office because I needed to tell him something. I kept passing it in the hallway and I saw it, but I just... choose to ignore it. So I was on the top floor and I was trying to get back to the gargoyle, but it was like every step I took just kept pushing me backwards. When I finally got to the gargoyle, I couldn't figure out how to get in. I pushed on it and it fell backwards, but I still wouldn't go in. I kept yelling passwords (they were the same ones Harry yells) and it finally opened. I walked into his office and a lot of my friends were eating sandwiches with him. (I know its crazy.) So I sat down and began to eat and Dumbledore asked me if I wanted to tell him something and I said no not in front of all these people. I sat down next to my friend Michelle. (Hermione as we call her these days) I don't remember what happened next, but at the time I had been in a long term fight with Michelle and hadn't told anyone how I felt. In the dream I had been going to tell Dumbledore that. But I guess I really needed to tell someone about being in a fight, because that's what I was going to do in the dream. The next day I told my mom. (See dreams can be helpful!)

From Magda (mushiness!)
I was at the dance that they had in the third book, and I was supposed to go with Fred, but I went with George, because I couldn't tell them apart. and then Fred came up to us while we were dancing and then him and George got into this huge fight! And then for NO good reason I went over to Draco and started dancing with him. After that I was in the great hall with that Fleur chick and she was all mad at me because Fred and George were fighting over me and then I punched her, told her to shut up, and then I left. I went up to Fred and George's dorm and then only Fred was in there (or was it George I don't know) and we stared making out on the bed! Then I fell off the bed and that's when I woke up. 

From MonkeiBob ~
Well I was walking to school (not Hogwarts) and this person came up to me. He said that I was a witch. I shrug. So I want to Hogwarts. I met Harry Potter. He said he loved me. I punched his lights out and he died. That was mostly it. I am not a fan

From Anonyomes~
Utter Terror
Well it all started at a big concert. Me and my friend Mary were leading a song while in the back lurked some unexpected visitors. A young Snape and the Durmstrang headmaster were lurking in the background. When me and Mary went off stage and into our dressing room, out of the darkness Karkaroff appered with Snape.  He grabbed us and said "A little shabby but they will do fine."  He took us to a basement were he had my friend Mellody and James.  There they tied Mellody, Mary, and James up.  Igor took me into a room and said you're to good to die the only way you'll be alive is to marry me. So then I went back into the room with my friends and we were all made into things.  My friend Mellody became a werewolf every full moon. James became Voldemort's servant and my friend Mary was a mud-blood. And they made me into some sort of dark witch. Well anyway after that something funny happened.  We were all transported to Hogwarts when Harry was in his 4th year and we all got separated on the grounds I was with Snape and Igor who dragged me into the room with the champions who all looked puzzled at us.  The older Snape and and Igor fainted at the sight of the younger versions and my friend Mellody came bounding in the room as a werewolf.  
[Tealin's note: This is the only dream ever to come to me with a title so I had to leave it in.  I don't know if the name was supposed to be "Anonymous" or of the spelling used was intended, so I left it.  It's kind of cool, I thought.  Looks Greek.]

From A Girl Who Is Too Obsessed With Harry Potter ~
I had this dream the night after I saw the Order of the Phoenix book cover.  I dreamt that the 5th book was already out, and I had the book. The funny thing was, I was the only one who had the book. I brought it everywhere with me because people are always trying to steal the book. Somehow, I acted like Gollum in The Lord of the Rings.  Weird... but the thing is, in my dream, I have never thought of opening the book, I just carried it around with me. Weird again.

It starts when me and my best friend Erica were at the Dursleys' huddled around the fireplace when all of a sudden Ron comes in screaming "THE CHICKENS GOT LOSE, THE CHICKENS GOT LOSE!!" and we turned back and watched him screaming running around in a frantic[sic].  And then Harry came in and hit Ron on the back of the head with a metal bat (ouch) and he fell over and Harry sighed and dragged him out. And me and Erica turned back and locked into the fire again. and Elijah Wood (Frodo from Lord of the Rings) walked in and sat down next to me and I'm like "Can I help you with something?" 
And he's like all nervously "I really have to talk to you its really important" and so he gets up and we follow him out into the hallway and then we somehow traveled to a tunnel way under Hogwarts. It was lined with white candles glowing green flames.  And Elijah starts running and Erica's like "Where are you going, I thought you wanted to tell us something!" But he keep running and then he just disappears into thin air. And then out of no where Ron fell from the sky, he fell on the ground and started crying and Erica and I sat down next to him and I'm like "What's the matter?" and he's like "MY CHICKENS ARE DEAD, I CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE!!!" And he starts crying and the he stops and gets up and points to the end of the tunnel where Hermione is standing holding a chicken. And Ron's like "THERE! THERE'S MY CHICKEN!!!!" 
And she's like "No no! Its mine!!" 
And Ron's like "THIEF!!!" and he starts chasing her and they disappear and Erica's like "Hey Jesse look in here." 
And I'm like "Oh no, not another chicken!" 
And she's like "No no its Elijah, he's eating ice cream!!" 
And I'm like "Is it strawberry?" and she nods and we go in a he gives us some ice cream and we sit around a table and eat it and Hermione clashes in and slams the door behind her and she's like "Help me Ron hates me!!!" And I'm like "Who likes you?" And she's like "Hide me!!" And I throw her into a very small crammed cupboard and Ron stomps in and he's like "WHERE IS THE CHICKEN KILLER?? LOOK WHAT SO DID TO MY CHICKEN, SHE MURDERED MY CHICKEN!!!" and I did some kind of weird thing and the chicken came back to life and he was dancing around and went up stairs and then we went up stairs and I left Hermione in the cupboard..... and then I woke up.... 

From Kathleen (mushiness!) 
Dream 1 -  I was sitting on my bed listening to my music when I heard running water. I thought my mum had just left the tap on so I ran to see what it was and came to a beautiful lake with Ron, Harry and Hermione sitting near the water's edge. Harry and Hermione were kissing and so I went up to Ron to talk to him. Anyway I started to talk to Ron when he suddenly said that he loved me. I said that I loved him to and he kissed me. I kissed him back really passionately (so passionately that when I woke up I could still sort of feel him kissing me!) Then all these candles appeared around us and Ron morphed (turned into) Draco. At first I was horrified then as Draco kissed me I kissed him back. Then he pushed me back a bit, stood up and morphed into Voldemort. I screamed and woke up.
Dream 2
-  My friend had started this song about Lord Voldemort eating H.P. (as in Harry Potter) on toast cause of the H.P. sauce.  So one night I had this dream that Lord Voldemort was in my house making toast but at first I didn't realize cause I was asleep in my dream. Then I woke up to the sound of the timer on the toaster going off so I snapped my eyes open (in the dream) and saw Ron lying next to me all cuddled up and asleep.  Anyway, I went to the kitchen and I see Voldemort putting something on toast. I ask him what he is doing and he turns round holding a piece of toast with a pair of glasses on and a lightning shape at the top. For some reason I burst out laughing and Ron comes out laughing and I am laughing so much I am crying then suddenly I woke up to my alarm going off.

From Anoxy ~
 I had a dream that I went to Hogwarts in 1978 with James Potter, Lily Evans, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. It was kind of like I was watching a sad slideshow of memories, or looking in an old yearbook, after they were dead. We were all so happy and laughing, but it was like only I knew that everyone was going to die. We did all these fun, mischievous things like just going outside and having a snowball fight. We were having a snowball fight and Tom Riddle appeared. He was probably about seventeen. He was looking very handsome, and he pulled me aside and told me that all he ever wanted was for someone to to be his friend and care about him, and if someone could give that to him then Lord Voldemort would be nothing but a memory. Peter came over and he was all suspicious about Tom. Suddenly he bends over screaming and falls to the ground, clutching his arm where the Dark Mark was freshly burnt. Tom pales and backs away, looking horrified. Peter gets up like nothing happened, and then he turns into middle aged, fat Peter. Tom gets taller, thinner and more snake-like and is Lord Voldemort now. Suddenly Voldemort starts babbling "Robe me, Robe me," in a really strange and creepy manner and thinks he is talking to all these different people when they aren't there. He thinks Nagini is there and he is telling it to find Gilderoy Lockhart because he needs to help him hand out signed photos. But when he is talking to Nagini he is speaking Fu (A really cool language me and my friends made up.) I am watching James, Lily, Sirius, and Remus through kind of like a fog thing. They look really sad and they tell me they are sorry that I couldn't save them. You could just see their sad faces. Then they just fade away. In my dream I feel sad because I couldn't save Tom from what he was to become, but I feel devastated that I lost all my best friends. I just break down sobbing as everything fades away. I wake up shivering and almost feel like crying. This is the saddest, scariest dream I have ever had.

From Kaytseroni ~
I wake up, in a four poster bed with dark red curtains. Being curious and rather freaked out, I open them up to find myself in a circular room with 4 other beds in it and several wardrobes. There is a moon/sun motif on the floor. I'm looking around, fairly weirded out and wishing that the room wasn't quite that dark and chilly. So, I get dressed, as no one's in there, into some weird green and yellow dress. Then, I head out the door on to a landing, over looking what must have been the Gryffindor common room. HP and Ron are down there, goofing off or something. They see me and Ron spazzes out. "Holy Crap, Hermione, you scared me! Since when do you wear green?" I, still convinced that I was NOT Hermione Granger, just gave him a look. Harry and Ron started blathering on about some secret passage under the lake and how they needed my help or something. So, still to shocked to figure out what's going on, I (stupidly) agree to go with them. So, we get to this passage, right? Well, somewhere along the way, Harry or Ron lost the frigging map (I was rather teed off at the time) and we got lost in the air ducts of the castle. How's that for freaky, eh? Well, we finally get out and end up landing right on Snape's desk and he TOTALLY spazzes out. Then, Joaquin Phoenix (a mini-celeb I used to have an uber-crush on) runs in all dressed up in his "Gladiator" outfit (he was the bad emperor dude. I know, yuck, he was very creepy in that...) and starts screaming all this Latin gibberish and begins hacking up Snape. After he kills him off, Ron and Harry spaz out and try to run off. Joaquin, i.e., Commodus the kick butt emperor, comes running after them, screaming his head off and waving a sword around. All I remember after that was running into Profs. McGongall and Dumbledore, with her flipping out and him saying, "We're VERY disappointed in you, Miss Granger. Next time, try to restrain your homicidal boyfriends from hacking staff members into pieces, will you?" Then, I woke up. Creepy.

From Eowyn ~
I was in my mom's car and she stopped by a grocery store and told me to go get something (I don't remember what, however) and when I went inside there was a huge red bookshelf that had a ton of the Order of the Phoenix books on it. I thought well that's weird it is not supposed to come out for a few months. I picked one up, it was white with black lettering, but no picture, and all the pages were falling out! They were all like that! And I didn't have enough money to buy the book and what ever it was she wanted me to get. It was awful. 

From Jukka Bushtail ~
Oh God -- I'm going insane. I don't even like the books! Anyway, I had this dream. I'm not entirely sure if it WAS Harry Potter or not, but it looks like it.
I was Lupin -- in wolf form. I was in a forest on top of a hill. I stared at the moon -- and howled. Something rustling in the bushes caught my eye. A stag in antlers came out, with twelve tines. When it saw me, it bolted. I chased it for hours... and woke up.
Oh dear, it might not have been Harry Potter.
  Other things it might have been: Fire Bringer or The Sight by David Clement- Davies, or a completely insane random dream with no particular meaning.


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