. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

From Professor Clearwater ~
I dreamed one time that I was in Hogwarts, and that just like my RP character my life revolved around nothing more than Quidditch, teaching at Hogwarts and the engagement of myself and Charlie Weasley... the only thing is that the characters were replaced by people around me and some of my friends characters were there as well.. Professor Blackcat Mondragon, Lady Alexandria Reese, Nicola Bodanyi.... and on and on. Well, if I wanted to get descriptive I'm sure I could but then this wouldn't be rated "G". And also in my dream... the Cannons because of me, were finally in the Quidditch league finals!!! *about bloody time as well* Wouldn't it be odd for those of us that RP to become our own characters!! Fun but odd!

From Phoenix ~
I was walking in the Forbidden Forest and all of a sudden, Hagrid turned up with the centaur, Firenze. I climbed onto Firenze's back and he took me back to Hogwarts where Voldemort was attacking the school. I managed to get into the Great Hall (where the other students and teachers were) and met up with Harry, Ron and Hermione. I was about to explain where I had been when the doors to the Hall shook as something hit it. People panicked and suddenly Harry was shouting, "What do we do?" Everyone turned to me. I said, "Harry, you know where the Chamber of Secrets is, right?" He nodded. I then told him to lead everyone down there and out through a secret exit that only he and I knew about. He did and as I was about to follow the last student out of the Great Hall (through yet another secret passage) when the doors exploded. Sirius bounded in in dog form and pushed me through to the girl's toilets. He transformed back into human form, swept me off my feet, and carried me through to the Chamber. Harry locked the chamber doors behind us, looked at me and said, "Glad you two are together." I then led the school out through the exit and stood on a hill overlooking the valley Hogwarts was in, hand in hand with Sirius. He turned to me, opened his mouth to say something, and then my sister jumped on me.

From BRiM ~
Dream #1 -  I dreamed that I was in this really really really really big manor thingy and I was Ron and these three people were with me who were Harry, Hermione (I later figured out it must have been her house) and some guy named Ryan. I asked Ryan why he was there and he said he was Hermione's brother.  I said "Cool" and then we were all in this big bathroom and Hermione and I were standing in the shower (No, we were NOT nude) and Harry was sitting in the sink and Ryan's head was stuck in the toilet, so Harry went over to the toilet and flushed it and Ryan went down the drain. Then we were in Dumbledore's office and Fawkes was sitting on Harry's head. There was a note on the desk that said 'To whom it may concern- I died. Thatıs all there is to it. WHEEE! Yours truly, Dumbledore'  It kinda freaked me out. Then Fawkes started biting Harry and he screamed and started running into walls. Then Hermione dragged me outside and into the Slytherin Common Room (Do not ask how she knew where it was) and pushed me against a wall and said 'I love you. I've always loved you.' Then I screamed and just before she kissed me I woke up and somehow the TV in my bedroom had turned on, and this soap opera was on, and this lady had this guy pushed back against a wall and was saying 'I love you. I've always loved you.' Then I screamed again.
Dream #2 - This one is weirder...In this dream I was Ron again and me and Harry and Hermione and Ryan (from the last dream) were in the Camdens' house from 7th Heaven, except it was real life and not a TV show. Then all the Camdens walked down stairs and I started screaming and then Ryan started flirting with Jessica Biel (who plays Mary) and Hermione started beating Harry up and then everyone gathered around in a circle and started cheering for Hermione. Then for some reason I started slapping the Camdens and then Hermoine and I jumped on Happy and started riding her down the road. Then Hermione kissed the back of my neck and I screamed and a big eighteen wheeler came down the road and flattened us and then we were at a funeral. I was wearing this weird blue suit and Hermione was crying on my shoulder and Draco was their laughing and then this big fat sumo wrestler came and pushed Harry's dead body into a hole and then just as this big limo pulled up and Hermione started to strangle Draco. I heard a phone ring and woke up. 

Dream 1 - I had a dream where there was this giant hot air balloon, and my whole 8th grade class had to go on this field trip wearing Halloween costumes. My room was like at the very top of the air balloon (this was very confusing; it turned out to be this hot air balloon-looking sky barge), but when I got there it was this old looking Half-Price-Books store with lots of vegetation (mostly tropical) in hanging pots. I went into this old room that was very unlike the rest of it, it had old parchments and other junk like armor. There was a dresser desk with very thin drawers that were askew, and I searched through the mess, and I found a red book with a Chinese dragon on the front, and a kind of newspaper thing going on in the back... It was the Order of the Phoenix.  I was very surprised and I turned it to the back again. It said, "THIS IS ILLEGAL!!! IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE OUT YET" but then a stamp went over it that said, "PREORDERED". I glanced around, and then (guiltily) started to read it...It was about the Hogwarts Express being evil and how Neville being behind it, and Harry kept yelling "It's evil! Get away from it!!!" but no one listened, so they all died, And Ron and Hermione being "maritually[sic] clueless" while Harry was trying to ride a horse but kept getting bucked off...That was strange...
Dream 2 -  Hermione was pregnant... and I had no idea who the father was... That one freaked me out...And then these guys were on a tropical island singing "Patterns" by Simon and Garfunkel in Jamaican Style...Probably because I listen to S+G when I go to bed... But why in Jamaican Style? I don't know. I had this dream at some point after I read Prisoner of Azkaban, which I read AFTER Goblet of Fire, shame on me!!
Dream 3 -  My friend had a dream where Harry was a bug...a blue bug, to be exact.  After she told me that, I had a dream about her dream, and then I was at Hogwarts (Better than what I had imagined it to be!) And I got sorted into Gryffindor, which angered me, because, I am in Hufflepuff, everyone says so. And then I argued with Harry about how Slytherins are not all evil when he was attacking them randomly. When we went to the Great Hall (which changed from the regular one to my cafeteria) and I was in Hufflepuff again (was this a different dream?) and I sat at with Harry and Ron and Hermione, and they were all nice to me because they were all my friends, And I was very happy and stuff. I had this dream when I had a very bad dry spell in my social life... but anyway! 

From Rachel Benge ~
I started off in this big manor hall with wood paneling and high ceiling, and there were loads of other children there. I knew that this was the Harry Potter filming set, and that I had sneaked on somehow. All these people were going off to do scenes, and somehow I got to do a strange not-HP scene about tea. Then on the other side of the hall I was with this boy filming a book case in the hospital wing - but Madam Pomfrey was a man. We did some sort of scene, then I walked of down a dark corridor. This was empty and had police tape across it. I went into a room, like a sitting room at Christmas, where a cat slept on a chair. Then I found myself looking in through a recording studio like glass panel, at my sister playing Hermione. I somehow knew that the boy had told on me not being one of the cast, and this Vernon looking man was coming after me. He caught me and then I woke up. This dream came after a dream of me getting the audition, then the part of Hermione, which was more bizarre. 

From GMonkey ~
I've dreamed I was Snape more than once (and I'm female...) but the first time was the weirdest, and the one I remember most clearly. 
 It was the Great Epic Battle with Voldemort and his Legions of Doom and I was in charge of a bunch of children, presumably Hogwarts students, fighting them. The weird thing was, we weren't fighting them with magic; we had laser guns. It wasn't too bad, except I had to keep recharging my gun, and some kids were getting killed, though that didn't bother me much - I was Snape, after all. But then some kind of super soldier guys turned up, against whom our stupid laser guns were ineffectual. The children started giving up. I tried to rally the troops and I kept shooting - I think we were also throwing whiffle balls, no wonder we were losing - but Voldie's guys came and rounded us all up and I had to admit defeat. Then they took us all to a prison, which was actually really nice for a prison, sort of like the Ewok village. A lot of the guards there were former Slytherins and, despite being a lowly prisoner now, I was able to intimidate them. I began plotting my escape but that's when I woke up.

From Hermikittie ~
 It all starts when Harry and me are like flying on his Firebolt in the SEWER! And we were like being chased Voldie, but it wasn't very much of a chase because he was riding on Wormtail in his animagus form, but he kept on squashing him like a bug. So me and Harry are flying away when we were jerked by thin air forward and all of a sudden we were standing in front of the Ababa-Ya bathhouse from Spirited Away. (Jeez! I need to stop watching Miyazaki movies before I go to bed!) And I'm like dressed as Chihiro, (or, if you prefer, Sen) and Harry's all dressed up as Haku except he still had scruffy, short hair. And then we start running, but all of a sudden we're running on the Hogwarts grounds and Harry's dressed like he's at Camp Green Lake but I'm still in my bathhouse clothes.  And then we run into the Gryffindor common room but it was really the wreck room from Camp Green Lake! And inside we found Hermione and STANLEY YELNATS making out! And then I turn to face Harry, but instead to face Ron. And then Ron leans over, and kisses me! And of course I blush because kinda love him, and then I wake up!

 From Danielle ~
I was hurrying to get to school, because I woke up late that morning.  When we got to the entrance of my school, my dad waved me off before I entered. However, the interior of my school became the castle-like Hogwarts, once I stepped through the doors. Not really realizing the emendate change of the settings (because it was a dream), I headed as usual to my Tech class. But instead of being down in the PFA wing (as it should be in my 'real' school) it was supposed to be "down the corridor, last door on the left"... at least that's how Snape put it when he stopped me in the hallway to see if I was 'skipping out'. Well, knowing Professor Snape, I probably shouldn't have taken his advice because it led me to a chamber that tunneled its way down into the basement's darkness. Truly, not understanding that I had opened the wrong door, I descended down the staircase into the darkness... The steps were very steep and damp, so I should have been more careful about my footing. But as it is I slipped and bounced my way down, by bumping off the slimy stairs and almost breaking my neck several times. When I finally hit the bottom, I was so sore and bruised that I didn't even look around at my surroundings... Suddenly, from behind me came a creaking, hoarse voice that was emitted from a ancient box. I crept forward to observe the strange object, but the lid of the box flipped open and revealed... the Hand of Glory! My goodness, it was funny to hear it talking to me as it grasped at the sides of the box it was contained in. But as it was very dark and creepy down there, I started to shiver uncontrollably. I was about to run up the stairs to escape the horror within the box, but I heard cackling coming from above. It took me only a moment to realize it was Draco Malfoy who was laughing from the top of the stairs. I was a little nervous now, having the putrid hand behind me and Malfoy before me. But I decided to ascended the stair well so I could at least be see in stable light, however, Malfoy began walking down the stairs to meet me. I was horrified to see him before me with that cruel smirk playing on his lips, but as it is he helped me back up to the top of the steps (to my great relief). Draco even led me to the correct classroom, which was... strange, because he had a reputation to be a very 'evil' kid. The dream ended abruptly there. However, I couldn't help but wonder (afterwards) whether he helped me from the basement to be kind, or he had something to do with that hand in the box. I'll never know, but the dream made me suspect that there really might be some... kindness deep within him that isn't revealed often. 

From Brandy ~ 
Dream 1 - (I had this one 2 times) It started off with me being on a train and it stopped at the big store (which looks like a $1 store in my town) and it turned out to be Honeydukes. And there was an elevator in it and there was games and stuff too instead of just chocolate. Then I went outside and there was all the stores from Hogsmaede and Diagon Alley. My sister and her friend were coming out of Quality Quidditch Supplies with Wood (they 'loved' Biggerstaff). And I met Fred and George and we walked around for awhile then I woke up.
Dream 2
- I was in my room and I had somehow gotten letters from Marcus Flint. One was a photocopied stack of papers of "Quidditch Through the Ages" and the other one was saying that he missed me and hoped to see me soon. It was really creepy because it felt so real...then I woke up.

From Kitty ~
One night I had a dream I was in Hogwarts.  Harry was my boyfriend, Hermione was oddly my older sister, me and Ginny were close friends,. Mme and Ginny were walking to divination when we run into Harry.  Ginny left, me and Harry were all alone in the great hall.  It was all empty.  We started talking and with a hush our lips met it was warm and it felt good!  Next thing I know I'm back with Ginny but were in the common room (Gryffindor) telling her what happened during the time I was with Harry.  Then I'm guessing it's maybe a sister of Malfoy spied on me and Harry together ''Malfoy'ss sister'' was laughing along with the Slytherins, Ravenclaws,and Hufflepuffs. My life was over and so was my dream

From Amber ~
I always have this same dream: I'm Ron ( Which is weird, since I'm a girl) and I am following Harry through the forbidden forest, when he turns around and grabs my hand. I give him a funny look, but all he says is " There's no one else I can tell...." And he leans in to tell me, and places a kiss on my cheek, starting to sob, saying I'm his best friend. Then a giant spider comes, and I scream, and try to hide (Cause I'm Ron...and I'M terrified of spiders too..) and Harry gets taken away. Then I wake up before I can find him again.

From Anonymous ~
About a year ago, I had the one of the strangest dreams I can remember.  It was that, even though the second HP movie wasn't even in theaters yet, let alone on video and DVD, I got the movie on video before anyone else even saw it. The movie was with the same cast and crew, but it was an operetta. Daniel Radcliffe was a really horrible singer, Rupert Grint was average, and Emma Watson was really good. The only song I remember them singing was obviously one I made up in my dream, because it was called "Fill the Chimney with Smoke." Dan, or really Harry, was singing about when he was at the Dursleys' and Dudley would beat him  up, then he was like, "Fillllllllll the chimmmmmney with smoooooke!" Then Ron/Rupert sang about how poor he is, then he goes, "Fillllllllllllllllllllllll the chimmmmmmmmmmmmmney with smoooooooooooooke." Next Emma/ Hermione joined them for singing about three "Fill the chimney with smoke"s, and the song was over. (Hermione didn't get a solo.) It went after that to Professor Quirrell (he had come back to life) and he was all nervous because he'd heard the song and he didn't want the kids to fill his chimney with smoke. Then it showed Scabbers eating his cheese, and that was it. 

From Liz ~
 I had this dream that I was at this party with my family at Tom Felton's house. I was talking to a bunch of my friends, and then Tom came. I was like his biggest fan at the time, so I was trying to take all these pictures of him. He didn't like me, so he ran to the stairs (I obviously followed him) and he somehow managed to hide between a crack in the steps. I could see him in the crack, except he looked like that white sealer stuff you put between the tiles in the bathroom, only he was blue. I tried to take pictures of that, and then his dad was like, "Tom, I think she wants to take a picture of you." Obviously. So then Tom drove out through the steps in a turquoise Ford Anglia as though they weren't there. He was hiding under the driver's seat, so I went in the car and went under the seat with him to take pictures. Then we both touched a portkey under the seat and ended up next to the front door. Then my dad offered to take a picture of us, and he didn't object. Tom put his arm around me for it, but then he started growing and growing until he was about ten feet tall. I tried to jump up to where he was, and then I woke up. 

From Amaura ~ 
I've always had really weird dreams, but this one is probably most random dream I've ever had. It's the side affect of what happens when I watch too many different movies in one day (see if you can figure out which parts/people are from what movies; most of them are pretty obvious). It also has a little inside joke in it too, so I'm gonna have to let you in on this one.  Some of my friends and me are sitting at the lunch table at school, and we started talking about HP. We talked about who we thought was hot (in the movies), and one of my friends, who is this tiny little, innocent looking person says that Malfoy is a "foxy-foxy boy".  It wasn't that funny, but we all thought that the way she had said it and who had said it, made us laugh.
So anyway, in my dream, I go to Hogwarts, and Ron, Harry, Hermione and me are walking down a staircase to one of our classes when all of a sudden, Frodo shows up at the bottom of the staircase yelling, " Where's Gandalf?! Where's Gandalf?!"  I tell him to go look around Middle Earth, and he's like "Oh, ok....I don't know where that is! Where's Gandalf?! Where's Gandalf?!"  So Harry, Ron, Hermione and me are running around trying to lose him, and we think that he'll have a harder time catching us if we go outside. So we do, and then we run to a broomshed and each grab a broom and start flying away. Now, my brain works in weird ways, so if one word sounds like another word, my brain'll get them mixed up, like instead of drinking milk in a dream, I would probably be drinking silk ( I don't know, just how my head works). So back to the dream, the four of us are flying on brooms while Frodo is chasing after us on foot. Now, normally it was supposed to be that a hippogriff comes out and starts chasing Frodo, but since my brain doesn't work that way, all of a sudden a flying hippo, comes out and starts chasing him. I don't know if it was me or not, but all of a sudden someone yells "Run, Frodo! Run!" and this Forest Gump music starts playing. Now for some reason, Frodo thought that if he got across this river that was in the dream, he would be safe from the hippo (? hippos can swim and not to mention the fact that this one has wings). So he gets across the river and starts jumping up and down and yelling, all happy and everything. Then the hippo just flies across the river and eats him. While I was watching this, Ron yells "Amaura, watch out!" I look up and realize that I'm about to crash through a window, but don't react fast enough, and I go right through it. I land inside a Slytherin dormitory, and Malfoy is sitting on a bed, Crabbe and Goyle are in the corner of the room. Malfoy gestures me to "join" him on the bed, while Crabbe and Goyle start nodding at me in approval. Feeling that this was getting too weird, I ran out of the dormitory, with Malfoy yelling and chasing me saying "Wait! Come back! But I'm a foxy-foxy boy!" So I run back to the Grand Staircase, and just happen to meet up with everybody. So Ron, Harry, Hermione, and me are running, now trying to lose Frodo (don't know how he got out), who's being chased by a flying hippo, who's also being chased by Malfoy yelling, "But I'm a foxy-foxy boy!" Hermione says that we should go to the kitchens because may be the house elves would hold them up. We make our way into the kitchen, which is completely empty except for a long table with a whole bunch of pizzas on it, and Dumbledore's walking around looking worried. When he sees us he says, "You have to help, all the house elves have disappeared and we've no one to cut up the pizza. What are we going to do? Kids can't eat these pizzas whole!" Right then, Wolverine comes out of nowhere and says, "I'll cut the pizza!" Cha-ching. Cha-ching. And then I wake up.

From Hannatakkula (kissing!)
I had a weird dream after I had read the fourth book.
In the dream, I had a some kind of party and photographer was taking a photo of me and my friends. Then suddenly Harry Potter came next to me. Photographer said that Harry must kiss me. And then Harry kissed me while photographer took a picture of us. Then I woke up...

 From Surfermoon ~
One long day passed by as I tucked myself in a bed not far from a post office. I stretched my hand a little further to unravel the curtains, "Ugh - a line at," I looked at my watch. "Three in the morning." I rushed further out of my house and stretched into what seemed to be my backyard. I yawned and stretched gazing at the line in my backyard at the post office. I didn't know whether it was me or not, but I saw a flashing red light and a horrible clossing[sic] wheeze of thunder.  I rushed in the house and put on my green robed-leather jacket. My family was outside but, in the nick they vanished.  I, now weeping, fell to my knees but, in a hurry of danger ran into the street with my feet bare. Lodged in an upper reach of the street was this mindless boy yelling and crying in tears as well, "MUM! DAD!" I stared in guilt and pity but, tucked it in like usual and sneered, "Crying for your mom, eh?" I suddenly stopped blunt gazing at him and felt a terror line of pity. It was raining. He was wet, "Here," I said ripping the jacket off. "Yours." He grabbed it and threw it on with no discussion, "What are ya' doin' all alone out here?" he gasped. "Hm - crying for mom." He stared at me cross eyed and hurridly grabbed my hand, "Follow me." For some reason I followed him unknowing if he could be the murderer or not. He ran me inside a cabin and idoled[sic] me inside a closet, his red hair glimmering as he held me tight to him. Suddenly the floor shook under us. He slowly turned the knob of the door. "No!" I said grabbing his robe. However, he just ignored me a walked outside. I was alone wailing for him like I never knew possible.  I, being the brave sort, ran outside to see a dead Ron. I turned my head and let out a scream. It all happened too fast, I couldn't do anything besides rock his bleeding head. Days later I was in the post office with my family and on a motorcycle was no other then Ron. He was alright and he held me tight again. 

From Freakaru ~
It all started out deep in the old west. The sun was blazing high in the sky and everything seemed to smell like old manure. I was not physically in the dream but I viewed it as one would a television show. Well, as I watched the empty street out from behind a shack came Sirius, all duded out in a poncho and other such cowboy-esque clothing.
He stood there for about a minute staring into the abyss when all of a sudden, Snape came out from the saloon wearing a black leather over coat. Both men stood opposite of one another for what seemed like hours when, suddenly, Sirius jumped up and shouted, "BOOM!" and Snape dropped dead I guess. But the weird thing was is that when Snape dropped he turned into a big, poofy pillow and then I awoke.

From Lady Lydia ~
I dreamed that I was Harry (which was kind of annoying, as it seems rather unoriginal), and I was talking to Professor Lupin. Apparently, I was in big trouble with Snape. The Potions Master had kept making me do this same test over and over, in which there was a large assortment of crystals, and I had to pick the "right one." So, I had always picked the little one, and every time, it was wrong. Lupin was telling me that I had to pick the big one, which was bright red. When I looked closer, it turned into a Crayola crayon. After thanking Lupin, I went to Snape's office to take the test again, only to find that he was packing to leave. Clothes, books, etc, were all being stuffed into travel bags, the Muggle kind with zippers and velcro and little wheels on the bottom. I asked what he was doing, where he was going, but he didn't answer. He just looked very distraught. For some reason, he also had a very big avocado (which looked more like a Bloomin' Onion than an avacado) strapped onto his back. Then Lupin told me that avocados are used in potions to treat heartbreak, and I felt very sorry for Snape, and wondered why he was so sad. Suddenly, the scene changed, and I was in a bookstore. There was a whole crowd of people there, and we were all spending the night in the building. Four tents were set up, one for each House, and (being Harry) I was supposed to sleep in the Gryffindor tent. But it was way too small! Barely one person could fit into it, and only if they curled up really tight! Plus, there were twigs and bits of dirt on the floor inside. Then I noticed that one of the other House tents was much larger, but I'm not sure which House it was.  Before I could resolve the situation, I woke up.

From Anonymous ~
It was Hanukkah and I was getting ready to go over to my aunt's house for dinner with my family. In the dream, my mother and my aunt had another sister, and she had recently been married to Snape. I was a Hogwarts student, but somehow I still lived in NYC. On the way over to my aunt's house, Snape kept text-messaging me on my phone. The text-messages were really long -- it was like we were emailing back and forth. He was really upset, which was why he was messaging me, and before we reached my aunt's house, he had a nervous breakdown and ran off to a subway station, where he cursed a whole bunch of muggles. He was tied up and taken to Azkaban, where he spent a lot of time banging his fists on the stone walls. My dad and I heard about it on the radio the next morning. My dad's response was, "So, the old fellow's finally cracked".

From Samantha Lupin ~
I was at Hogwarts, in my third year with Harry, and Snape pulled me out of Transfiguration into his office. He asked me why I stopped Lupin from beating him up (that was another dream) and I said because he didn't have a reason. Snape asked me if I knew who Lupin was, and I asked what he meant and he said Lupin was my dad. Weirdest part is, my last name is Lupin.

From Karenmarie ~
Dream 1 -I had a dream that some Hitler guy had taken me prisoner or something, but then I was his follower (Voldemort style or what?) and then to prove I was loyal, I had to kill a house elf by burning him in a cauldron. We were all lining up, and I was dreading it, because I had to kill Dobby, and I didn't want to, then some army guys came to rescue me - and all the others from the over large creature, and Hitler was standing in the center.  They dropped bombs, and I was saved but then the volcano erupted and some women got burned and everyone started running.
Dream 2 - The dream I had the night before, was when they were checking we were all in our right houses. It was a short dream, and the way they checked was checking out lunch - now I don't know if my mum penetrated my semi consciousness by shouting up the stairs she needed my drink bottle because she needed to make my lunch for school, but I think I did the rest.

From Remus [who adds "Yes it is a girls name. My name."]
I was new at Hogwarts but I was in my 5th year. Ron kept staring at me...I asked him what's up and he said "I've known you all my life and I love you!" I was all like confused cause I hadn't met him before. He leaned in to kiss me and I woke up. 

From Zen ~
This was the night after I read the entire 5th Book.
I dreamed that everybody at home was running around, getting ready for something, and that something was that the Weasley's were moving in for no apparent reason. They came, and along with them was Hermione and Harry. Then, my mom, shouting from our backyard lawn, told me to move to the guestroom because Professor Umbridge was moving in too. Then I turned and saw Umbridge with her suitcases and an evil grin.

From Anonymous ~
Once I was with my friend and we were going on a school ski trip. We were at the top of the mountain when all of a sudden I turned to Harry Potter and my friend was Ron Weasley, which is weird because we're both girls. Then I saw Malfoy walking with Crabbe and Goyle and they were trying to drag me down the mountain and Ron was trying to help me. I was really scared and I was screaming because Malfoy would NOT leave me alone! Finally I got away and I told Dumbledore that Malfoy wouldn't leave me alone. Dumbledore said that I had to fight for myself. Then I woke up.

From Watcher of the Idiot-box ~
I had this dream while I fell asleep in front of the computer and ran up our electric bill. I was in the school cafeteria talking to my friends when Snape come running in screaming like he was having a Myocardial Infarction. He ran around the cafeteria twice before he hit the wall and died (I don't know whether he was dead or not, but it certainly looked that way). Everybody stared for a moment but shrugged and continued talking. But then little did I realize that in real life, I had leaned my chair back too far in sleep. It tumbled backwards and I became stupider than I already was. 

From Lindsey Baldridge ~
Anyway. Some friends and I were seeking around Hogwarts and slid inside to see the sorting. After it was done, McGonagall appeared right in front of us and we were put in Slytherin without a sorting. Next I remember all of us going to a pool.  I don't get it either. 

From Anonymous ~
I'm downstairs in my family room and I look out the window and there's a big forest with a tunnel opening and Fleur, Krum, and Cedric run into it and I'm worried because I'm late so I get online and I ask my best friend how to work the 4-point spell and my other friend is behind me freaking out about spiders and then I wake up.

From Sorcha ~
I was sitting in my Theology class (I go to a Catholic High School) and J.K. Rowling was standing at a podium at the front of the room, signing books for our class. I opened up my backpack, and there happened to be a copy of Chamber of Secrets inside. I pulled it out and strode up to the podium and she signed it. I remember that I made some stupid joke, and JKR and I thought it was really funny for some reason. So I take the book home, open it, and find out that it is a library book, and that it would have to be returned.

From Tori Queeni (Contains a spoiler for Order of the Phoenix!  Beware!)
We were all very sad and getting ready to leave.  Lupin was sobbing in a corner. The others were packing all important things up into boxes. We were changing the Order headquarters because this house was too sad to live in now. We were packing up Sirius' stuff and they told Lupin to go sit in a corner because he was sobbing soooo hard he kept dropping stuff. every one in the whole house was crying so was I..... Then I realized I was pacing around my room at 3 o'clock in the morning I wasn't dreaming (or crying for that matter) I was just lost in my writer's thoughts.

From Chrissy ~
Ok.. I had this dream that I was in my old school that I went to in 3rd grade. (Except in the dream I was 12, in 5th grade) Anyway, I was walking down the hall to my classroom (my mom dropped me off). When I entered the room, I noticed there was no one there. Then I looked at the classroom clock on the wall (for some reason it was the Weasley's house clock) and it said the time for me was still "Getting Ready for School."  I decided I would just wait for my teacher and classmates to come in. All of a sudden, I heard a door slam behind me. I turned around and was surprised to see "Professor" Quirrell with his turban on. He looked over at me, and in his squeaky, stuttering voice said, "Oh, C-c-chrissy, how g-good t-to see you h-here so e-early!" (I was usually late) So I said, in a kinda confused voice, "Er.. thanks.. Quirrell" And then he got really mad and said, "YOU DON'T DARE CALL ME QUIRRELL!!! I AM PROFESSOR QUIRRELL, YOU WILL ADDRESS ME AS THAT." So then, obviously I got really freaked out by his outburst and said, "Yes, Professor, I will." So then he said in his calmest voice (stuttering again), "T-thank y-y-you. I will go to my d-desk now, the students are now f-f-flooding the Great Hall." So then he walked over to his desk and I noticed his left hand was clenched around something, and I saw a fleck of digital numbers counting down from 20 minutes. Inside my stomach lurched but I just sat there like I didn't see anything. So then about a minute later, my classmates started to come into the classroom and sit at their desks, which were all draped in scarlet and gold cloth. When everyone got in, Quirrell said, "Ok-kay, c-class! T-today w-w-will be a d-different school day" All of the students had confused looks on their faces, some looked excited because I guess they thought that maybe we were going to sit around all day doing whatever we wanted. But then, Quirrell stood up very fast and went over to sit on a blank desk in the front row. He started to go into this weird lecture about why we were all at Hogwarts (like we already didn't know). Then, he stood up with a sly smile on his face and started to say something, but then Dumbledore walked in. He whispered something to Quirrell then walked over to my desk and said that he wanted to speak with me outside the classroom. For some reason (I don't know how I figured it out) I yelled, "QUIRRELL IS PLANNING ON BOMBING HOGWARTS!" so then all of my classmates gasped in horror, some laughed because they didn't believe me. Quirrell, on the other hand, stood up again, with that same sly smile on his face and said, "Yes, I AM planning on bombing the entire school of Witchcraft and Wizardry" and he unraveled his turban and turned around, so Voldemort was visible to the entire class. I started yelling "Everyone get out of here!!!" And I went over to The Voldey side of Quirrell's head and slapped it hard. (I laughed too, how strange) Then I grabbed Dumbledore by the arm and tried using Alohomora on the suddenly magically locked doors around the room. Then I looked around, it all seemed like slow-motion. I saw the digital numbers on that bomb in Quirrell's hand go to zero and all of a sudden, Dumbledore flew up and took out his wand in mid-air and yelled some spells I never heard before. The room started to rumble, then I woke up. I found out the the rumbling was my cousin on the top bunk of my bed (she spent the night) She was shifting around in her sleep. I didn't hardly remember what the dream was, I was a little scared but I was tired too. So I just went back to sleep. 

From Your local stalker~
I was Moaning Myrtle Sitting in the tap of the prefects bathroom watching Harry take a bath with the egg. He kept getting mad and yelling at the egg when all it did was screech. So I figured I'd get out and tell him how to hear it properly. When I went to get out I fell into the bath tub. And Harry yelled and then was like, "...Myrtle?" I got up and just said oops. Then my friend Laurel burst into the room screaming, "Kayla!! Oh My Gosh!! Kayla!!" When Laurel had burst into the room I had only seen her so it was like a movie where they just picture one person, so it turned back to see my reaction. I had been in the bathtub and me and Harry had spaghetti.  Laurel came started yelling," It's Kyle!!! He's outside on a broomstick trying to play the Harry Potter theme song on his backpack zipper!!" "Oh No!!!" I yelled and I jumped up and I was in a blue Kimono with the bedtime bear care bear on it. (odd eh?) So I jumped out a window that suddenly appeared and landed on a roof. Kyle was next to me singing 'Bring The Pain' by Mindless Self Indulgence. Then Kyle turned into a big black dog and jumped into a tree and started to eat yogurt. Suddenly I turned into Ron and was in a pink frilly dress with flowers, then I started singing, "I'm too sexy for this dress, too sexy for Harry, too sexy for Snape!!!" Snape heard me and came over... but It wasn't the real Snape. It was a woman's body in a white dress with Snape's head on it. Snape was like, "You're not too sexy for me, Weasley!!" and I ran away. When I stopped running I was at the Quidditch field and I looked up. Laurel was on a broomstick and she kept trying to catch the Snitch but all she could manage was running into the goal post saying, "Weeeeee!!! Argg!! A GOAL POST!!!!"  I started laughing, and then I passed out. I little sign went across that said 'One Week Later.'  I woke up in the hospital wing and I was in a playboy bunny outfit. It turned out I had been hit in the head with a muffin. I looked over and saw Laurel holding an oven mitt with eyes, ears, and a nose glued on it. Harry came running and and said, "You've been taken to the Chamber of Secrets!!! Quick! Get down there so I can save you!!!" And with that he grabbed my arm and started pulling me down the hallways and into the Chamber of Secrets. When I got there I was still in the playboy bunny outfit. I saw Tom Riddle having tea with George Washington. And Laurel was hugging the Diary. Harry was eating KFC. I heard the Basilisk coming and was all like what do I do?!! And the Basilisk came, as soon as I saw it I turned into a mongoose and ate it. Then I belched and woke up. 

From Karri (some violent moments)
Dream 1 - I dreamed that I was at a water park (I have lots of dreams at water parks) and someone asked me to write a scene for the Harry Potter books. I wrote that Hermione (who looked exactly like Emma) was walking up the steps of the water park next to me. When we got to the top of the stares we saw Draco Malfoy. Well, Hermione walked up to him and punched him really hard in the stomach then in the face. We went back down the stairs and left Malfoy lying on the floor crying. (I actually feel sorry for him.)
Dream 2 -  I dreamed I was at a water park (I'm kinda sick of water now) with Emma Watson and my cousin Angel. Well, we weren't allowed on the really big water slide, but we all went up there any way. When we got up to the top Mrs. Smith (a teacher at my school) told us we were only allowed to go down the slide if we wear this really tiny raft. (A newborn wouldn't even fit in it.) When I told her there was no way I could fit in it she started yelling at me. So I sat on the tiny raft and went down the slide. A little ways down I fell off the side of the slide and landed on the lower part. When I reached the bottom of the slide I waited for Angel and Emma. Well, Emma came and Angel went off somewhere else. Emma and I started walking around. Half of the water park looked like my school. Well, Emma said she saw her parents and she ran after them. She was already turning the corner by the time I got half way to her. Then when I turned the corner she was gone. Then everyone started chasing me and trying to kill me. Then when they cornered me in the school I woke up.
Dream 3 - I dreamed I beat up Crabbe. And then I rolled him into really shallow water. He was lying in the water unable to breath, so I went down and pulled him out. I was saying something about being too soft and I should have left him in the water, when my brother woke me up.

From Lily ~
Me and my cousin Jay and Angela were sitting in a pizza parlour when suddenly a news reporter rushed in and ran to us. He shouted to Angela "How do you fell about your new part?" It turned out that she got the part of Cho Chang in the third movie. Angela does resemble Cho.... We asked the guy how she got it and wasn't she too young (Angela's 11 and reeeally tall)  He didn't answer our first question, but he said that the actors were short and the book says Cho's a head shorted than Harry anyways, so we flew to England and the filming was about to start, and Angela came out in wizard's robes and said in a German accent "I will not forget you little people." Then I woke up...

From Frederick Dirge ~
I go to a very Catholic school (oh the humanity) and suddenly, myself and my boyfriend Alex (both Goths, btw) were in Hogwarts. It occurred halfway through Chemistry, so I was holding a beaker full of diluted sulphuric acid. Walking around, really confused and puzzled, we heard screaming and stuff around the corner, so we ran around, and it was when all the Gryffindors were awake after Sirius Black broke in and slashed the Fat Lady. The teachers obviously wanted to know why two Goths were staring at them like they were made from gold. Snape took us to Dumbledores office, and we waited for ages for him, and bloody Fawkes exploded into flames in front of us, I poured the sulphuric acid on him, and he turned into a chicken. A really ugly, bald chicken. Then Dumbledore came back and asked us who we were etc. and we explained about the 'in chemistry, whoops we're in Hogwarts' thing, and he understood and said we could stay at Hogwarts, as the Death Eaters wanted us for something but buggered up the Transporter spell. Because the Hall was being used, we slept on Snape's floor, because he wants his bed to himself, selfish idiot, and not share it with two teenagers. Halfway through the night, I have a nightmare and wake up screaming and shaking. Alex says it was the floor that did it, and I see the floor is like a big TV screen, showing Olsen twin movies on repeat. Snape says if it bothers me I can sleep on the bed.  So I do. (Who wouldn't?) Alex starts screeching about how
I belong to him and Snape gets really angry and turns him into a sock. Then I wake up. Alex found it particularly amusing. He doesn't like socks.

From Ariana Riddle ~
One night I dreamt I was the little sister of Tom Marvolo Riddle. He was reading me a story about King Arthur and Merlin (I love the old classical stories!) and he said he had to go back to Hogwarts. I started to cry softly but he smoothed my hair, comforting me (his hands felt so real!) and said, "I need to unleash the monster in the chamber now, if I get busted, remember me as your loving brother." I cried harder as he slid me off his lap and placed me in front of the fireplace. It must have been his Christmas vacation in the orphanage because other kids were playing out in the snow. He disappeared as I ran after him, fell in the snow and woke up. I believe Tom wasn't so evil hearted as a kid.  He was my big brother...

From Jks26 ~
I had what seemed to be a predictive dream, just before Order of the Phoenix came out, although it was totally off. 
In the first part, it's nighttime at the Burrow, and Harry and Ron and Ginny go downstairs to investigate a noise they heard, or something. And Voldemort's in the kitchen or dining room cause he just Apparated there, and he's playing with a couple of little Weasley cousins, turning their heads back forth into cabbages. Then a nervous Mrs. Weasley comes in, but before Voldemort can spell her with "Avada Kedavra," Harry throws an "Expelliarmus" at him, and for some reason it throws him into another place far away, like Apparating him back or something. Then the next half of my dream, Hagrid is mysteriously shuffling about on a wharf at night, and it's dark and misty and deserted. Apparently he was  supposed to meet someone there for something, and then he slips, and winds up on a big empty ship. And as he's trying to get up, he gets tangled in some rope, and accidentally manages to unfurl the sail. And the dream ends as the anchor gets ripped off the dock, and silently, mysteriously, glides off into the night as though with a purpose. 

From Goldfoot ~
One night I had I had a dream that I was at my house with my mom, while she was doing house chores. I happened to be attending Hogwarts and everything. So I wanted a hippogriff. I kept on asking her if I could have one and she said no. I seemed to really want a hippogriff in the dream because I would not stop asking and started to get mad because I wasn't allowed to have one. Finally my mom exploded: "When you move into your own house, you can do whatever you like! Have 50 hippogriffs for all I care! But I'm not having one in my house!" Then I woke up.

From Onecoolmoon (kissing!)
I had a dream that I was a 7th year Gryffindor at graduation time and Harry was my boyfriend since Dobby came to his house in his second year. He went up to the podium for a speech and said, "Can Sami please come up here?" So I did. Then he got down on one knee and held out a ring. Then he said, "I've known you ever since we were five years old. Will you marry me? Right before I said yes, Voldemort bursts in. He was right in front of me! Then he muttered the Killing Curse. But it did the same thing that happened to me as it did with Harry when he was one. So, here we were, the perfect couple. Then we kissed a very long time!

From Sirius (some gruesome imagery here)
I had a dream that Sirius died.  He fell off a cliff, onto a Go Cart track and he kept getting run over.  I was crying and Harry was yelling and screaming.  Draco was laughing behind us then Dumbledore came and I woke up.

From Juan Pablo ~
I was in a very strange hospital looking at a VERY diseased girl and outside this room was Sirius Black (My most favoritest character) sweeping the floor, suddenly he noticed that the girl was there and he went and started hugging her saying, "Oh Lily, why you?" I don't know how but I knew that this Lily was not Harry's mother but Padfoot's daughter. Then suddenly he turned around facing me and said "I'll meet you outside," and he left. When I got outside I was at my school and Padfoot was inside my car laughing his head off with my brothers, I get in the car, he puts a VERY serious face, my brothers disappear and he hands out a letter, then he says: read it fast, it is very important, I open it, and, when I start reading it I wake up.

From Sohalia Talitha ~
My school is very much like Hogwarts, and when I'm under a lot of stress this is what happens to me. At Giggleswick, my school, there are six houses. Style (my house) Morrison, Carr, Shute, Paley and Nowle. I have only recently started school here, so in my dream I believed that I just graduated from Hogwarts.  
I was walking with my friend towards the great hall (the school chapel) it was the second day of the new term, and we had no idea which house everyone was in. We were discussing which house people should be in when she brought up the subject of Draco Malfoy: What happened if he was in the same house as Harry! It was just as we rounded the corner that I bumped into somebody with blonde hair and I awoke.
It was nine o'clock before my friend pointed out to me that, strange as it may seem, Draco Malfoy is just a fictional character.  I was disappointed at this news, and I hope one day to revisit the Giggleswick of my dream and apologies to the poor person who I banged into, and ask Draco what house he is in!

From Erica ~
I think before I had fallen asleep, I had gone to some Cho Chang web sites or something.
I remember being on the Harry Potter set playing Cho Chang on what might have had been for Goblet of Fire, since I was in a hallway and I think I was with Daniel Radcliffe. I couldn't remember how I had gotten all this way, or how my audition even went, especially since I'm an American. I'm not sure if I really had a Cho Chang kind of costume, since I think I had a weird blue oversized pillow case-looking thing, and dark, frizzy, Hagrid-like hair. Despite my lack of a good costume and hairdo, I had a lot of fun acting and laughing with the cast and crew. It was such a blast, though I don't know what I was laughing about exactly, but I was incredibly happy just to be on the set. I also did interviews between takes and I saw myself in the interviews for the DVD release. I think I talked about how great it was to be a part of the movie and to be playing Cho Chang!

From Caroline ~
The latest Harry Potter dream I had was that I was in the place and Harry was standing there in a sweat shirt and jeans, talking to me. He looked all sad and worried. He said to me that he got Hermione pregnant! And he was really upset. And it was weird because I was like Lily or something there comforting him. And then we look to our right and see Hermione sitting by herself rubbing her tummy. Ok it was really WEIRD!!! So after that Harry started to cry and I had to hold him. He was like only 15, but really hot, lol. So after that I told him he had to go with her and help and be a good father. So he seemed to walk over to Hermione and sit by her and hold her in his arms. I just stood there, and crossed my arms and smiled happily, and it all seemed to fog away, but then I herd the Titanic music in a distance. And I saw flashes of Ron, Harry and Hermione as they were when they were kids. And they were laughing, and walking on the grass of Hogwarts talking. It was so sad because I felt as if they had all died. And they at the last scene, I saw a picture of the 3 of them smiling at the camera, and that's when I hear the music, the sad music really calm and steady, and I hear them laugh one more last time and then the picture fogs away. And they were gone. I woke up by opening my eyes to find I was crying somewhat as if it was all true! 

From Amelia ~
Dream 1 -  I had this dream a few years ago. I was sitting in my kitchen in the middle of the night, the kitchen was dimly lit. I was making a microwave meal (don't ask, I have no idea what that means). Then Hedwig came in, except she wasn't a snowy owl, more tawny. I said to Hedwig, it's not fair that some people can be wizards and some can't. She just hooted and acted nice (you know how those wizarding owls aren't normal owls), and then she flew out the door. I started eating my nuked meal. 
Dream 2 -  This dream was a little more recent, about a year ago. I was running down hallways (this was before the 5th book, mind you) and I kept lifting my wand and crying "Alohomora!" to open the doors at the ends of the hallways. My wand was funny; it wasn't wooden, it looked like those Venetian glass sticks you use for lampworking (if you know what I mean).  It was clear, not opaque. I think it was blue-green. Then, I was in a small playground next to my house at dawn, carrying my wand, and standing there for some reason. I think I met Harry or Ron there, but I'm not sure.  The whole time I had this vague feeling that I was Hermione, but I might have just been myself as a witch. 
Dream 3 - (Order of the Phoenix spoilers!) This dream is very recent; I had it a few months ago. It was influenced a lot by the 5th book. I was Harry, and I was in the Department of Mysteries, holding the glass prophecy. I remember specifically I couldn't decide whether to put it in my pocket, where it could be Summoned by Death Eaters, or hold it in my hand, where it might fall out. In the dream it wasn't the size of a paperweight, like it was in my mind when I read the book. Instead, it was a little larger than a cherry. I was with Ron and Hermione. However, we weren't in the Department of Mysteries, really, we were in a house at night. Sometimes it was brightly lit and sometimes not. Instead of Death Eaters, my enemies were the seventh-graders at my school (I'm in eighth grade). I especially remember that these two twin brother seventh-graders were there, who at the time were bothering me a lot. Whenever I met them, I would curse them, mostly with curses like Furnunculus and Tarantellegra, and I might have jinxed them with Impedimenta. Sometimes my curses didn't work, and Hermione would yell that I was causing too much noise. I don't know why I didn't just Stun them. Then, Dumbledore was there for a very short while, and then I said to Hermione, "My imagination isn't working." What was happening was that I was waking up, and the Prophecy just dematerialized, it wasn't real for me anymore, and I couldn't hold it in my hand. Then I woke up.
Dream 4 -  I was a student at Hogwarts, and it was the first day, so I was just getting used to the wizarding robes. And I was in the bathroom, and I was having a very hard time managing my robes. And I got the hem of my robes wet in the toilet! That's about it. However, it does shed some light on the everyday gripes of wizards-- how do they manage to do certain things, like scrubbing floors for instance, without getting their robes wet? 

From Sarah ~
I was at Hogwarts, with my best friend Kayla. Everyone's always saying she looks like Hermione!  Anyway...
I saw Draco at the Slytherin table at dinner , and I have a huge crush on him so, I thought, What the heck? I walked up to him, said "Will you go out with me?" and he stood up and kissed me in front of everyone.

From Katie S ~
My dream was that I got a Hogwarts letter, went to Diagon Alley, got everything including A FIREBOLT!!! I went to Hogwarts and go to Potions and then I woke up, I keep trying to carry on the dream but I can't remember where I am up to!!

From Victoria (Warning - mushy)
I was on the set of Harry Potter movie.  I was at Privet Drive.  They were filming the part when he was in the little closet that the Dursleys left him in, when he was done he came up to me and said "You want to take a look around?" I said "Sure, why not."  He held my hand and showed me around, but just outside there were people taking pictures of us. Like we were going on a date or something. So many girls screaming and yelling out his name, of course there was a lot of girls jealous of me. I really didn't know what was going on, until there was this guy from the press and asked Harry "Are you both going out? Are you both getting to have a good relationship? Are you both getting married?". That's the time I said "What ever gives you that idea-" just then Harry cuts me off and says "Yes that reminds me," he gets down on knee and says it out loud "VICTORIA WILL YOU MARRY ME?"  Everybody's in shock and surprised. I really didn't know what to say, I was so surprised. He was looking at me with his green eyes waiting for my answer. I said "Yes I will marry you."  Then right after everybody from the set of the movie gathered around and clapped. Right there he stood up and kissed me, after I woke up. In my dream it seemed real because it felt like was holding my hand, even though I live in Hawaii & he lives in the U.K.


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