. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

From Willow
Dream 1 - I had just been reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the second time, and just got to the part where they were at school. 
 As soon as the dream starts I automatically know that I'm Hermione since a) Hermione/my hair is in my face and I can tell it's bushy and b) Ron and Harry were right next to me. Well, Peeves was throwing water balloons and one hit me, and I got really mad. I don't think Hermione would get this mad, so it must have been me in Hermione's body or something since I have a fiery temper. Well, as soon as I'm about to kick Peeves (I kick people I'm mad at), McGonagall grabs onto my neck since this was the part where she had slipped. As soon as she apologizes, it's over.
Dream 2 - In this dream I just had a bunch of flashes, and they aren't in order since I don't remember the order. I think I'm in Ron's situation in all of them but I'm still myself, so unless it says otherwise, assume I'm being Ron. I'll just list them to make it easier to tell the difference between flashes:
1) My wand wasn't working since it got broken from the the flying-car-in-the-tree thing, so I'm hitting it on the desk crying, "You bloody wand! Work, I tell you, WORK!!!" It just sparks purple stuff. Then...
2) I'm Lily, and it was the night she and James died since I'm hugging Harry crying, "Don't kill Harry! Please don't kill him.... oh God..." Right after I say oh God I die, though Voldemort doesn't even say the Killing Curse, there's just a blinding green light that hurt my eyes and then... well, I'm dead. Then....
3) I'm Ron, and I'm staring at Scabbers, though I know it's Peter, and I'm screaming, "What's wrong with you? I let you sleep in my bed! You pervert!" And then Hermione comes in the dormitory and lets Crookshanks in, and the cat eats Scabbers/Peter. Then we high-five each other and then Harry walks in saying, "What's going on in here?" Then...
4) I'm George, and my best friend is Fred though we still look like ourselves and sound like girls cause we're girls (duh!), and Mrs. Weasley's yelling at us about how we want to open a joke shop. And I say in my fake British accent, "Come on, mum. We'll give you 10% of the money we make off it." And Mrs. Weasly goes, "25%" And then my friend who's Fred says, "Fine, 25%" Then we both shake hands and say "Deal!" then....
5) I'm Ron again, and it's basically just that whole puking slugs scene, though we don't go the Hagrid's hut, we just go to the school. And then it ends and goes on to ...
6) You know that part in book three where Sirius comes in the boy's dormitory and is holding that knife over Ron's bed? Well, I was Ron again, though instead of screaming at the end like Ron did in the book, I just say, "I can't believe it! I can't believe I finally met you!" (He's my favorite character). Then Sirius just stands there in confusion as I sit up in bed and kiss him. And then in the last one...
7) This was basically the first scene where Harry was being jerked off his broom but I'm Harry and I actually fall off the broom. Everything just seems to go mute as I fall, fall, fall... but then Fred catches me just in time by grabbing my arm as I fell past him. I think my arm got out of socket since my eyes were watery and I sort of moaned in pain and agony (getting your arm out of socket hurts!). Then Fred just sort of smiled at me, and then the dream ended. 
Dream #3 - (Book Five Spoiler! And some kissing...) You know that part where your sort of half awake and are aware of what's happening around you but can't move? Well, that's when I had this bizarre dream. Sirius was cleaning his house and stuff, and I was helping him, and then we sort of just start making out! In the back round, his mothers painting was in the corner, though she was singing opera music, Fred and George were trying to catch black fairies (which I later assumed were doxies) and stuffing them into bags, and Ron was telling Hermione how stupid S.P.E.W. was as Harry tried not to laugh. What was really strange is that I had this dream the night before I got the fifth book. I'm dead serious too. Though I do have what people call a deja vu (you have a dream and then a week later what happened in the dream happened in real life, or something in real life seems familiar.) a lot, so that might have been it. I only have them in that half-awake stage anyways. Despite the fact that some of it was unrealistic with the whole opera-singing painting and me making out with Sirius Black, it was pretty neat. What sucked was that I remembered none of this till Sirius died, and then I said the s-word because it was really creepy, remembering all of this.

From Burgie
I had been reading the books for like...three days straight prior to this, and I had on one of the CDs I had burned the day before, so I guess that could explain why the song was in there...
Well, I used to live in Bossier City, Louisiana, and my dream was set there.  I was in my first hour class (science, I think) when Harry and Ron came into the class holding a huge stack of papers. I looked up to see my science teacher, an old haggish woman with way too much makeup on, scolding them for interrupting the class's concentration (we were taking a test), and she was trying to send them out of the room.  They kind of looked at each other grimly, then Ron said , 'Oh well, we'll get to her next period.'  Then they walked out of the room with the papers. All of a sudden, I was in my second hour class, but it looked different.  Our school was kind of dingy, and in the dream it looked all medieval and dungeon-like.  We were copying notes when the door opened again, this time Harry and Ron had Draco with them.  Since my teacher was about to retire, he didn't give a crap what we did in the class so he let them stay.  Then they sat around me, and started to toss paper wads at me.  My friend Phillip turned around and told them to stop flirting, then the bell rang, but we all left to get on the buses.  The boys followed me onto my bus, and when we were driving to my house, they all started to sing, 'Heaven', the newer slow version, but they'd sing different parts in intervals.  When I got off, they all stopped me and kissed me each in turn, then I walked down the steps to the road and they were still following me, and had started to sing the song again, but as we passed my neighbor's house, the old man who lived there joined them and started to sing. I got freaked out, so I grabbed Ron and Draco, telling Harry to follow and ran into my house. Then all of a sudden they started to sing 'Psycho' by System of a Down, then I woke up and found my CD skipping like mad because the cat was jumping on it.

From LunarGlow
OK, this dream's a bit vague, but I still remember it.. ^_^
I was in the great hall with my best friend Mari, and we were looking over a bunch of books for a big test or something of the like.  There were a couple of other students, and we could hear a Quidditch game going on outside of an open window.  I was in 7th year Slytherin, and she was a 7th year Gryffindor, but since she was my best friend, no alliances were made.  Anyway, I remember Dumbledore calling her up to him.  He took her into a back room, and it was a while since anything happened.  Suddenly, Prof. Snape is standing behind me, stroking my hair, and whispering something.  I see Dumbledore walk out of the room, but Mari's nowhere to be seen.  I then freak out, and run into the Slytherin common room, only, it was on fire, and there was no one else there.  I see Mari, but she just turns and walks into the fireplace.  It was really noisy, and all around I could hear the cheers of from the Quidditch game.  And then I turn around, and Snape's about a foot away from my face and I say "Why aren't you at the Quidditch game?" and he says "To be with you."  And then my mum woke me up.  

From Samhain (Kissy stuff!)
I dreamed this after falling asleep with a sugar high
Ron Weasley and I were getting our ears licked by earwax-eating-emus.  Then, we had to watch out for their wallaby riders who were trying to eat our big toes off.  We ran away after my big-toe was eaten, to the Hogwarts Lake. There we met Pansy Parkinson, who was then mauled by a rabid didgeridoo.  We left her corpse for the Giant Squid, and ended up in the Potions class, and I was wearing a Slytherin outfit.  Snape yelled at me because my skirt was above my knees when I sat down, and after class Malfoy asked me out. We took a walk around the lake and found Pansy's skeleton washed up on shore. Then, I went to bed after being kissed by Draco and woke up. When I woke up, Oliver Wood was laying next to me, and he kissed me, and then I woke up again, for real. It was really strange and kinda creepy, but it happened. 

From Slytherin1987
I am a girl, so this was an odd dream I suppose.  I had this really strange dream one night shortly after reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (literally no sleep for like three days). 
I was sitting in the potions room working on some potion; Hermione and Ron were working nearby, Draco was over on the opposite side of the room and the other Gryffindors and Slytherins were there as well, except Harry, then I realized that I was Harry Potter so of course I wouldn't see him. Suddenly, there was Professor Snape, glaring, though he didn't look too bad, just kind of tired.  So, Snape demands to know why I'm staring about the room instead of paying attention to my potion, which is currently melting my cauldron. I stare at him for a minute and than suddenly blurt out with, "Why do you hate me?" I then go on this tirade about not being my father and having nothing in common with a man who died before I had turned two and how I hated being told I was so much like my father, and how I hated being famous and having my entire life on display for people to examine, and how everyone's opinions of me changes simply by what the Daily Prophet is saying this week.  And how the only reason he's mean to me is because he's getting back at my dad for what he did to him when they were is school.  And on and on and on.  Eventually, I realized I had the entire class staring at me as if I'd grown another head and I shut up and I know I blushed then.  Snape was just sort of looking at me, no real emotion for a moment, then with a nice evil smirk, he gave me detention and took fifty points from Gryffindor for complaining.  Later, during my detention, I was cutting up slugs and he just sort of looking at me all casually and says, "Maybe you're right, Harry."  I stared at him for a moment and then, just when some rather odd thoughts [maybe I should kiss him] crosses my mind and then, just as I was about to do this, I woke up. 

From Dobbyladriel 
Dream 1 -  (This was right after listening to the first chapter of The Goblet of Fire.)  I was running around my neighborhood, and all of a sudden, the place was covered in giant snakes!!!!  I think I saw a person talking to one, but then I saw my brother get constricted by a boa!!!  I started screaming, and then, running into a snake, I fell over.  It was about to bite my arm when I woke up.
Dream 2 - (This was after reading the Chamber of Secrets.)  I was at my cabin, and all of a sudden the place was all quiet.  Well, me, being a curious git, started looking around.  I saw every person that was there, but they were all stone and floating in midair!
Dream 3 -  I was in a Drama class at school.  (But for some reason I was in my health room)  I knew a few people there, including my three best friends, and one of my rivals who likes Orlando Bloom, and DANIEL RADCLIFFE!! (Plays Harry Potter)  I was trying to concentrate on the song we were learning, (Dan can't sing) but I kept looking over at Dan and he kept smiling at me.  After the class, I walked out of the room, and for some reason, the corridor looked like my hallway at home.   My mum came up to me and asked who this was I was talking with, (Dan) and when I next looked up, he was this kid from my school!

From UKPrincess (Warning: snogging!  Or, in more boring terms, kissy stuff)
Me and my friend, Natalie, were driving down a road that was in the middle of nowhere, and on our left we noticed a fairly big lake and decided to stop and have our lunch sitting next to this lake.  So we take all the lunch and stuff down to this lake, find and spot and sit down.  After about 1/2 an hour I notice there are these small ripples on the surface and are gradually growing bigger and bigger and eventually these ripples turn into huge waves.  The waves stop and Harry steps out of the water, perfectly dry, and sits down next to me, and he starts to eat this sandwich.  After he finished the sandwich, Harry asks Natalie if she can leave for a few hours so me and Harry have time alone.  Natalie agrees and leaves us alone.  Harry and I start snogging, a lot, and then he pulls away and tells me that I have to become a witch.  I ask why and he says that I have to become a witch, be in Gryffindor, or else we cannot be together.  I agree and we start snogging (again) until Natalie comes back.  I tell her that I have to become a witch, and so she says, OK, well goodbye and leaves.  Me and Harry hold hands and walk away into the water, he leans over to kiss me and I wake up!

From Sue Sayram
This was before the first movie
I dreamt I was next to a barn in the middle of nowhere with a friend when a limo drove past us with Daniel Radcliffe inside and I chased after the limo until I reached the open door the limo still moving and jumped in and we started talking and I woke up.
I had a different one where I climbed through a McDonalds playground and came out in the Quidditch pitch during a game

From Stella A.
I was on this raft type thing with Fred and George and we were going down this dark and weird river.  The twins had on those dragon hide vests that they mentioned in book five.  So, anyway we were traveling down this river, on some big mission for Dumbledore.  I forget what it was, but I know it was important.  We stopped at this river-ferry-boat thing and went into the bar, for a short break.  Everyone there was dressed as though they were in the 1800’s.  Fred went up and was talking to the bar tender, when he happened to mention the mission.  Some guy then walks up and announces he will be helping us on our mission. (He introduced himself as John Smith, however he looked exactly  like Lockhart.) Fred said that he was sorry, but he wasn't allowed to come. So, Lockhart…..Smith, got really mad and was about to punch him, but I came up behind him and pushed him into the water.
            So, we continued our journey down the river. Eventually a large castle-thing came into view.  We got off, and it appeared to be one third Hogwarts, One third Muggle school, and one third amusement park.  Fred and George went off behind this net-wall-thing to get some guy in a wheel chair, so I just waited in the one line there was. When I finally got up to the ride, I discovered that I was sitting next to Harry, Dean, and Ron. The ride was at first a water ride, going through the Chamber Of Secrets, and then it turned into a roller coaster. Just as we were about to go down a HUMONGOUS drop…………I woke up.

From TLPogue (kissy stuff and implied ... um ... snogging)
I was on the shore of the Lake at Hogwarts. I was digging and I came across a jeweled hilt of a magnificent sword. The jewels were emeralds and peridots and the silver was twisted into shapes of snakes. I pulled it all of the way out of the ground and from behind the willow tree stepped Draco. He was wearing a loose white collared shirt and a pair of black slacks. His silvery-blond hair looked like he had just ran his hand through it. He stepped towards me with a disdainful look on his face and reached for the sword saying, "That belongs to me." I grinned and put it behind my back saying, "You'll have to get it back from me." I am desperately afraid of being chased, so I dove into the lake, sword first. Suprisingly (on both accounts) Draco followed me, and we realized we could breathe and talk under water.  He swam towards me and said, "Now no one can see me...I can be who I want." Then he leaned forward and kissed me. I remember watching the sword slip from my hands and it spiraling down into darker water. He looked at me and said, "Don't worry, it's hidden. Like our love." We stayed down there for what seemed like hours (I won't state what we were doing) and came up just as the sun was setting. The sky was pink and we were both sitting on the grass when he pulled from his pocket all of the jewels from the hilt. He placed them in the hole from which I had dug the sword and covered it up, crying. Then he bent down and kissed me on the forhead saying, "Now I have to go back to who I was. Thank you, I won't forget."

From Anonymous
Dream #1 - Once I had a dream that I was running away from these elf things with Harry Potter. We then ran into this white room to get away from them and we saw that there was a door. He opened the door and we found ourselves in the Chamber of Secrets. Tom Riddle was there and he summoned the Basilisk just like in the movie. Harry then defeated it and we left the Chamber. We then went outside of the white room only to find Ron, Fred, and George flying down in this car/plane thing. We then met up with Hermione and decided to go back into the Chamber. When we went, Tom Riddle was still there. When he saw all of us coming back he shouted "Expelliarmus!" and Harry, Ron, and Hermione's wands flew out of their hands to Tom. Being the only one left with a wand I shouted the first spell that came into my head which was "immobulus." The spell did nothing and I was left feeling quite embarrassed and stupid because Ron was there (and I have a huge crush on Rupert Grint). Then we were once again out of the Chamber and suddenly in my math class where I was sitting with Harry, Ron, and Hermione planning the best way to sneak out of school and go into the Chamber again. When we got our plan organized, we snuck out but it turned out that only Harry and myself were going. Before we went in he gave me a hug and told me to be careful (even though he was going in with me). So once again we opened the door and found Tom Riddle staring at us again. I then ran over to the dead Basilisk and took a tooth from its mouth. I then went to the diary and stabbed it with the fang, thought it wasn't quite as effective as it was in the book/movie. So I sat there stabbing it for a while and finally when it began to work I woke up.
Dream #2 -  Another time I had this dream that it was Passover and my family decided to have a lot of people over.  I invited three of my best friends and we were having a good time until I found out that my parents had invited the Weasleys and the Malfoys. Knowing this was a bad idea I tried to persuade them to uninvite one of the families, but then Lucius Malfoy walked in the door. Surprisingly he was very nice, but sadly he did not bring Draco with him. Then the Mr and Mrs Weasley came with Ron and I was very happy about this. My friends, Ron and I left the dinner table to go into this room in my house that I had never seen before to go play Playstation (which I don't even have). Then some people I didn't know walked in the room and it turned out that they were my brother and sister (and I am an only child). I then sat down to play videogames when Ron grabbed the controller out of my hand. I gave him this very sad face and he looked apologetic. He then walked over to me and gave me back the controller and gave me this hug (which cheered me up instantly). The Lucius walked in and said something and I woke up.


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