. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

From Ida
Dream 1 - I was dreaming I saw Sirius Black escape from Azkaban prison. He was in a weird bridge with traps and when he said "No one has escaped from this prison alive – try me!"  When he came against the traps, it looked pretty cool.  
Dream 2 - Another time I was fleeing from the Ministry of Magic, because I was some kind of spy. They catch me and because I was a spy they gave me Truth gas or powder, whatever, in my left ear, that was a VERY VERY odd feeling.  When I wake up and could still feel oddly in my ear. 

From Adria 
I had this dream as soon as I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
I was sitting in Dumbledore's office, obviously waiting for him. The weird thing was, Harry Potter was sitting at a chair a few feet from me. Harry Potter? A dream come true. He's so adorable! There was an awkward silence and Fawkes's eyes were locked on mine. Never have a blinking contest with a Phoenix. I lost, big time. Professor Dumbledore comes in all cheery and I get into this adoration effect, Dumbledore is sooo cool. He sits down and faces Harry first, and says "Harry, Snape has given up all efforts to teach you Occulumency. She will be teaching you," and he pointed at me. 
I just stared with my mouth open and say "But I know nothing about Occulumency, headmaster, please!" 
Dumbledore just smiles and says, "You two go to Potions now. Snape knows why you are here." 
We both stand and we're walking down the stairs toward the dungeons when Snape walks into us. 
"You two, head straight to the dungeons now, you're late! Fifty points from your house!" 
Harry says, "But she's from your house!" 
And I'm like, "I am?" And I wake up. 
Dream 2 - Okay, another dream. I think I had waaay too much coffee before I fell asleep. Yeah, that's pretty much it.  I was walking on a balcony of what looked like a fancy opera auditorium. I guess I was waiting for the Phantom to come.  But instead, I found Tom Riddle. Good enough, the angst is pretty much there. He was on the stage, holding his broom in one hand. He spots me and disappears behind a curtain. "Wait!" I cry. I was chasing him because I wanted to hug him. His whole sad childhood is touching. 
"Excuse me?" someone says from behind me. Harry Potter stares curiously at me. Oh, geez, what happened to Harry's glasses? He is so adorable without them and looking very much like Riddle but younger and more innocent in a different way Riddle does. 
"Uh, there was a boy down there" I drone. Suddenly, Tom Riddle leaps from a balcony above us and onto Harry. I say "No!" and "OOOooooo!" because now Tom is dressed in the Phantom's clothes, mask and all. Cool. They throw themselves off the balcony. I cry "NOO!!" and run after them. As I look downward from the balcony, everything is blurred and I wake up. 

From Shadow
This was 2 years ago, I think it was after I read the 1st HP book or during... 
I was standing by the janitor, Joe, of my old school. The trash can where the children dumped their plates in was next to me behind the big, blue curtain on the stage. Professor Snape was in front of me, sneering. I guess I growled then took the trash can and placed it over him then walked out of the cafeteria.

From A Good Friend
This is one of my friends dreams. She is a little weird and the when she likes a guy, she kinda sticks to him. Oh yeah, and she changes a lot. So, to keep her name safe, I will say it like it was me.
At first, I was at Hogwarts and it was just after Sirius broke in on Halloween. I was right beside Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley. After I tried, tried and tried again to get Draco to "keep me company" all night, I finally turned to Ron. Well, to his loss, he said yes and that was it. I would not get away from him. I followed him all over. Then, we went to see Harry play. Then, I was playing! I was sooo happy. Then, with no reason at all, Harry just changed. Like when you go "pouff!" but there was no "pouff" and nothing at all like that. Just all of a sudden, HARRY HAD BREASTS! And I mean HUGE ONES! So big, he fell off his broom and Hermione said "I told you not to try and impress Cho like that!" And then she started kissing Oliver Wood. Then, one of my friends (me) was with me and when the teacher appointed one of my other best friends Quidditch team captain, I was so sad. I forgot that this year is when they set team captains and I also forgot Wood was gone. I then protested that I deserved to become team captain and when I said Woods name (in French it's also Wood but it is funnier in French) my friend (me) started to laugh "Dubois, hahahaha! Gess, gess wath, Dbois! hahaha..." so much I became irritated I said "Ok, fine, let her be it," and then Prof. Mc Gonnagall said "Since you are such a good and noble player, here is a whole Quidditch game set. Complete with all the balls and a "fire bolt". Also, there is a scholarship to be in the Ireland team and a head-of-house prefect badge so you can stay outside as long as you want." I was excited and I opened it, and then it was empty.  All of a sudden, a paper came out, and when I read it, I heard a really loud and well pronounced "SIKE!" and then I got out with Prof. Mc Gonnagall and my friend (me) laughing at 2 different reasons but still laughing together. And as I heard the "sikes!" and "haha! Dubois" laughs fade. I woke up! 

From Pharaoh Riyo
Me and my friend were running in this forest and all of a sudden I started to hear noises, like someone was chasing me. So I kept running faster and faster... leaving my friend behind. Eventually, I reached a clearing with tons of snakes. I freaked out and accidentally cut one of their heads off, so the snake head, body, and rest of snake crew were chasing me. I reached the end of the forest, and suddenly it was night and the full moon was shining. I kept running until I bumped into who I think was Remus Lupin. I was bleeding (don't ask me how) and I was crying and saying something. He bent down (I was sitting on the ground) and said, "You know nothing of pain." Then he kissed me... and my mom woke me up (bummer.) 

From Shadowing
I was in 7th year in Gryffindor and it was at the time that the Marauders were still at school. They were in the same year as me and we were friends. We were in the Potion class and I asked them if I could be the fifth member of the Marauders and they said yes! I told them I was an animagus too and that I could change into a wolf and an owl (I was the only one who could change into two animals) and they decide that I was going to be called Shadowing (that's weird, I know). So after the class, Remus came to me and said: "I knew you could change into a wolf." So I said "How did you know?" And he said "Well, I'm a werewolf and I feel those kind of things." And after that, he told me he wanted to go out with me and.......I woke up!

From HarryHater/killer times 1 million
It started out in the Gryffindor dormitory with Harry, Ron, and me. We were talking about Hermione, but all that I could think about is Malfoy's pretty, pretty face. When all of a sudden, Dumbeldore crashed through the door screaming, "Intruders!" Then he fell to the ground with an arrow in his back. Everyone gasped and Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli crashed over the body of the dead Dumbledore. (My name here is Jewel of America) "We have come to retrieve the girl that goes by the name of Jewel!" shouted Legolas, the elf. I stood there still when all of a sudden, Malfoy came into the room and pointed his wand 2 inches from the elf's face. "You will not lay a single hand on her unless you want to go through me!" demanded Malfoy. I stared at him as he stood up for me. At the same time Harry jumped up and pushed Malfoy aside and took his place. "You would rather have to go through me!" I glared at Harry for quite a while. Legolas pointed an arrow at Harry's face and recited, "But I also want her for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" I was amazed. Aragorn and Gimli both said at the same time, "Oh no, here he goes again!" and they then tip-toed off outside of the room. Legolas shot the arrow at Harry and as quick as a flash. . . HARRY DIED!!!  Yay!  I cheered for joy and that made Legolas come over to me and he wrapped his arms around me and tell me that he didn't know that I felt this way for him.  Then out of nowhere Captain Jack Sparrow came swinging on a rope. He yelled to Malfoy, "If you were waiting for the most opportune moment, you missed it!" I looked for a moment, but when I felt Legolas' hand getting way too close to you know where, I told him that I really love Malfoy. Legolas then let go of me and he shriveled up.  Jack then yelled, "This is your moment boy!" Then Malfoy put a sleeping spell on Ron who was just gazing at that weird scene. Then Malfoy told me he loved me and he kissed me and I kissed him back. We stood there with our arms around each other while three dead bodies of Dumbledore, Harry, and Legolas lay next to our feet. Then I woke up.... 

From DooDooBrain (Snogging!  Which is a fun way of saying this dream has lots of kissing in it.)
I'm standing in a dark room when suddenly Harry appears.  
"What the – ?"
"I'm not who you think I am." and then he changes into Malfoy.  He snaps his fingers and I think we're in the Slytherin dormitory or something. "Now my pretty," he whispers in an evil voice, "show me where the secret lies," motioning towards a tied up Harry, Ron, and Hermione, "or you'll never see those three again."
"You're on."
He grinned evilly. "Not so wise.  Not so wise.  IMPERIO!"
I start running like crazy in circles trying to dodge his spells.  He starts chasing me down a dark hallway. "Now," he said calmly, "we have matters to discusss" Snogging, snogging, and just for a change of pace, more snogging.  Then, a half escaped Harry comes running down the hallway saying, "What about us?  You forgot about us!"  Then, he stops when he sees us.  "Never thought you'd be one to take to the dark side.  Funny though," he continued, "the way Malfoy would always stare.  Guess it woulda happened one of these days.  Ah well, doesn't make much of a difference now seeing as I'm going to have to kill you both."  Then, he changes into Wormtail.  "What my master wants, my master gets." he says to me.  Then, suddenly, there's a bright light and Wormtail's dead.  Then, I'm seeing Harry again and he's fighting with Malfoy except they're in a wrestling arena and they're boxing.  Harry seems to have a good advantage over Malfoy, but suddenly, Malfoy drops to the ground, avoids Harry's punch and sweeps him off his feet and Harry goes flying into some sort of time portal.  Then, we're alone in the dark room again and Malfoy and I start snogging again.  Then, he starts fading into oblivion, but just before he's gone, he says, "I'm sexy!  I'm sexy!  Oh yeah!  And don't forget it!"  Then I wake up.

From Jenna Foran (Order of the Phoenix spoiler!  Beware!)
OK. this dream is right after Sirius was killed by Beatrix Lestrange.  I was just watching it happen.
Sirius had just fallen through the curtain, and everyone turned to stare at it flapping in the nonexistent wind.  Then Neville jumps on Beatrix's head and sits there all quiet like...a...turban or something.  Remus runs over to the curtain and walks through it and comes out on the other side.  Then Harry reaches though and pulls Sirius back though the curtain.  Sirius then picks Harry up and they float away.  Remus steps back through the curtain and we start making out (I know I wasn't in it...we just...were...).  I look over and Neville is trying to jump off of Beatrix's head but he is glued and she is screaming about how he was pulling out her hair.  Then he starts screaming back something about payback for his parents.  All of a sudden Remus had sprouted wings and we were flying away.  Then I woke up.  

From Crash_crash (Snogging and possible groping)
This was last year when I was completely head-over-heels in love with Tom Felton (plays Malfoy) (I still am, though!) and my best friend Alanna was completely dazzled by Dan Radcliffe (plays Harry). 
I dreamt that I was at my old school, walking around with Tom, holding hands with him. We sat down on the stairs that went to the library and started pashing (snogging, French kissing, whatever you want to call it) and we just sat there kissing for ages. All the while this was happening Alanna and Dan were snogging and feeling each other up etc. When we broke off he said, "I have to go back to England soon," (I live in Austrtalia) and I started crying and said, "We can make it work, Tom, we can make it work!" and he agreed, and we kissed again, and then I woke up.

From Stini
I had this dream, where Harry got hit by a spell (it was green, but not Avada Kedavra), and he gets thrown into a corner and passes out.  And then he suddenly wakes up, and his eyes are all evil and stuff, and he gets up and he sort of goes through me, and it just happened over and over again.  But for some reason, he looked incredibly hot evil. 

From Emma
(Note from Tealin:  I had reservations about putting this one up.  It looked like a plug for fanfic.  But the author assures me that it was indeed a dream, or at least started out as one, so I'm putting it up against my better judgment.)

This is a bit of some chapters of a book I wrote that I obviously didn't publish. The book has a thousand pages and 45 chapters it's called Harry Potter and the Animagus Owl.
  It is based on a month dream.
Harry, Ron and Hermione have just entered their seventh year at Hogwarts, Harry and his two friends go and sit beside Ginny, Dean, Neville and Parvati. The Headmister, Dumbledore stands up and says:
"I have an announcement, today for first time in more than 30 years Hogwarts is going to have a seventh grader as a teacher. This is because the excellent ability this student has shown, please welcome our youngest teacher ... Harry Potter who will be teaching Dark Arts."
There's a burst out of applause, when Harry stands up open mouthed and lets out a clear "Eh?"
Dumbledore invites Harry
to the teachers' table.  Harry goes and thanks Professor Dumbledore.  When he's halfway leaving the teachers' table... Dumbledore calls after him and says: 
"Where are you going this is your place?"
"I prefer to go and sit with my friends.."
"Your friend or your girlfriend?" says Cho, standing up.
"What are you talking about?" says Harry, walking over to her and grabbing the magazine she's holding for him. When he looks at it his mouth falls open...
"I'll read the heading for you..."says Cho with a malefic smirk, "HERMIONE GRANGER, HER BUSHY HAIR, AND HER CRUSH ON HARRY POTTER!"
This time Hermione´s mouth fell open, her eyes filled with tears she stood up and ran through the Great Hall door.
Suddenly Harry comes to his senses and cries:
"What kind of a person are you?, I don't care if she has a crush on me or not she is still my friend and I won't let you treat her that way!"
"Harry ,come to your senses she's humiliating you!" Cried Cho.
"Are you jealous or have a hate-you thing with Hermione, because you told me you didn't read HAIR DRESSERS, and neither does anybody in this school!"
"That's my problem!"
"Fine!!" said Harry finally sitting down.  "Ron, stop staring!!!"
Next morning Hermione did not leave her room, neither did she for the passing month.  Harry was starting to worry if she was okay... 
So one Saturday, when he was sure no one was in sight, he walked through the girls door and started climbing the stairs.  When he got to the slippery staircase he threw a rope he had brought with himself and caught the handle.  Then he started climbing like a spider until he got to the top. He pushed the door open and found Hermione sitting full dressed in a window sill.
"Are you okay?" asked Harry while sitting on the nearest bed.
"Sorry," said Hermione coming back to Earth.
"Why sorry?" 
"I've caused you loads of problems...didn't I?"
"Not really, people stare at me in the hallways, and well Draco. But we both now that the staring, if we are talking about me, is common and Draco..."
"Mh" said Hermione finally grinning.
"It's nice to see you smile again" said Harry trying to cheer her up.
"Why did you stand up for me?"
"You are my friend, friends do that kind of thing.  By the way who told you?"
"It was that night's gossip, Thank you."
"You are welcome, are you planning to leave this room some time of year?"
"Of course not, they would kill me."
"If I lend you by invisible cap, would you come to tomorrow's Hogsmeade visit?"
"I guess."
"Then I will take that as a yes."
"Thanks for being my friend."
As Harry opened the door ,before he leaved he blew a kiss to Hermione.
Next day Harry takes Hermione to a place where she can stop using the invisible cap, Hollywood Planet, in that place people don't read Hair dressers because they're Muggles.
After a while of talking...
"Would the lady like to dance?" said Harry in an Victorian times tone.
"Why not?" said Hermione standing up and starting to dance with Harry a Western song.

From Aubers
I read the 5th Harry Potter book in June when it came out, but somehow in the middle of November I started to dream every night about Harry Potter, and I did until January. So I have a ton of dreams now under my belt:
Dream 1 - I was walking down the corridors at Hogwarts and I was walking with some people I didn't know, but I think they were students and we were all dressed in our uniforms. And I could NOT stop laughing. So here we were walking down the hallway during a passing time or something and I couldn't stop laughing, and no one seemed to notice. Then Draco Malfoy came over and started talking to me, and he was asking me questions, but I just kept laughing and he was acting like I answered him. This dream continued the whole night and all different people and like Harry and Ron were asking me questions and I was still laughing. 
Dream 2 - Me, my friends Jamie, Abby, and Kate, who happens to be English, we all standing outside Hogwarts. But it was ruined or it was going to be because we had to stay away from it, and I think only us and a few other people were alive there and we were all standing outside. Next to us were these weird dragon/snake things that we had to ride to get away, so we wouldn't die or whatever was going to happen. It was like me and my friends and Harry, Ron, Draco, Hermione etc. were like the oldest, and kids were getting on to the dragon/snake things.  We were all hurrying around to get away, but my friend Jamie, always a huge flirt, was flirting with Ron. I was like "NOOOOO!! STOP!! IT BURNS!!!" (no offense to Ron-fanciers) and oh it was so scary.  But I liked Draco in this dream too, and he liked me back...

From Kat
(This one also sounded like fanfic but once again I got the assurance of the contributor that it was a dream, just written in prose fiction style.)
 The flock of usual students dressed in black robes was led into the Great Hall for their first time. Professor McGonagall, being in the lead, held in a bony hand a scroll of parchment. Up ahead was the ragged sorting hat placed on top of a three legged stool. The Professor stopped next to the stool.
 "Now, when I call out your name, you will come up here, and the Sorting Hat will be placed upon your head." She un-rolled the scroll, and began reading off names. Near the end, her eyes widened slightly behind her rectangular spectacles. "R-riddle, Sylvania." Her voice was a bit on the shaky side. A figure dressed in the darkest cloak imaginable walked up to the stool. Her face was hidden beneath a hood.
 "I am afraid, Miss Riddle, that in order to be sorted, you must take your hood off." she whispered to the figure. The cloaked figure stretched out a pale hand, and flipped her hood down. Her hair was black, straight, and cut off just below the shoulders. Her face was thin and showed very little color. But, what seemed most familiar where her eyes. They where blood red, and had cat-like slits for pupils. She sat on the stool, and looked in Harry's direction. The hat was placed hesitantly upon her head.
 Harry clutched his forehead, as though he where feeling immense pain as her eyes met his. The whole hall had fallen deathly quiet.
 "SLYTHERIN!" it shrieked into the silence. There was a great amount of applause from the Slytherin table, mainly from the students' parents who worked for Lord Voldemort. As she sat down next to Draco Malfoy, I woke up.

From Tone
I'm not sure, but I think I was supposed to be Hermione. A mix of myself and Hermione, I can say. A student at least. I was with my fellow students at school. Never seen the place before, but I guess it was Hogwarts. I think I remember the walls and things around, and it was not dark and gloomy, like in the films and as we usually imagine it, but rather light, white really, like marble. Then, Professor Snape walked by. I don't remember if we talked much, but I walked with him, away from the other students. We walked around some kind of corner, out of view from the others. We leaned our backs against a wall, and sank down to the floor, and we sat there next to each other, very close. I don't remember the order on the next two things, but one thing was that we kissed. And the other thing was that we flirted a lot, with our hands and things like that, like we do when we are young and in love. It was very innocently. And then some of the teachers came by. I remember Professor McGonagall, and there was one or two more. Snape and I stopped flirting immediately. I think they said something to Snape about school, but looked as they understood what was going on. But they did not say anything, and just walked away. Hmm, now when I think about it, we were not in very secret hiding, because we did walk away together after all, and everyone saw us going. I also think I remember that the other students looked at us in a strange way, mostly at me, when we left. Well, that is not that weird, since Snape is meant to be the worst teacher at Hogwarts. I think I woke up after the teachers left. 

From Jenny
The dream is of me and my mother at the cinema for the new Harry Potter movie and everyone is really excited. The movie starts and I scream in horror. Britney Spears is playing Hermione!!!  I am so upset about this I start crying. My mom says to settle down and wait to see how she is. When Britney enters the movie she sings. Hermione is singing and dancing to Harry and Ron! Thank goodness it was just a dream.

From Imaginary
Dream 1 - It seemed like I was Harry, but I couldn't quite tell.  Anyway, I was in the graveyard at Voldemort's rebirth. After he came out of the cauldron and had his robe put on him, I walked up to him and said something involving revenge. Then there were a bunch of booms and I woke up.
Dream 2 - This one was extremely odd. I was myself in this one, but was at Hogwarts with Harry. I don't remember where exactly we were, but it was somewhere on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. We just kept walking and walking, while Harry pointed out various things on the grounds – the Quidditch Pitch, the lake, the Whomping Willow, etc.  Once we finally got to the castle, it seemed once we walked in we were at my grandparents' house. I showed Harry to the living room and went to get food. When I came back Harry kissed me, and then I woke up.


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