On the left, trying to redesign Lupin with structure, on the right, without - am I hallucinating or does he look better without the structure? SydPad, does it ever happen to you that when designing characters straight off, they look more appealing when the structure isn't drawn first? Is this some deep, dark secret of character design, that when designing a character, don't use structure, but put it in afterwards so you can draw them again? I looked at some of Jean Gillmore's stuff on the Atlantis DVD (she's my faaaaavourite character designer) and it doesn't look like she uses structure right off either, besides maybe an eye line. What's going on here???

Here I've tried taking that design and rotating it a bit because profile just isn't the best way to go about designing people, in my experience. There was structure here once upong a time but with all the erasures and corrections it disappeared.

A new Malfoy design, trying to go for more pointy and less Hogarth's evil cousin.

A la El Dorado: Moony and Padfoot! Padfoot and Moony! Mighty and powerful dogs!
I'm not so good at dogs, especially big ones... I wanted to go for contrast between the shapes of Padfoot's and Moony's heads, making Padfoot look more like a Newfoundland or something. I like my old design of Moony better though...

And Hermione with her backpack. I'm trying to get a new Hermione design I like but I keep falling in the same rut.