Besides Ron, Fred, and George, who have their own pages.

Aww, isn't Ginny sweeeet?

Sweet again, though a bit embarassed here.  Somehow romantic similes involving freshly pickled toads don't sound all that inspired when recited in public.

Ah, what to write in that magical mystical diary of hers?  And what will it write back?

Well, someone's got to uphold the family honour.  I wouldn't get in Percy's way, if I were you.  He could get even more annoying.

Here he is exercising his rank as Head Boy, hobnobbing with the upper class - one of whom doesn't seem to be too happy about it.

The "long-haired pillock" meets his match.  Well, sort of.  Here he's saying "Hey, nice hair."  They both have long hair, see.  That's Sirius Black that Bill's shaking hands with, if you didn't know already.

Fleur Delacour has no objection to long hair or earrings with fangs.  I doubt Bill has objections to a pretty part-veela who likes him, either.

Yes, I KNOW Bill looks like Tulio from El Dorado.  That's how I picture him, okay?  Well, maybe slightly less Tulio-ish, but not much.  Maybe with red hair the similarity wouldn't be quite so striking.

This isn't exactly how I picture Arthur and Molly Weasley, but it's close enough to put up here.  It's far enough, though, to merit shrinking it down so the details are indistinguishable.  Here Arthur's dressed up as a Muggle.

Had as much of this family as you can stand?  Or do you want to see some other members of it?

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