Ron Weasley 

He just can't quite figure out why Harmione carries around weights that exceed the limits for child labour.  But it seems a good point to argue with her about, so why let it drop?

No, Ron, Harry would not like some Cockroach Cluster.  And you cannot Apparate or Disapparate inside the Hogwarts grounds.  And, come to think of it, I doubt Fred and George would be easily fooled by funny candy. 


However, it does appear that Ron is right on the money (if not literally) with his assessment of Lockhart.  Even though Hermione seems rather giddy over his signature.  That's right, Ron.  Roll your eyes.  But she's not going to catch on.

This rather grey page is Ron's expression sheet.  This is where he took the greatest steps in evolving from the first design to the design we know and love (well, that we know, anyway).  I personally like the one on the bottom left hand corner, where he has a surprised, nauseous expression on his face.  Darn broken wand.

Well, that's all for Ron.  There's just so famous you can get.

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