Professor Quirrell

Never thought he was what he was, did you?  And what is his first name, anyway?

This is the too-fun-to-draw design for Professor Quirrell, which I came up with while in line at one of those Chinese buffet places.

And here is another picture from the same page, depicting a certain turban-clad academic being influenced by the powers of adrenaline sparked by the appearance of a large, brutish creature suddenly - and inexplicably! - appearing in the dungeons.  (Psst - it was his plan!)


After colouring this picture, I realized that I had always pictured Quirrell wearing a very light coloured robe, probably light grey.  Even this looks too dark.  I guess the description of "pale" automatically extended to clothing in my strange mind.

This was drawn before my too-fun-to-draw design.  And of course the costuming is all wrong.  I have to redraw this.  But until then, you're stuck with this one.  Sorry.

Now it's time to see someone with a first name!

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