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I know you'll probably get tired of hearing this, but please tell me before you take anything form this site.. 


"I want to read it, as it's mine!"

This is Harry demanding his letter back from Uncle Vernon.  This easily one of my favourite drawings of Harry I've done.  And it was the second one.

Here's Aunt Petunia.  The picture on the left is supposed to be her looking artificially sweet while feeding baby Dudley, but she ended up just looking pretty.

Who could forget the cutest baby of all, Norbert?

Ah ... another picture of Quirrell.  He's just too fun to draw.  The colouring of this looks funny, though, not how I picture him. 

This was a drawing I did before I redesigned Quirrell, so that person you don't recognize hunched over his hands is him.  I have since learned that Harry is in his school robes, not his pajamas, but it's too late to fix that now.  I'll just completely redraw the picture.

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