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These pictures are in a completely arbitrary order. I just put them in as they fit. If you have a problem with it, don't be afraid to tell me about it.

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Harry's first encounter with a snake. Never knew it would mean so much, eh? Well, it did. And here it is. This is actually the part that got me interested in Harry Potter to begin with, as NPR had a story about it and had J.K. Rowling reading this part. I heard it at the dentist's office. Thank you, Dr. Hicks.

This is the evil white chess queen that knocks Ron out. I rather like the perspective on this picture.

This isn't an actual part of the book, this is just what I imagine Hagrid's reaction to getting Norbert's egg would be like. I know the egg is supposed to be black. I just didn't want the pencil smudging everywhere when it wasn't absolutely necessary.

When we first meet Malfoy, he's being fitted for his school robes. Sorry this picture's so faint.


Ah, dear Professor Quirrell. Yeah, I know he's evil, but I like this design for him, it's fun to draw. I drew this one at a Chinese restaurant.

And here's Quirrell getting into a fuss about a troll being loose in the dungeons. I told you he was fun to draw.

Let's not forget the prestigious director of Grunnings, Vernon Dursley. Doesn't he just look so ... friendly?  I didn't think so.

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