Yup, page five.  I've got to go to bed sometime, you know.

This was intended to be the troll from the first book but it's not nearly exaggerated enough.  Ignore the ghost bellybutton please, that was a bad placement that didn't erase all the way.

Gee, what could that odd voice be that keeps echoing through the walls?

This is when Harry is doing his detention in Lockhart's office, as you can tell by all the letters.

I tried drawing Riddle saying "You're dead, Potter," but he ended up looking suspiciously like Malfoy.  I guess that's where working with a pattern of traits that make someone look evil gets me.  Arg.

Here's a redesigning (another one) of Dumbledore, this time with a brimmed hat.  Sorry about the smudginess, it was on a really thin piece of paper and you can see right through to what's on the other side..

The true test of this design was to see if I could make the person who seemed so freindly and affable into someone you wouldn't want to look in the eye.  Did it work?

And this is why no one shares a room with Fred and George.  The things they do in their spare time, really.  These don't really look quite .. right, but they have the right personality so I'm leaving it at that for now.

Well, that's it for this installment of Tealin's sketchbook.  There are new pictures, but they're on a page that is potentially either nauseatingly boring or genuinely interesting, but you'll have to decide for yourself.  You can either go to Works in Progress (that page) or back to the Art Index.