New Pictures!

That's right folks, here for your delectation and delight are new, I repeat, NEW pictures from the sketchbooks of Tealin.  Actually they're not all that new, most of them were drawn last fall, but I just haven't had enough time to update (scan, tweak, save, format, save again, take to school, and upload) since then.  If some actually aren't new and are on some obscure page of mine that I forgot to check, please accept my humblest apologies.  But now I am stealing some time from my weekly walk assignment in animation to bring these pictures to you, who have cried out for more for ... seven months.  Tada.

These pictures should be sorted onto their appropriate pages soon, so if you see them in two different places that's why.  I just thought it would be easier for people who only wanted to see new pictures to see them all on one page.

And, as with everything else on my site, the order has no relevance to anything whatsoever.  Oh yeah, and please ask before taking any of these pictures . . .

Here's Ginny writing in her diary.  But is she just really putting thoughts down for posterity . . . or are darker forces at work?

All he can see is lots of fog.  Poor Ron.  But then, I can't see much either.

This rather stiff-looking picture is supposed to be of when Percy approaches Snape and Dumbledore talking, the night Sirius Black ripped up the Fat Lady.  

Peter Pettigrew, esteemed . . . er . . . traitor. Boo, hisss.

Oh, please, Hermione.  Lockhart's signature really doesn't mean that much.  Silly girl. (This was done back when I was in a big nose phase - sorry)

Oooh, look at that self-satisfied smirk.  I think this is my most Malfoyish Malfoy picture yet.

More -- yes, MORE new pictures!