Awww, the last page.  How sad.
Here's some more concept work on the Captain.  I did this while waiting for the bus to take me to the airport to go home for Christmas.  Awwww, how sweeet.
This is Teatime (teh-ah-tim-eh) from The Hogfather.  Very cartoony, also.  This was on my cartoony day.  It actually looks like someone in my class, but it wasn't supposed to.  He (Teatime, not the guy in my class) has one white, pupil-less glass eye, and his "normal" eye has a pinpoint pupil.  He also has no qualms about killing people, anyone, who gets in his way, mispronounces his name, or even whom he has no use for anymore.

That's all for new pictures, for now, and until May at least.  That's when I'll be graduating from animation school, with a portfolio and everything, so if you happen to be looking for people to work in your studio, hey, I'm right here.

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