Hey look more stuff from Johnny Maxwell!  They're really good books, you know.

Here are a number of attempts at Johnny Maxwell, main character of some truly awesome books that you really ought to check out. There isn't really a very solid physical description of him so I have to explore on paper a lot more - this is only about half of what I have in my sketchbook (that's not counting loose leaf paper) and I still haven't really decided on a design, though I feel like I am getting closer.  I have to negotiate a strait, making him look different from Harry and not too much like Hogarth from The Iron Giant, the best animated movie EVER, by the way.

Here's Johnny's friend Yo-less, so called because he's technically black but never says "yo."  He's the only person in school to actually wear the uniform and wants to be a doctor if he grows up.

This is Wobbler, so called because when he walks, he wobbles.  Wobbler is in a perpetual war against anti-piracy software, and so far he's in the lead.

This is Kirsty, the girl who wins everything because winning is what she does.  She's kind of like Hermione except ... more so.  Black belt in Karate, regional sharpshooting champion (she had food poisoning on the day of the nationals), she goes to a school for the "terminally clever."

This is Bigmac, the fourth member of Johnny's "gang," who wants to be a skinhead and join the army but doesn't like it when he's really shot at.

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