Well, imagine that, I've drawn more.  Huh.  Hardly like me, you know, drawing and all.

Here's a more action-oriented pose, Harry playing Quidditch.  I did this as reference for a friend's sculpture (which never ended up getting finished, but oh well) and not as a really serious illustration.

I've frequently been asked to draw Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eye, as so often described in the books.  This one looks better in my sketchbook than it does as a scanned image, but it's still there, a bit.

Here's Harry, looking rather unconvincingly angry.  I forget why I drew this picture.  It looks like someone just told him "look angry" and he doesn't really feel it.

My sister says Harry looks like he's about five years old in this picture. I drew him younger because I realized, about this time, that twelve-year-olds look a lot younger than I was drawing them.  Maybe I overdid it, I don't know, but I really like Ginny in this picture.  It's when they're in the Chamber of Secrets, and Harry calls out to Riddle to help him.

Here are two attempts at Lily Potter, which really should be up on the works in progress page, but aren't, because I could ony find two and that hardly makes it seem worth the effort.  My main problem with designing Lily is that she has to have not only the same eye colour (which is no problem) but the same eye shape as Harry.  This is a problem because Harry's eyes are very square, more masculine looking, so they don't look good on Lily, and it's not how I picture her anyway.  Plus I have to make her look like she's not related to James.  Stay tuned for further developments.

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