Gag Sketches!

These are just funny things I had to draw.  Technically, the Pitch Black drawing from page two should belong in here, but . . . it's not.  Just these for now.  However, because the image of Voldemort doing anything un-Voldemort-like is especially funny, some of those may turn up eventually.

I don't know why you'd want to use these pieces of insanity, but if you do, please mail me first ... 

In the third book, Harry wonders how one makes a dementor funny.  Well, Larkin and I came up with this one.  It looks pretty funny to me ...My sloppy handwriting reads "Azkaban's Ballet Repertory Theatre" 

Larkin was reading the third book with a very affected British accent one day, and me, half-listening, mistook her "Peter" for "Pizza."  So, I had to draw this, Pizza waltzing away from the wreckage of the Potters' house.  The rubber-hose arms and legs just seemed to me a must.

Well, you've gone as far as you can.  Head on back to the main art page, now ...

All images 1999 Tealin Raintree -- even the crazy ones.