Do you like these pictures?  Good!  Just please ask before you go do anything with them ... 


This is an imaginary scene where Sirius and James confront Lupin after they find out he's a werewolf.  Sirius is probably saying something like "We know what you are, why didn't you ever tell us?" or something of the sort.

This isn't a particular part, either.  That's why it's here of course.  I was just thinking ... both Sirius Black and Bill Weasley have long hair.  Well, Sirius has long hair sometimes.  Anyway, what if they were to meet?  This is Bill meeting Sirius, saying "Hey, nice hair."

This is the first drawing I ever did of Harry.  Okay, actually the very first drawing is in a letter in the possession of one Mirage Lavoie.  But this is a traced, scanned, and coloured version of that drawing.

And this is the first drawing of Hermione, at least using the design I use now.  The other ones didn't look so good.  This could be a part in the first book, but I put it here because it sums up her character more than illustrates a specific part.

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