Expression sheets

Expression sheets are used (especially by animators) to see how a character look with different emotions on their face.  I drew these to stretch my expression skills and to get the characters ingrained in my hand so I could draw them whenever I wanted without looking at a reference picture.

If you want to use any of these pictures, or pieces of these pictures, please contact me first!

Here's Harry's.  I really like the one on the broom.

This is Ron's, obviously.  My favourite is the one in the bottom left corner -- that's when his wand backfires, right before he starts burping up slugs.

And, of course, this is Hermione's expression sheet.  The one with the stack of books and the dreamy expression is from the second book, when she's staring dreamily at Lockhart.  She may have brains but she had a momentary lapse of taste back then ...

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All images 1999 Tealin Raintree