Draco Malfoy

He's not a misunderstood little boy who just needs a hug.  He's Draco Malfoy.  

Here's Malfoy trying on his robes at the beginning.  I did draw his arms to their full extent but to include them in this picture would mean also putting in a whole bunch of empty space that would make this picture take longer to load.  And we don't like that.  And his feet are miniscule, I just noticed.


This is my triumph picture.  I've tried to draw Malfoy for . . .well, almost a year, and every time he never looked right, no matter what I did, and then, lo and behold, one day in English (that was a good class for drawing - unfortunately, that's not what it was for) this came out of my pencil.  Woohoo.  I think it was the swoop thing in his hair, up by the forehead.  Of course that's his downfall as well, because if I'm not careful, he'll end up looking like an evil cousin to Hogarth Hughes, from Iron Giant, which, if you haven't seen, I command you to see NOW.


At the beginning of July, I was beset by the affliction of Bad Drawing Day Overload.  It turned out to be more like Bad Drawing Week-and-a-Half.  I decided that if I drew a drawing making fun of my affliction that it would go away, so I drew Malfoy smirking and saying "Fancy you can draw, do you?  Doesn't look like it."  Lo and behold, it worked.

Here's Malfoy with his loyal cronies/bodyguards/yes-men, Crabbe and Goyle.  I'm not so sure I like the design for Crabbe, he looks too . . .competent.  I wonder if Malfoy's dad had his generational equivalents of Crabbe and Goyle to be his generational equivalents of cronies/bodyguards/yes-men . . .

Is this leaving a bad taste in your mouth?  Try someone else ...

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