Remus Lupin

For someone as disliked as he is, at least in the wizarding world, it's amazing how popular he is among us Potterheads ...

When we first meet Lupin, he's sleeping on the train.  I've tried several times to draw this picture but it's never quite worked.  I finally had my sister model for this one (thank you!!) so the body position is right . . but I still need to work on the face a little.  It seems ... odd, somehow.

Well, would you look at that, it's this picture again!  I expect some of you are rather bored of it by now.  Anyway, it illustrates what happens halfway down page 352 (American edition) and at about the same place on page 258 (British edition).  This is one of those pictures where Lupin looks kind of weird.  This one is because the smudging from the wall kind of got on his face and shifted the line from his forehead to his nose.  Ick.  But then, everyone looks pretty weird here ...

Another picture where Lupiin looks a little weird.  I have tried time and time again to fix him and nothing's worked.  As soon as I find something that did work, though, rest assured I will put it up.

This is my second experiment with colouring both the characters and the background.  The other one was a hasty swipe with the colouring mechanism to see how it would work, I actually took time with this one. And of course the funny look to the faces (off-model for all you animation folks) is exacerbated, unfortunately..

You guessed it, this is the first drawing of Lupin I did.  While listening to the second movement of Beethoven's seventh symphony, while it was raining, at about 11:00 p.m., if I remember correctly.  Maybe it wasn't raining.  Maybe I was wishing it was raining.  I do that a lot.  Anyway, this is yet another one of those pictures where he looks funny.  I should draw one that doesn't look funny, eh?


Old friends.  Yeah, sure.  They don't look very friendly to me.  Anyway, I said I should draw him where he doesn't look funny, so here it is.  This is what he should look like.  Except maybe not so mean all of the time.

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