Yup.  More.  You guessed it.  Hey, you were the one who clicked on the link, you asked for it!

Ah, the travails of being a Quidditch player.  Fig. 1: rain.  This is supposed to be when Gryffindor is playing Ravenclaw in the third book.

If you recognise this picture, good for you!  Having so many characters it turns up on at least three pages.  Here it's shrunk down for your loading convenience.  I get impatient, too. 

Here's Harry turning up unexpectedly at Honeydukes in -- imagine that -- the third book.  Unknowingly, he also gives Hermione the chance to remind Ron yet again that you can't Apparate or Disapprate in the Hogwarts grounds.  You'd think he'd learn.

Being popular has its downsides.  Having Gilderoy Lockhart in control of anything affecting your life also has its downsides.  Combining the two is downright tragic for everyone involved, including the dwarves enlisted to deliver singing valentines.

This is a page of Harry's head expressing different emotions.  It was very helpful for me to learn how to draw him.  Unfortunately my design has shifted slightly as time progressed, and I like the old one (this one) more.

And we close with the first picture of Harry I ever drew.  Well, not really the exact first picture .. if you want the whole story, I've got it on one of those miscellaneous Harry Potter art pages.

Well now you have no choice but to look at someone else.  Well, you could leave, but you don't want to do that, do you?

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