Harry Potter

Internationally famous, currently fourteen-year-old wizard.  And that's just in the Muggle world.

Since Harry is so famous and the main character, he gets lots of pictures drawn of him.  I somehow doubt it, but let's hope the attention doesn't go to his head.

Here's harry having a nice tete-a-tete with a boa constrictor who, apparently, has never seen Brazil.

And here he is, demanding that funny parchemtn letter back from Uncle Vernon, who has a nasty habit of reading other people's mail.  Well, as long as it involves Harry.

I had an impulse to draw a young Harry, and here's what came of it.

Hagrid is being very affectionate today, yes?  You are perfectly free to have the opinion that Harry looks very strange in this picture.  I agree.

You know, it's amazing the things you learn when you hang around teachers after hours. 

More Harry, you say?

Or do you want to try another flavour, perhaps?

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