Yup, you guessed it.  I'm going to ask you to please tell me about any plans you have in store for these pictures... 

The three voluntary Triwizard champions.  From left to right: Fleur Delacour, Viktor Krum, and Cedric Diggory.  (If it wasn't obvious ...)

It says that Fleur seems to have no objection to long hair and earrings with fangs dangling off them. I doubt Bill has any objection to the attention of a part-veela, either.
This isn't an exact part of the book, but considering you only meet these characters in this book, I though it best to put it here instead of the miscellaneous page.

Frank Bryce: Muggle housekeeper, war veteran, and innocent victim of Lord Voldemort.

I used to like this picture, but now I look at it and think "ew, I really need to try that again."  If you want a list of all the things I see wrong with it, I'll send it to you.

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