These pictures are in no order whatsoever.  Especially not by importance.

And if you'd like to use them, please tell me.

Welcome to the coolest house on earth, the Burrow. This was fun. It should probably be bigger than this, and I'm tempted to try it again, but this was fun.  In fact, this hardly fits the description at all.  It's got more stories, a red roof, and is all stone.  So I'll be practically forced to draw it again.  But not for a while.

Who couldn't love this infectious roguish smile? (Well, me, for one...) So far this is the only picture of Lockhart I've been able to force myself to draw. 

"No one's ever understood me like you, Tom..."

"If I say it myself, Harry, I've always been able to charm the people I needed."

Ron and his Magical Malfunctioning Wand. Yes, there really is a part where his wand blows purple bubbles, I believe it was at the end of a Charms lesson, but I'm not sure. This was the second drawing of Ron I've ever done. I like my more recent ones a lot better.

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