Sirius Black

Everyone's favourite ex-convict

This is how I imagine Sirius's picture in the Daily Prophet -- but coloured in and blinking, of course.

There are times when Sirius has long hair.  Meanwhile, Bill Weasley has long hair all the time.  So I imagined them meeting, and Bill greeting Sirius by commenting on the one thing they had in common:  "Hey, nice hair."

When your last name is also a real word, you run the risk of being the butt of puns.  This is a visual pun illustrating the phrase "pitch black."  See, they're pitching him ... yeah, yeah, I know, bad pun.

This is a scene that is almost completely from my imagination, showing when Sirius and James confront Remus on his being a werewolf.  Sirius would be saying something like "We know what you are, why didn't you ever tell us?"

Here's a rather small version of a drawing illustrating when the door to the room of the Shrieking Shack opens "by itself."  If you want a larger version, look here.

That's Sirius on the bed.

This is supposed to be the wedding picture Harry has in his photo album, but it's very little like I imagine it and I really, really don't like it.  It's just up here until I can draw another one.

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