There's lots from this book. I like this book.

Just a word: It never says in the third book anywhere that Sirius's hair is black. The only adjectives used are long, elbow-length, tangled, dirty, filthy, and matted. So even despite overwhelming evidence and public opinion to the contrary, I drew him with lighter hair. I imagined it a dark blonde, light brown sort of colour. Then along came the fourth book where it explicitly stated it was black, so I had to change my image. But I didn't change the drawings I did before because that's how I imagined him then, and I'm kind of a purist in that regard.

And, it's necessary to say these are my pictures.  Please contact me if you want to use them . . . thank you!

Here's a lovely little sketch of Buckbeak gnawing on bones. Isn't he just so cute? It doesn't show up too well, but that's because it was a very, very rough sketch. My scanner doesn't like rough sketches.

The dangers of having Hagrid for a friend: huge bear hugs. This is when he's been drinking out of that oversized tankard again, and he is very grateful to Harry and Ron for agreeing to help him with his case against the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures.

Here's another picture that didn't show up too well. This was actually drawn more as an illustration of how I felt at the time than a specific part of the book, but it fits any part when Hermione is getting down on Ron after Scabbers dies/disappears.

This is supposed to be Cho Chang pointing at the dementors. It looks a lot better in its original size, but that just wouldn't fit here.

Here's Harry during the disastrous rainy Quidditch game against Hufflepuff. Very happy picture, yes? He looks a bit younger than thirteen here, but oh well.

This is how I imagine Sirius Black's picture in the Daily Prophet. But coloured in and blinking, of course.

All images 1999 Tealin Raintree

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