From a Pokemon fan:
    I was at my house when I got a letter.  My mom and I got my stuff for Hogwarts and I had packed everything even my pocket Pikachu.  On the train I found my best friend Veronica. We were talking when my pocket Pikachu started to shake, a Pikachu popped out.  (Note: this was in the yr.2033.)  My friend and I were put in Harry Potter's old common room. After the first week there I had met Harry Potter's son John Potter. (Harry Potter is one of the teachers at Hogwarts) well one morning my Pikachu shocks me and I hit my head on something. John comes in and says you should see the lump on your head. I threw a pillow at him and he ducks, but the flying pillow hits my friend instead. A whole pillow fight starts and then we hear footsteps. We all hide in the closet and wait. John steps on Pikachu's tail and he says PIKACHU!!!!!!!!!!!! We all fall out of the closet and on to Harry Potter.   Pikachu shocked everyone again and then I woke up.

From Anonymous:
    I dreamt that I had to audition for Gryffindor's Quiddich team. The audition took place in the Rec. Room of my music school. I saw an old, battered broomstick in a closet and flew it with no difficulty--except that it broke in midair. I landed and asked Professor McGonagall how to perform a charm that made objects unbreakable. This is weird: she said to me, "Haven't you been paying attention in my Transfiguration classes?" even though that had nothing to do with Transfiguration! My dream ended when I went to see Madam Pince for a book on that sort of thing. 
    In my second dream, I dreamt that I flew to Hogwarts in an airplane I had built. I crashed it, so I would need to build a new one. I went to my dormitory overlooking my crashed aircraft and unloaded my stuff. I played a video game with Ron and then went to bed. The next day, I went in an auditorium with the other First Years, but nothing happened on stage. Instead, I heard a whisper travel among the crowd that someone had spotted a dark figure at the end of one of the isles behind them that they thought was a Grim. Suddenly, I heard, I am Snape. The figure turned out to be Snape. The lights got brighter and a small group (including me) were to follow Snape out of the auditorium.  Eventually, the students branched off into where they were supposed to go. Snape told me to follow him. I was led into a strange place where tons of students, I guess, were skateboarding and rollerblading. Snape told me to choose a set of protective gear and rollerblades. I chose a set that was blue. He still wanted me to follow him, though. I had trouble keeping up because people kept pulling me over to ask me questions about my airplane. Eventually, I found Snape again. The only reason why I followed him was because I knew that Snape was not a person to cross. Snape and I got to a strange door, and just when he lifted a hand to the doorknob, my dream ended.

 From Trish:
    This dream had occurred after I read The Goblet Of Fire for the second time.  
    I was A student at Hogwarts and I was a Slytherin. It was right after Dinner in the great hall. I went back the Slytherin common room and right in front of me was Lord Voldemort.  And he said "ahh my child, I've been waiting" I had to reply due to fright "W-w-waiting for what sir?"  "Waiting for you my dear child for..." (this is hilarious) he started to sound a lot like Darth Vader and said "Sarah, I am your father"  Sarah isn't even my name!!!! And on top of that, a strange kind of music turned on , the lights turned off, a stage appeared and there was Draco Malfoy, dressed in a light pink dress with flowers in his arm and a sash that said "Miss Slytherin" on it and that was it.  Ok so here I am, in the Slytherin common room... looking through all these books. And  I can't find what  I'm looking for, so I shut the book and the title is "Curses and Werewolves" and I'm all.... looking for a spell to reverse a curse I guess.. so I stand up and then I see Draco come in, and mind you I'm just a Slytherin girl. So the dialogue goes as follows:
    Draco: What are you doing in here?!
    Me: I am Slytherin. Doi.
    Draco: I knew that!! 
    Me: Did not. Idiot.
    Draco:: Don't call me an idiot ... idiot!
    Me: Better watch it or... or I'll eat you!
    Draco: Eat...me?
    And then I turned into an anthro fox!  And...well I didn't eat him but I chased him around the room.. pounced and pinned him down.
    Me: See ... I'll eat you.
    Draco:  But.. no! Not fair!
    Me: On one condition will I let you go
    Draco: Anything! Don't eat meeee!
    Me: Give me donuts.
    Draco: Donuts?
    Me: Donuts. Now.
    So he gave me donuts and became my slave and never bothered anyone ever again. And then I headed over to the great hall with my slave and ate the donuts I got... And then David Bowie popped out of no where and  said
    And I was like
    Me: Erm. How About... no.
    So I grabbed him and headed back to the my bed and kicked him under there.
    Me: Stay.
    DB: Yes mam.

From Hydra:
(Warning: lots and lots of kissy stuff!)
    I sat primly in a cozy armchair with far above the students and staff in the Great Hall. I looked down with a binocular and watched somewhat gleefully as Professor McGonagall and Peeves sat necking passionately on Dumbledore's lap. Our good ol' Harry seemed to be bathing comfortably in a large vat of warm mustard as Professor Snape went cycling past singing "Hit Me Baby One More Time" on the top of his lungs. He sounded of an old crow. In the mean time, Draco Malfoy draped his lanky body across the laps of Hermione, Ron, Neville and Ginny, and was fed grapes and massaged profusely with lavender scented massage oil. I myself descended gracefully, still sitting in my armchair. Goyle and Penelope Clearwater approached, smiling toothily and threw cold Tropical Punch on my face and I jerked awake with a start. Rather peculiar don't you think? 

From Jimmy:
    I was sneaking around for some reason and I came across an old enemy of mine, he was conversing with someone and somehow I knew it was Lord Voldemort, they were talking about killing someone and I didn't know who, but then I heard my name mentioned so I'm like "uh oh!" and so I start running away from them but then I woke up, fun! This happened a few days after I finished Goblet of Fire for the second time and a couple days after I saw him (the old enemy) at church.

From Jume:
    This doesn't have much to do with Harry Potter except that one of the main characters is an evil witch.
    Okay I'm in my house (which is connected to our school art room and the hallway that goes down from the kindergarten rooms to the hallway-that really doesn't have anything to do with the art room in real life, but whatever) I wake up and it's almost time for the bus, but my lunch isn't packed, in fact my mother (who I thought was packing it) had gone back to sleep. So I run down the kindergarten hallways to the art room for a lunch (don't ask me why) But I remember that I have exactly $1.25 in my pocket (I think I really did), enough for a lunch. So I walk back to my living room, but it's taken me about 45 minutes to do that and the bus is long gone, so my dad and mother drive me to school. When I get to school, I go to the cafeteria (which isn't connected to the kindergarten hallway anymore, and has a catwalk to line-2) and immediately check the menu, and they're serving something with a weird name, but it can be called gruel, for both breakfast and lunch. Well, I don't want that so I beg my dad to go home and get me a lunch, he refuses. Well, the cafeteria is connected to a large empty space that has odd doors. My first class is usually band, but this time, it's different. I walk down to a lake that has probably never been by my school, and a witch is teaching. She's training us in water defense (weird, I know) and I'm a helper. I get flying powers and I'm suppose to place these markers on a pole at the other end, next to a Christian School. So I fly over there and place a marker in the wrong place, because even though I'd love to fly, I don't like helping the witch. She doesn't get angry so I put the right one on and the test begins. 
    We swim over there and sort of push them around, and then retreat quickly, about half way to our bank, they start to pull us to their side. I escape and it goes fuzzy. Later when it's clear again, I'm in the middle school, following the witch, because for some reason, she's still my teacher. There's this cavern where the computer lab ought to be, and we all go in there. There are these crystal things, and they're in the different states of matter, except gas. One is in a bucket, and there is a big and a little crystal. I look at these, and suddenly I'm back in the hallway next to the cavern mouth. I have a flashback of the previous happenings because they didn't really happen, it was just e.s.p. or something (No, I'm not psychic) Anyway there is a kid named Billy or something (so what if the Billies I know are nice?)  We go down into the cavern where the other kids in my class are (I mean, class, not classroom-group, whole grade) there are seats there and they're sitting in them. The witch has these bodyguards now and she starts talking. Using pre-arranged signals, one group (mine) sits down, and then the other (Billy's) sits. Then mine steps up and walks out. The hallway then turns into a street, and the other kids have been brainwashed. They are in line to hug the evil witch. My friend is urging me to hug the witch, but I try to get her back to normal-no use, she joins the line. Meanwhile, the street has these high-schoolers on it, and there's this one guy I've never met, and he is hanging around an old cigarette shop that's been closed for a long time (also not real) and is acting like he is very exhausted. I become frightened and run down the street to the business section of my town (this part is also not real, because I don't remember my town having very curved streets.) I see a library and run around it to get help, but the clerk has also been brain-washed. Every one is under the witch's power except me. Then I remember the Christain Academy. I go there and you have to cross over a bridge to get in (this seemed to have religious significance, but I can't remember anymore, something about purity, this school is like the ultimate boarding school, you don't leave until graduation) I seem to already know it, but the teacher there is my math teacher (she's really nice) I tell her my problem and she suggests I go to the lake outside. So my real friends have caught up to me and my comforter that my grandmother crocheted for me is there (but it's like huge, enough to cover a moderate pond) The witch appears on this stage in our cafeteria, and I propose something to her- If I can finish covering the pond/lake in so much time, she'll give up. And she agrees. So my friends finish the lake covering (I seem to remember Crabbe and Goyle here for some reason) and just before the time is up, this really athletic kid who is an adult points to a spot we've missed, and so Jume (the real one, not me, although I made them up, er, don't ask it's really long) has the timer and it goes off with the lake fully covered and the witch concedes. 

From Rachel:
    In my dream I was in Hogwarts, but it wasn't very detailed. The walls were made of gray stone. Suddenly, I could see everything, and I was in the Gryffindor Common Room. Ron, Harry, and Hermione were all there. Hermione was very pretty, and Ron was really cute. Harry's face was masked. Hedwig was flying around the ceiling. We started racing up the stairs, but I fell. Next thing I knew I was sitting on the stairs where Prof. Moody had found Harry stuck in the stairs. Moody came but he walked by me, and then I saw Harry, Ron, and Hermione's faces in midair. 

From Sarah:
    (I had this dream the night That HP#4 was released, and I read the whole thing in 6 hours)
    I was walking down a corridor at Hogwarrts. Suddenly I heard it. "master, NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And then "Avada Kedavra!" I screamed and ran down the hallway. The people in the portraits were yelling "run, its him Sarah, it is him!" I tripped over my robes and fell flat on my face. Suddenly, I felt 3 pairs of arms lifting me up. Well it be Harry, Ron, and Hermione. We kept running, until we heard someone; it was Filch, accompanied by several Death Eaters, all of theSlytherins, and Professors Snape and Trelawney. "I See the Grim in your near future, dear." said Trelawney.  Snape was chuckling merrily, and summoned the Slytherins and Death Eaters. They grabbed us. I yelled, "I thought you had changed?!" Filch said "SILENCE!!  You four, rest assured that this will be your last detention." He was staring pointedly at the four of us. Suddenly, he beckoned Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. They grabbed us and threw us somewhere, I cant remember. Anyway, I woke up screaming, "Diggory is dead!" Even though he was in no way associated with my dream

From Ady
    Well, this is quite a confusing dream. I had it during a time when I was obsessed with HP (still am) and "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time." If you've never played that game, this dream can get very confusing. This was also during the time of all that Pokemon hype. I'm walking through the desert in a sandstorm. The only thing I can see is an arch that I somehow know is where I need to go. So, I finally make my way to it. When I walk through it, everything changes. I'm in a green meadow surrounded by large, red rock mountains. I'm with Ron and somehow know that I'm Hermione. There's a rainbow in the middle of the meadow. Ron takes my hand and leads me to the rainbow, saying that we need to "finish our quest." He walks us right into the green strip of rainbow.  Suddenly, we're in another room. On one wall is a picture of a bunch of Kokiri children. They're moving, like the pictures in Hogwarts. One of the girls tells us we need to find the snitch in the picture. We eventually find it under the table the kids are sitting at. Then we're transported back to the meadow. Then Ron takes me into the yellow strip of rainbow. We're transported to a dark room with the Sage of Light, Rauru, in the middle. Ron has changed into Link from "Legend of Zelda" and has Pikachu with him. I'm still Hermione. Rauru yells at Link for bringing me here, saying it's the wrong place. Link apologizes, and we're transported back to the meadow.  Link changes back into Ron, but still has Pikachu with him. (Or maybe I was thinking of yellow Scabbers.) A whole scene is skipped, and suddenly I know that we've been into all the rainbow strips and done the tasks. Ron and me (Pikachu disappeared) are encircled by a blue glass gem and are floated upward. A bright green light flashes, and suddenly I'm flying on a broom. Music is playing in the background. It wasn't until the music stopped and someone called a cheery "Good morning!" that I woke up and realized my radio alarm had gone off.

From Ciaran:
    I was listning to Harry Potter and The Philosophers/Sorcerers Stone on Boxing Day [that's the day after Christmas, for the Americans], when they were reading it all day. It had just got to about chapter 3 or 4, when I sort of drifted in and out of sleep. Hagrid was taking Harry to Diagon Alley, and I was Harry. Everything that happened to Harry happened to me, I got a wand and the owl. I sort of drifted in and out a few times.

From Tguntherdeye:
    I was wearing black robes I was in Hogwarts all of a sudden Snape yelled to me "1234567890 points from Gryffindor," then I woke up.

From Ashley:
    I had this dream in the middle of book 3. 
     I was Ginny age 8, my sister was Hermione age 14, and Harry was our 2 year old brother. We were playing on the back porch of the Shrieking Shack and all of a sudden there's this bang noise.  We look in through the screen door and SIRIUS is standing in our living room.  He was tall and scrawny and looked really loony. I tried to hide beneath our doll house (don't ask) but I knocked it over.  Sirius turned and smiled and came towards us and I ran out the back screen door. (Screened in porch it was.) I was up in the backyard and I turned around and he was standing there waving, saying "I'll still get you."  So I run back down the yard, pick up our cat and run to the front of the house.  He's in that door holding Harry and grinning like an idiot.  I run down this hill where the road is made of books spine up.  Halfway down Malfoy meets me, hands me a cat carry, and takes off up the hill.  At the bottom are Dumbledore, Filch, and Snape.  I start crying and telling them what happened.  All of a sudden Malfoy and Sirius apparate beside us.  He's handcuffed and bleeding, and I hold him.  He starts crying and then bleeds out while im still holding onto him.

From the Masked Gypsy:
    Okay. Me and my two best buds are going to Hogwarts and we're heading into Professor McGonagall's room. We're about to take this horrible transfiguration test. Instead we sneak out of her class and go play Quidditch! Unfortunately, we got caught and she gave us detention in the forbidden forest. [shudder]

From Alina:
    I was a normal Muggle, living with my aunt, uncle and cousin named Waterlily, Vernon Jr, and Dubley. I hated them, although for some weird reason I had a crush on Dubley. Then, I suddenly turned into an overweight owl, and using a magic wand turned Dubley into the Hogwarts letter. I then used a wand again to turn the Hogwarts letter into a Jenny Craig letter, and the next instance was a skinny owl. The Jenny Craig thing, AKA Dubley then started saying, "NO! DON''T GO TO HOGWARTS!" but I did, of course I was still an owl. And then the next thing I was lying in the hospital wing with my real-life mom looking very angry. I ask why, and she says, "While you were in flight, you collided with Fawkes the Phoenix and I had to pay for his hospital bill!!!!" I then turned into a rabbit, and hopped away.

From Melinda:
     (I had this dream 2 or 3 times.) 
     Ron and Harry are sitting on Harry's bed which was out on the lawn (don't ask me why!). There was some laser light they adjusted so they could see (it was midnight) the order form to the Daily Prophet. They were also looking at a map, and thinking, who can we order the Prophet for? "Malfoy!" said Ron, and "The Dursleys!" said Harry. So they ordered the paper for Malfoy and the Dursleys. Then Harry said, "I want to get the Daily Prophet, too." So they ordered it for him. A newspaper came whizzing out of nowhere and hit the Dursleys' lawn. Mr. Dursley came out and screamed at Harry, "GO BACK TO BED! IT'S MIDNIGHT! AND WHAT'S THIS PAPER?" Ron vanished, and Harry scampered into the house. He ran his hand along a dusty black bookshelf that reached his waist and asked Mr. Dursley, "What was I like when I was little?"
     He replied, "So, you were James. James Harry."  He messed his hair up so it would look like Harry's and put on a little, innocent face and imitated Harry, saying something. (I forgot what. Some kind of question.)  Then Mr. Dursley screamed at Harry not to put his magic books in his sight (they were on the black bookshelf), so Harry grabbed them and ran upstairs.  Note: Mr. Dursley wasn't being sarcastic before or angry. He was very nice (dreams ARE weird!) but then he exploded for some reason.

From Melissa:
(I was up really late reading book 4, and I finished it and all that was on my brain was book 4.  So I went to sleep, and I had this dream.)
        I was walking on the clouds when suddenly the car from book 2 was zooming towards me. I was hit and I fell through the cloud onto the northern tower of Hogwarts (somehow I knew it was the northern tower). So, I get up, not hurt at all, and I turn around and I see Hermione crying behind me. So I go up to her but she yells at me in gibberish and storms off.
       Then the scene swirls and I'm in divination and I'm sitting with Lavender, and she calls me Parvati.  But I knew I was Parvati.
       Then I walk out of divination and I meet Moody, but it's Moody and his head is Barty Crouch's. But this is NORMAL! So we have tea in the hall and then he turns into my friend and we are having tea now, and she says I have a pimple and I scream and run off. Then I look in the mirror and there is no pimple.

From Paul:
    I don't know who I was (probably just myself) but I was at Hogwarts and I was running from somebody (and I don't know who that was either because I never turned around 8) ) and the whole Moaning Myrtle thing must have been on my mind because I kept using toilets to teleport around the place and then somehow I ended up in this place with something like a thousand beds in it and they all looked like this one that I used to have (it was this old wooden one made sometime in the 19th century) and I hid under one of them and then this lady with long dark hair and a glowing blue robe and this long pointy nose came in the room and then somehow I ended up in my grandmother's house (dad's side) and that was the end of the HP dream. 

From me, Tealin:
    This dream was mostly about a road trip I was taking with a friend, but it involved a Hogwarts summer camp. Wouldn't that the a dream come true? Anyway. Since it was summer, no one was allowed to use magic (even though it was Hogwarts--hey, I never said dreams made sense!) so it was basically an obstacle course, at least that's all I remember of it. There were also people learning to fly brooms in the background, but that's about it.

From my sister: 
This was after she had put down the Chamber of Secrets in the middle of reading it so that she could get some sleep. When she woke up she told me she had a nightmare . . . and when you see who's in it you'll know why!
I was in Dumbledore's office, but instead of Fawkes there was an ugly little creature that kept changing into different animals. I was asking if I could stay the summer at Hogwarts but was speaking Parseltongue for some reason. Then Lockhart burst in the door, saying I could stay at his house.
    "NOOO!" I screamed.
   "Why not? Pack your bags, you're coming with me!" So we ended up going to his house. In the room we entered, all the walls were covered with his picture, and the words "Magical Me" printed in yellow on the bottom of each of them. They were all chanting "I'm so wonderful, aren't I?" Along the walls there were a bunch of aquariums, but none of the fish were in them. They all had wings and were flying around by the ceiling. There were also some cups that had wings too, and they were pouring some kind of food for the fish, and the fish lifted their mouths up to the pouring liquid and drank it. I noticed that some of them were Betas, so I asked him if he fed them Beta food.
    "No, I feed them unicorn blood, with a special ingredient -- basilisk venom." As soon as he said this, the fish went petrified and started falling in slow motion. Before they landed, he said a charm that sounded like "Alaphabalaza" and they turned into peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which splatted on the floor. I looked down, and when I looked up I was in Ron's room (it was all orange) but Ron wasn't there, and the room was actually in Lockhart's house. I collapsed on a big cushy orange chair and fell asleep. When I woke up, I was in the flying car except Lockhart was driving it. It had stopped by my house, and I yelled to my mom and dad "Mommy! Daddy! Get me away from this man!" My sister laughed, and then when she saw who was driving this car, she ran screaming inside the house.
   Lockhart handed my mom and dad a big orange sheet with big black printed letters that read "Hogwarts Hospital Left Wing Caretaker Madame Pomfrey." My mom and dad were really confused, and I said that I never went to the hospital.
    "You don't remember it," said Lockhart, "You were unconscious."
   "I was asleep!"
   "I'm sure you were unconscious. I took you to the hospital. You drew these pictures there." He handed me a bunch of tie-die looking pictures, and in the middle there were real pictures of me playing Quidditch. "These aren't my drawings, these are Colin's pictures!" I said, and then I woke up.

From David:
I had a dream once where I was in a commercial for the "The Harry Potter Movie." After a few seconds, Harry handed me his Nimbus 2000 and told me to fly around a little. When I was in the air, Draco Malfoy started throwing bludgers at me. After dodging a few of them I finally caught one and threw it back at Draco. It hit him square in the forehead and knocked him off. But while I was doing this, one of the bludgers turned around and hit me in the back. Then I fell off..... That's when I woke up.

From Hannah:
My dream was very short. Voldemort had captured someone and only Harry, Ron, and Hermione knew about it. Harry had to give up the big seasonal Quidditch match to rescue this person single-handedly on the top of Hogwarts' highest tower. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were the only ones in the school, everyone else was at the Quidditch match.

From Emma:
I dreamt I was playing Quidditch and was about to catch the golden snitch when suddenly I was trying to catch flying keys and then I was in the Enchanted Forest. I just kept zapping around Hogwarts all night and nobody was there. Finally I heard a loud screech, looked up to see an owl, and then woke up. (If you haven't already guessed, it was my alarm clock)

From Haley Potter:
I had 2 short Harry Potter dreams. In one I was at Hogwarts and so were some of my friends, plus Ron and Hermione, of course. In the other I wasn't exactly at Hogwarts, but I was riding a Nimbus Three Thousand. Nothing in particular really happened in either, but it was really cool.

From Clay Parker:
My dream is weird and some of it does not make sense but I will share it anyways. It was summer and instead of going to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts express I went by going to this refreshing class were you would review what you learned from the year before. From there you would fly on your broomstick to school with supervision, of course. But anyways I was on my way to this class and it was the middle of the night I was supposed to be there at two in the morning. I was walking with this girl I have never seen in my life -- her name was Flora or something I can't really remember. I was going to fly on the way there to speed things up but I couldn't because surprisingly at like 1:30 in the morning there were Muggles out walking.  To get to the class you had to go to my normal school. When got there you had to tap three times on a certain wall and then it would take you to a whole different place where the class was held. So I got to my school and I was trying to figure out what to do and which wall to tap on. So when I got to the wall which I thought was right, this Muggle man came and offered me food (very weird). He said it was getting late and I better be on my way acting like I was just a little late getting home from school and he was not aware it was the middle of the night. I was going to continue about my business trying to get to this class but he just kept standing there talking and every once in a while reminded me it was getting late. Finally I just walked away. I was wandering through the school it was huge, bigger than in real life, and I was kind of scared. Flora had left, in fact after I got to the school she just kind of left the dream. Then I heard the police sirens and my mom calling, which is really weird because she sent me there in the first place. I was really scared and hurried to the wall and tapped, it sucked me in to this grassy field in the day time. Students were talking and reading course books and talking to teachers and stuff. They were about to leave. Everyone started taking off, but me and a couple of other kids didn't take off -- we couldn't, our brooms wouldn't let us. So we sent Dumbldore an owl and he fixed our problem. And flying on a broomstick is the funnest thing I have ever done. I wish I could have that dream over and over because it was so fun and neat to fly. I woke up before I could ever make it to Hogwarts though.

From Mandy:
Well.....I walked into my basement, but it was really McGonagall's class, and for some weird reason everyone was watching the Prince of Egypt. I started complaining about how they had been playing the same movie forever, and someone said something about the only new movie out was Phantom of the Opera, and it was rated R or something.....then McGonagall stood up on a chair and started SINGING the theme from the musical! And at this point in the dream, she didn't look like herself anymore....she looked like Eliza Wilder off Little House on the Prairie, only somehow I know she wasn't.....and she had a really pretty voice, which seemed odd, but I started to sing along with her, and my voice cracked before I finished for some reason.... And then there's this hazy part of the dream where a little blonde haired boy with large glasses was talking to me about a talent show, and McGonagall left the room, and everyone else went upstairs for lunch, but I COULDN'T because I was trying to answer a book which had started ringing like a telephone. So anyway....I couldn't answer the book because to answer it, a button had to be pressed, and then you had to turn the book open to EXACTLY the same page and read the sentence that was last read from it, and I couldn't find the right page. I FINALLY managed to answer the ringing book properly, and had this weird discussion with a man I don't know. After that, things got even weirder..... I was walking outside around my house, which was actually Hogwarts in the dream, and talking through the book like a telephone....then the man on the book told me he was going to ask Professor McGonagall to MARRY him, and then I mentioned that I remembered her saying something once about a dark-haired man she once dated, but she trailed off and wouldn't finish the sentence....then I went in the front door into an office, and the man I had been talking to was sitting in a chair behind a desk. We talked for awhile, I can't remember what about.....but suddenly I realized the door was partway open. I flung it open to find Snape crouched on the ground, listening, only he looked more like Nells Oleson than Snape....anyway, I remember his EXACT words to me were "Aha! I've caught you in your benevolent love affair!" Then I looked over and saw McGonagall standing nearby with a look of betrayal and hurt on her face, and just as she was turning away and I was about to explain....my mother woke me up.

From Toto:
I was practicing for a swing dance competition and for the dance there was two starting positions, the flying carpet and waterlily, and then you make up the rest of the dance. I was getting really good at the flying carpet, this thing where you sit Indian style and then you float a few inches off the ground, but then suddenly I couldn't do it, so I did waterlily instead, where you sit floating on the water. My dance partner was going to be Elizabeth but suddenly I just knew it was Laura. Laura, who never took any of the classes, could do flying carpet and I was really jealous.  The day of the auditions my mom told me that Elizabeth was sick and I had to dance with my little cousin Amelia. We had to do the audition in our bathroom and the judges put a hidden camera in the doorknob.  We were in the middle of the dance when Amelia stopped and asked the doorknob if it was ok if she made up some of the steps. "That's the point!" I hissed and then we finished the dance. We went into my mom's bedroom where the judges were to get our score. 
       What does this have to do with Harry Potter?  This is only the beginning of the dream. 
       But suddenly I was Ron and I was looking through a non-existent keyhole into the room. The judges said that if you get enough points you get a scholarship to Diagon Alley. I didn't know how many points you needed, but I thought "If I (the one of me in the room) say 'Hooray!' then I'll know I got it" and then the judges gave out the points.  Waterlily - 5 Aladdin - 15 Amelia - 55 Toto (me) - 95. Then the me in the room said "Hooray!" and the me (Ron) out of the room got instantly zapped to Diagon Alley. 
       Now forget about the me in the room. First I saw this clown and he saw me and dropped a snitch which started chasing him so he ran away.  Then I took out my wand and it told me to go to the hamster and Guinea pig farms of the south and rescue Harry Potter so I just appeared there and I opened this cage and Harry was curled up in the corner and I told him that he could go now but he said "I'm not fit to be a person... I should just stay here and be a hamster." Then I pulled him up and dragged him to a railroad track. Then I was Harry Potter, not Ron. I stepped on a railroad track, and it sent me gliding along on it and then a narrator voice said "Then he found that he was glad he left the Hamster and Guinea pig farm of the south and wished he had bit the farm girl while he had the chance."  Then we were at Diagon Alley and we had to look for my wand and we somehow knew that it was down the end of Diagon Alley. It was snowing and there was half a foot of snow on the ground and then we saw the clown lying face down in the snow. "Give me your wand!" I said, and I poked the clown with it and said "Ennervate" and the clown sat up. "Thank you!"  he said. "The snitch hit me in the head and knocked me out." Then we went down the alley and came to this place and went in and the floors, walls, and ceiling were glass cases filled with stuffed animals (the real kind) and dead fish, so we walked really carefully looking for my wand.  Then we went into this huge ballroom and we walked into the middle, but then I was back at the entrance and I was also Hermione. I ran in and screamed "Where were you? I've been waiting there forever!" "Well, Harry hung out at the hamster and Guinea pig farms of the south for a few years." said Ron. "Maybe you wouldn't have waited so long if you didn't use the time turner to wait the same hours over again." Harry said as about a million Hermiones streamed into the room.  Then they all disappeared and I heard my mom talking at the entrance to one of the security elves and I turned back into myself. "Have you seen her?" she asked. "She's wearing a red dress." Then I ran over yelling "here I am!" but she looked at me and started yelling "Toto? Toto? Toto? Toto?" and then I woke up to my mom calling me to get up.

From Tealin:
Most of this wasn't a Harry Potter dream, but I'll write what was.  I was at the living-history farm where I used to work, and for some reason I was staying late.  I had to find a place to sleep, even though it was still broad daylight, not even late afternoon.  I looked all over, but the only place I could find was by this shed (which, half the time, wasn't a shed at all, just a raised bit on old railroad ties), but Lupin was in there and it was the full moon, so it was very dangerous, even though every time I passed by he was in human form.  I kept wandering around until I ran into my Humanities teacher.  I asked her if it would be okay if I slept there, since she was kind of in charge of my dream, and whatever she said was the law, like someone writing a book.  Well, she said I could sleep there.  But I didn't anyway.  The next thing I remember I walked into my living room from a door that isn't there in real life.  It was really early in the morning, like 2 or 3 a.m.; my sister was working on something at the coffee table and Lupin was lying sideways on the recliner with a damp washcloth over his face, looking like he'd had a rough time of it.  When I walked in (I was with someone else but I don't remember who) I asked what went on while I was gone, and my sister said they had watched a game show called "Number Mumbers" (not a real show, it's a weird invention by my subconscious mind).  "You watched Number Mumbers?" I said.  "Yeah, and I almost guessed some of them," she answered.  I felt like I had missed out on a lot of fun even though I doubt "Number Mumbers" was very good anyway.

From Carly:
(A warning to the squeamish or sensitive, this one has some kissy stuff in it.)
Okay, I was in my room, but for some reason I knew I was in Oklahoma (I live in New Jersey) anyways...I knew I was Hermione and I went up to call someone from the UK. Harry Potter picked up the phone. We were talking friendly but there was loud music in the background and I asked him what was going on? He said he was at a party outside and he was lying down on the lounge chairs by a pool and 3 girls were feeding him grapes. I asked him where was this party (because for some reason I wanted to go!) He told me he couldn't tell me, I asked why and he said he couldn't tell me. I become really jealous and wanted to come (Mind you, I was in "Oklahoma" and he was in the UK). I asked him, "Where is Ron? I want to talk to him" Harry said he was sort of busy. I asked "with what?" He said Ron got a new girlfriend named Jackie and they were making out in a closet. I was heartbroken. I became really jealous at the fact Ron was with someone else but I didn't tell Harry, I asked Harry again where is the party at?  He wouldn't tell me. I was very angry. Then I woke up.


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