. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

From Crookshanks ~
I was walking down the Gryffindor corridor with all the Gryffindors. And then when Percy named every one while going down the line, and he named me Ginny! But I didn’t mind (no I did NOT have a crush on Harry!). My first class was my fave: Transfiguration! And did I mention that Hogwarts did not look like it does in the movies! Anyway, this transfiguration class was my worse nightmare! I was going to be the thing that was transfigured! Ahhhhhhhh! But I couldn’t get away because I was strapped onto a table (phooey!) Then after class Draco (Malfoy) asked me out and told me I was the talented witch in the world (man, and did that make me blush big-time!) And he kissed me on the cheek!  I probably had that dream because my friend’s sister has a crush on Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy), which I think is creepy.

From Shouri ~
Dream 1 -  So I was at my school, dressed in bunny pajamas and I saw Voldemort. He was dressed in a tutu and doing ballet.  I shrieked and said, "OOOH PRETTY WAND! MY PRECIOUS!" and I wrestled him for the wand.  Then I ran around the school hexing people. I hexed my math teacher into oblivion, when the Marauders showed up. Sirius was dressed in tights (very sexy looking) Peter was a servant boy, Remus was a vampire and James was an Olympic swimmer!  Then I squealed, like a fan girl and glomped Sirius...We ended up snogging, Peter jumped out a window, and Remus was playing the bagpipes while James was doing an Irish jig.
Dream 2 [kissy stuff!] -  I (a Slytherin 7th year named Venetia Obscurite) was driving with Draco (he kept saying, "Damn muggle automobiles") but we ended up at a second-rate motel because the road was flooded. The walls are those little rolling partitions.  So we get a cramped one bed room and try to sleep, but there are disco lights in the "room" next to us. I got mad and dragged him over to the other room.  Everybody else from the Harry Potter series is there, including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, etc.  For some reason, I said OH MY GOD!" and started snogging George.  All of a sudden Frodo appears and then Aragorn says "If by my life or death I can protect you, I will."  After (reluctantly) stopping my snogging session with George, I said, "Dude, wrong movie" and they left. Harry and Ron start singing "Baby Got Back" and a lightup floor appeared. Magically, a DJ comes too and plays "Baby Got Back"... Hermione transforms into a video dancer and backup dancers appear (as well as Sir Mixalot) and Ron and Harry are goggling at her.  I rolled my eyes and took Fred, George, Draco, and the young Marauders (except for Peter) out of there. As we looked back, Dumbledore was *ahem* enjoying the show...  We sit in a dark cupboard and start playing Truth or Dare and drinking beer.  In any case, I ended up snogging ALL of them (weird, but true) So me and the boys walk through a shiny portal and end up in an Herbal Essences commercial.. I become the girl and they all transform into cute monkeys.. They can still talk and James asked me if "I want to go out sometime.. Not like a date, just like.. oh, you know what I mean"... Meanwhile, Monkey Sirius transforms into a human and tries to be suave, "So...I need help with that Transfiguration exam. Care to pull an all-nighter if you know what I mean? *wink*" I said to Monkey James, "Sure, how about the next Hogsmeade weekend?" Afterwards, once James left, I said to Sirius, "Sure, how about tomorrow? The astronomy tower, 9:00" After that, we were all in battle gear and Fred, Draco, and Remus had turned into elves. "Bloody hell! I have pointy ears AND I wear tights!?" complained Draco. "I think that they look sexy," I (the evil slut in this dream) replied. I saw Aragorn and wrenched his sword from him "GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!" I screeched. I took it, and with one swipe of a sword, Hermione who had just Apparated and Gimli were dead.  Then Captain Jack Sparrow came on a rope at which point, I swooned. Then Merry and Pippin came in and I petted their heads and stuffed them in a bag, like souvenirs...Everybody from Harry Potter Apparated and I took the sword to the top of a mountain and screamed "ALL MIGHTY POWER IS MINE!! DIE FILTHY MUDBLOODS!" Then Voldemort came waltzing up to me and said "Can we shawe? (in a baby voice)" I took it and killed him ...  n the end, I pretty much sealed my fate as an evil (wants almighty power), Slytherin slut.

From LilyEvans ~
Dream 1 - After reading GoF - I was in my school, as Hermione, reading The Goblet of Fire.  And all the characters kept coming up to me and asking me to keep reading, so they knew what to do.  Then there was a huge fight, then a wedding. And I turned back into myself, and gave Harry a camera film instead of a ring. Then I woke up. 
Dream 2 - I was talking to Draco (which is weird cos I can't stand him) and Hermione was really mad at him.  Then Draco and I started singing 'Beach Boys' songs (in perfect harmony, no less). Then I woke up and was deeply weirded out. 

From Andrea ~
I am Hermione Granger and ron asked me out (for I love him) I said yes.  To Harry's surprise he was dating Cho next day.  We grow up get married adopt a girl and die – then my friend woke me up.

From Beck ~
Dream1: (After reading the 1st book) I was walking around my school pool when I heard a squeaky voice saying "Tall and Skinny. We Accept you. One of us..". Then my head felt suddenly heavy. I reached up but felt only air and my head. Then my best friend, Louis stood there and stared at me. Then everyone started laughing at me. I ran up to the school and was followed by Draco, wearing tan swim trunks. He stared at me and I turned red. Then, he smiled weirdly and I ran into the girl's bathroom. I looked in the mirror and saw nothing but purple behind me. I turned around and Quirrell was smiling at me. I started laughing because he was in a girl's bathroom when a dozen Quirrells appear and started dancing the macarena. Then they all say "We accept you. We accept you. One of us. Tall and skinny.  So like me. ONE OF US!!!" I looked in the mirror and found myself with Quirrell's face.  I woke up screaming then and made darn sure I looked in the mirror.
Dream 2 - (After reading the third book)  I was sitting in gym class when this hooded figure walks up to me. It then wrapped me in its cloak and I found myself in the Shrieking Shack. Sirius was hanging naked upside down from a bedpost saying "I am the walrus. Koo koo ca choo." over and over.  I started screaming and threw a big box over him.  Then Lupin came in wearing tight leather pants and sang " Can't Fight the Moonlight" from Coyote Ugly. Then he leaned over and kissed me.  I sadly woke up then.
Dream 3 - (After visiting this site for the first time) I went up to bed and saw Draco sitting there bug eyed. "THEY WON'T STOP!!" he screamed and hid under my bed. Then Ron came in wearing a big hat and singing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius" and tap dancing. Hermione wearing gypsy clothes followed singing "God Help the Outcasts" and danced in circles around Ron. Next came Neville dressed in a lion suit singing "I Just Can't Wait to be King" and jumped up and down on my bed. Then a loud shriek broke the noise. Professor Quirrell and Lockhart came in.  Quirrell was wearing his turban and white pants and Lockhart was wearing armor and a helmet. Quirrell started singing "A Whole New World" very loudly and off key. Then Lockhart joined in singing "Colors of the Wind" in a high falsetto.  Everyone else ran out of my room.  Quirrell disappeared in a puff of red feathers.  Then Lockhart picked me up and started licking my neck. I woke up to find my cat next to me licking me instead.  (Maybe the phrase Disneyish is responsible for these disturbing mental images)

From ghn_hitokiri ~
I'm in the graveyard where Voldemort is 'resurrected', and I'm Harry watching it happen... and then, suddenly, I'm me wandering into the graveyard like I belong there or something, and I stop short when I see what's going on.  And then, Voldemort sees me and starts going on about how I've seen him, so I have to be a Death Eater now, and I'm like: dangit. That really sucks.  And suddenly the scene switches, and I'm with Voldemort and the other Death Eaters in this big room full of bunk beds (the type you see at camp), and everyone is getting ready for bed or something.  And so I crawl into the bed above Voldemort's and am lying there looking at my brand-new, evil tattoo.  For some reason, then, after everyone goes to sleep, Voldemort and I stay up far into the night discussing our lives and all this theological crap.  And I was just starting to think, 'hey, this guy isn't so bad', when I wake up. Of course, once I woke up, I immediately wondered what in the world was going through my head, and thinking I shouldn't have eaten that last piece of pizza last night: it does things to you.

From Ian ~
I had this dream a couple of weeks before Order of the Phoenix came out, and I hadn't thought of an idea like this before then, so I thought the idea was very interesting...
The entire dream, I'm not sure if I was in the dream and following Harry, or just watching Harry from above like I imagine it in my mind.  What happened was Harry and his friends were walking around the castle, but it seemed like stuff was falling apart.  Spells were going berserk.  Somehow, Harry found out why, and said, "That's what the Order of the Phoenix is!  It's like the Law of Gravity – it keeps magic from going out of control..." Then for some reason – I think he was trying to escape from the mayhem at Hogwarts – he walked through the front doors of the school, only to find that his way was blocked by a bunch of... rubble. Don't ask why.  In the dream it looked like a crumbled curve of the bleachers of an amphitheater (like the Coliseum).  Then I guess I woke up.

From Blackrose 
Dream 1 [some disturbing Snape/Neville imagery here] -  Just after I read all the books.  I walked through the front doors of the castle and I'm wearing Slytherin robes, I walk into the great hall and everyone is there.  As I walk in I call out to some of my friends, but they ignore.  I'm like, ok hate you now.  So I walk over and ask them why they are ignoring me.  They still ignore me, so I go to shake one of them.  No go.  My hand falls straight through them, at which point I scream "IM DEAD!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!  I HAVEN'T SNOGGED MALFOY YET!"  Nearly Headless Nick then turns to me and says that I'm not dead but that someone slipped me a potion which means I'm invisible and no one can see hear or feel me. Then some how I end up in the Slytherin common room and I think, yes, spy on Malfoy.  I walk up to his room and enter (through the door which I could feel, sooo weird) but no one is in there.  I'm about to leave when I hear voices and out of habit hide in the wardrobe.  In come Snape and Neville Longbottom.  I know STRANGE!!  They start snogging and I make a break for it. I then wake up!

Dream 2 - I had been wacthing a horror film before having this one.  It kind of follows on from the other dream.  I'm once again invisible and walking down a corridor, and see Malfoy.  I say yes now I can spy on him.  I follow him for AGES and all his does is walk around and then he enters a part of the castle which I don't know.  It's underground which is weird cause we were on the top floor.  It turns into a passage and comes out on top of Malfoy Manor.  Draco then turns to me and says "Rose, come out now."  This turns out to be my name.  I'm shocked.  He then explains that he slipped the potion into my drink so that he could get me out of the castle and into Malfoy Manor without anyone seeing me.  Also he could hear see and feel me and he heard me scream that I was going to die and that it was bad because I hadn't snogged him yet.  So embarrassing. He takes me into the manor, I'm no longer invisible and I see Dobby who knows me.  He takes me to his room and tells me to sit down.  He gives me a different potion to take, and when I ask what it is he says "Don't you trust me?" with a smirk.  I drink it cause he looks so handsome when he smirks!!  This potion knocks me out and I wake up tied to a wall.  I look to my left and see lots of nasty looking objects!!!  Malfoy picks up the biggest nastiest one and comes at me with it.  I scream and wake up!

From Steph ~
Dream 1 - Well, it started that the Gryffindor Quidditch team needed a Seeker because Harry was sick or they wanted to keep him hidden so he couldn't be an easy target for Voldemort (can't remember which). So I had to replace him. We were playing against Ravenclaw and just before the game started my broom just "happened" to keep running over Cho Chang and the teachers were saying that it was a shameful way to show sportsmanship, but I kept saying that my broom was probably jinxed and they bought it. After the game, there was a huge party and the whole school was partying, either drinking punch or participating in a looonnnng Conga line. Cho tried beating me up numerous times because she was angry that I stole her popularity and Harry. Then I woke up. 
Dream 2 - Me and Harry were in this huge room/chamber thing but it looked like a jungle and we were trying to find this big book. So, we found the book and as soon as we grabbed it the jungle plants started to come to life and run after us like wild animals (if you've ever seen Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" with the singing plants and the tiger lilies and dandelions, you'll understand). So, we ran and hid behind a immense tree and hid there, and Harry said we'd stay there until we were sure that the plants had gone. And so, I was planning something in my head. Harry turned around, I put my hands on his shoulders, and kissed him. And then he put his hands on my waist.  Then I woke up. 

From Galslushies ~
It was nighttime and when the Maurauders were still at school. I was watching Remus sleeping.  He was really restless, tossing and turning. He kept muttering, "No... No... No..." Then I was inside his dream and I was him.  He was dreaming about the night he was bitten by the werewolf.  I was in the forest and the werewolf was coming towards me.  I backed away but then I backed into a tree.  I put my hands in front of my face saying "No! Leave me alone!" and the werewolf was right up to me, breathing really gross smelly breath in my face.  Then the tree was gone and I started running.  I looked back to see if it was still following me.  I saw the werewolf then I woke up. 

From Meg ~
I dreamt that Daniel Radcliffe (plays Harry) and Emma Watson (plays Hermione) had just started coming to my school. I was in a singing contest. (Although my singing voice really sucks, just ask my best friend.) Well, I didn’t place in the contest, but my best friend, Kaysie, gave me a note and said she didn’t know who it was from. She said this popular girl that goes to my school, Marissa, gave it to her from some guy. In some really scribbly, cursive hand writing it said:

Dear Meg,
I really loved your singing voice and you sang that song beautifully. I like you. Meet me in Computer class and you’ll see who I am. By the way, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I want to go out with you.
Secret Lover

Well, I went to computer class and sat at my computer (They’re assigned to us at the beginning of the semester) and waited. Someone came up behind me and slipped me another note. This is what it said:

Dear Meg,
I have decided to meet you some place different, private, so I can tell you how I really feel. I will follow you home from school today so walk home after school; I will meet up with you somewhere along the walk home.
Secret Lover

I went through the whole day without seeing my secret admirer who wished to go out with me.  Then on my walk home, halfway in between my house and the school, Dan Radcliffe tripped on a stone and landed flat on his face in front of me. Then he got up and said “Didn’t you get two notes today signed by Secret Lover?”  I said back “Maybe.” Then he said “Because I wrote them.”  I gasped. “I guess I surprised you, then?”  I shook my head yes.  We walked to my house in silence. When we got there and sat on the porch he said “When do your Mum and Dad get home?” I told him 4:00.  He said “Good.”  Then he asked me “Meg, will you please, please go out with me?  What I said in the note, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, I meant I like how you look on the outside, but I also meant on the inside.  Did you write that song you sang?  It had so much beauty to it.”  He turned to face me and took both of my hands in his.  Then he asked “Meg, will you go out with me? I will understand if you say no.”  Then to his surprise, I told him “Yes, I would love to go out with you.”  Then he kissed me.  I said “Will you please stay here until my parents get home?”  He said nothing but nodded yes.  We sat on the porch holding hands until 3:55.  I closed my eyes when I heard my mom’s car pull in. Then I woke up.

From Kate ~
I was standing in the middle of what looked like an army camp, and there were loads of big like trailers I knew had important people inside.  Suddenly Sirius Black (looking the way you draw him) appeared next to me.  He said "Lets be rebellious..." and kicked the trailer very loudly.
The next moment Jason Isaac (dressed at Captain Hook) stormed out of the trailer.  He and Sirius suddenly gained swords and started to duel, I had a sword too and when Sirius sliced Jason in half, me and Sirius battled a different side.  It got kinda gruesome and then every thing spun around and we were in a fun fair, except Jason and Sirius had disappeared.  I was alone in the middle of a screaming and panicking crowd, and started to look for Sirius.  I knew I had to find him otherwise I would be alone and I missed him.
Loads of people were pointing at a tall tower, it was an fire and burning rapidly.  I asked a random person where Sirius was and they pointed to the tower.  I yelled at them to do something to but everyone was just standing still.  I climbed up the tower and entered the burning building.  On the floor were about 50 people and Sirius was on the top floor.  I don't know how I know this but I just did.  Suddenly I fell over and turned to see what I tripped over; it was Remus Lupin.  I started to cry and tried to help him out of the building; he wasn't breathing.  Then I woke up.

From Verbinasedai ~
You would probably understand this dream better if you had read the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, it's kind of an interesting mix of the two book series... 
I dreamed I was a 'novice' at Hogwarts, and we were all wearing our black uniform robes, when the Seanchan came in and captured us all and took us to America on their ships, they made me a ship hand.  When we got there, I saw Alludra, making wands and selling them on the black market, then I woke up...

From Kwelchmbr ~
Dream 1 [snogging!] - I had just seen Prisoner of Azkaban and when I went to bed that night I had a dream about Daniel Radcliffe.  We were at Hogwarts grounds at night and it was snowing outside. He was leading me into the woods where he said we could be alone. When we got there he showed me this beautiful part of the sky where it had been all lit up.  He said he had seen it and it reminded him of how beautiful he thought I was.  So all of a sudden he pulled me close and told me that he would never let anything hurt me.  His cheeks were really red as were mine and he leaned forward and we kissed after that he said we should be going inside.  He grabbed my hand and we ran back towards the school. We got back into the common room where Hermione and Ron were waiting.  Then he let go of my hand and I went back up to the girls room with Hermione. Then she asked me what had happened.  I told her. I laid down in bed and I heard someone coming. Hermione and the others were already in bed so I knew it wasn't them.  It was Harry sinking up into the common room.  When I opened my four poster curtains he was on his knees.  He told me that he had been thinking about me a lot after that and he wanted to come check on me to see if his love was alright.  The next thing I knew he had climbed into the bed with me and we started making out.  After he had taken his t-shirt off I woke up.
Dream 2 - This dream had Professor Lupin in it. was on the train when he got rid of the Dementor and he had asked us if we were all ok.  I told him yes.  Then he sat down next to me and began telling me how beautiful he thought my eyes were.  I had a class with him after that. He was teaching us about werewolves instead of Snape.  He asked me to stay after class so I did.  He then told me that every since we met that night on the train he could talk to me about anything.  Then I asked him how he got the scars on his face.  He told me that he was a werewolf and that he attacks himself in the Shrieking Shack.  Then he told me that he wanted me to put some kind of medicine on his face.  So I did.  He asked me if I was dating anyone and I said no.  He asked me if I would consider dating him and it would be between just me and him and no one would have to know.  I told him I didn't know.  He said that he would understand if I didn't want to.  He kissed my forehead.  I then leaned in and kissed his lips for some weird reason.  I wasn't attracted to him; I liked Harry.  But I got up and the was a Dementor at the window.  I got very frightened.  He got rid of it.  Then Harry, Ron, and Hermione walked in and asked if we had seen the Dementor and I told them how Professor Lupin had bravely gotten rid of it and I left with them.  Before I walked out of the room he grabbed my hand and told me to think about it then woke up.

From Jacky ~
Dream 1 - I'm on a broom.  I think I'm Harry (which is weird cos I'm a girl, but makes sense since we're reading his point of view in the books) and I'm in the mall on a broom.  I'm trying to get to the second floor to save Ginny (you should all know that the mall this takes place in doesn't have a second floor in real life.  In the dream there was but it didn't have stairs so it's just a long drop) and Draco wont stop teasing me about my flying and the broom wont cooperate with me so I fall off and try again.  And again.  And again.. then I wake up.
Dream 2 - I'm downstairs in my house and look out the window and Cedric, Fleur, and Krum are running into a forest that's suddenly in my backyard and I scream and say "Oh my god! I'm late for the third task!"  So I get online and I'm IM-ing Hermione to try to get her to teach me the four-point-spell because I couldn't remember it.  And.. I don't remember the rest so I assume the dream ended there.

From Zeshen ~
I was at my school getting an education (yeah right!) when all of a sudden Goku from Dragonball Z (DBZ) popped in. He said "Hey Brandon! The Sorting Hat is at your name!" (I'm 17 by the way) So I replied to Goku "Tell him I am coming." and I turned around and I was in the Great Hall. The hat flew onto my head and said "Gryffindor" and Hermione ran up and gave me a kiss. I flew in the air without a broomstick. Then, Dumbledore said "Brandon! You are a saiyan of DBZ. Voldemort appeared and killed Ron. I went Super Saiyan and blasted Voldemort away. Finally, my dream did a weird thing and fast forwarded 10 years and I was married to Hermione with a baby named Amy.

From Wolf_girl ~
I was at this summer camp place and I was running around with Harry, Ron, and Neville. Now it's like a scary movie scene and we were running through the dark woods when we heard a scream. We came into a cabin to find Professor McGonagall, who was very hurt and this mannish woman person trying to kill her. I ended up using punches and the Avada Kadarva curse to kill him (who turned out to be a woman) and that was just creepy. Then at the end I ended up falling for Neville.

From Emma ~
Dream 1 - I was at home and I suddenly realized that I was late for my first day of College (I'm starting in September).  I didn't have enough time to walk there so I ran outside and there was Buckbeak tied up in my garden. I tried to bow to him so he'd let me on, but every time I did he just flapped at me.  In the next door garden was a boy my age who also had a Hippogriff (by this time the Hippogriffs had turned into books...weird) and was showing off because his let him on.  He then flew away on his magical book/Hippogriff thing leaving me with an angry book that kept flapping it's pages at me whenever I approached!
Dream 2 - I was in my garden again and was battling Tom Riddle for some reason. But then he dropped his wand and I knocked him out with a spell. Then I rolled him up in a carpet (possibly made of leaves) and left him there. 

From Lana ~
Dream 1 - I was on stage in this animal show, for some reason the stage was at Kings Cross Station. I was trying to help Ron catch Scabbers who went onto the stage thinking he could blend in with the show. I almost caught Scabbers, but I had to jump over a crate with lions in it. The crate opened up and the lions ran out, but didn't get off of the stage. The audience didn't run away, they thought it was all part of the show. Since it was all my fault I decided to run into the audience and said that one of the animals escaped to make them run away.  Instead of saying the lions escaped I said that a rat escaped.  The audience went into a panic and started running in all directions.  I was becoming very sick, I was coughing and had a runny noise.  Hermione grabbed my arm attempting to pull me to the Hogwarts Express. She was holding Crookshanks.  We ran onto the train barely making it and ran into a compartment full of all these Hufflepuff girls. I started apologizing that we were in the wrong spot.  I wanted to get out and my cold started getting worse by the moment.  I had trouble breathing.  I was gasping for a tissue and saw that the two girls next to me both had boxes full of tissues.  I asked them for one and the furthest girl gave it to me.  She was my best friend (my real best friend) but she acted as though she didn't know who I was.  I wanted to open a window because it felt like I was dying and needed fresh air. There were about 10 windows but each was the size of a fist and none would open. The air seemed to have thickened and gotten colder.  I started screaming "Where's Daniel?!!! Where's Daniel?!!!" (I'm thinking that I meant Harry but I said Daniel as in Daniel Radcliffe) but no one paid any attention to what I was saying.  Not even Hermione.  I jumped out of the compartment and ran to the end of the train screaming "Daniel, Daniel, I have to tell you something very important!!!"  There was a Dementor at the very end of the train advancing on me.  That explained why it was getting so cold.  The coldness wasn't good on my "flu" I guess you can call it.  I slid into the nearest compartment and just my luck Daniel Radcliffe was in it.  He was like "Lana, what's wrong you look like you're out of breath?"  I was about to tell him something very important when the Dementor came in.  I was already very sick and fainted right into Daniel's arms. Then I woke up.
Dreams 2-5 - These are four dreams combined, they create a story, and when I woke up it was so realistic I was on the floor and my head hurt just like Harry's did after he had very realistic dreams.
(In this dream I was Luna Lovegood) Luna, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville were climbing a mountain to try and get the green flame torch. Voldemort was right on their tails and he was coming after us to A) kill Harry and B) get rid of the torch. Voldemort was getting restless with climbing up. plus there were all these people around Harry (Harry's friends), he wanted to apparate but couldn’t because this mountain was with in the Hogwarts grounds.  He stopped climbing and reached for his wand.  Neville was nearest to him so he decided that Neville would "go" first. “AVADA KADAVRA!” he shot at Neville the spell that kills instantly.  Neville froze and fell off.  Next came Hermione.  Hermione saw what he did to Neville so she spun around yelling every curse and hex she could think of, but none were good enough to get rid of Voldemort, he instead yelled, “IMPERIUS”. Thoughts that weren't Hermione's went into her head and the strongest thought said "Jump off!" Hermione jumped off the mountain.  Ron jumped after her to try and save her and he was holding a giant frog.  So Harry started to scream, "Noooooooo!!"  Ron screamed while he was falling "It's okaaaay go onnnnnn, we shall live" and then I heard a crash and they both Ron and Hermione died.  Harry decided to go on with me, Luna.  I was hurt really badly; I had a broken arm and I was bleeding like no other. Though I wouldn't give up so I kept following him and he was bleeding and dirty also, we came to a landing in the mountain and Voldemort got up there as well, the Dementors were following us and there were millions of them. Harry did the Patronus spell and got rid of a few but it wasn't enough.  Voldemort started shooting spells at me because he knew it would hurt Harry more then dying for him to see his girlfriend dying (yes Luna was his girlfriend) so Harry screamed, "You killed everyone I've ever had! You friggin bastard! You killed my parents, my friends, but I wont let you kill Luna!" He gave a heroic yell and tried his hardest to get me away from Voldemort, but the Dementors got to him first. I dropped down in so much pain from the spell only able to hear my beating heart and only able to see the horrid scene in front of me. I was really scared but I needed to help so I yelled, "Expelliarmus!" and Voldemort's wand flew away from his grasp.  I ran to Harry and dragged him behind a rock, he was alive looking as bad as I felt.  Though he was able to stand.  It felt like all hope was lost because soon the Dementors would get to us probably giving us a kiss.  Out of nowhere Dumbledore appeared on the mountain next to Voldemort.  Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me towards Hogwarts which still involved a bit of climbing.  We eventually reached the top of the mountain and the school came into view.  As quickly as we could we ran into the dungeons to get the green flame torch, for it was hidden in there. Harry knew the exact location because of dreams he has been having. Snape was there with all of the Death Eaters. He said “You finally came.”
Harry was very confused because he thought that Snape was on our side considering he was part of the Order.  I crept behind Harry and took my wand out.  I was about to start shooting spells when Harry whispered to me, "Not yet." Now I was the one who was confused but did as I was told.  Harry was talking very calmly to Snape, as if they were in class.  He said "Voldemort is going to die, Dumbledore is fighting him right now, it's pointless for you and all of these Death Eaters to be here, shouldn't you go help your dear old leader?" Snape snickered and said back to Harry, "It doesn't matter to us if the Dark Lord dies because he knows how to come back to life, buhahahahahahahahahah!" He was holding the Green Flame Torch and said, "You don't know what this does do you? It's a torch to see the dead in.  You can look inside and see your wonderful parents, your wonderful godfather, and of course to see Dumbledore." The torch lit up and Dumbledore's body formed with in the green flames.  He was laying there lifeless.  A Death Eater shot a spell at Harry, but I was in the way. The spell hit me and I was teleported to a cemetery swamp place.
I was covered and coated in blood and dirt. The swamp/cemetery was totally creeping me out.  All of the gravestones were broken and covered with spider webs and what looked like human flesh that has been torn from the human itself... In some graves you could actually see the dead decaying because various limbs were sticking out of the soft soil.... I wanted more than anything to go back to Harry in the dungeons with Snape and Snape's "friends".  I looked up realized that the Death Eaters were all here including Snape.  I couldn't see Harry anywhere. My eyes started darting to every single D. E. searching for a clue as to Harry's whereabouts. I was aching everywhere plus different thoughts kept coming to me. The most haunting was that Dumbledore was dead. Then I saw Dumbledore, he was hanging from a tree by his neck and his wand was snapped in half. Harry was still no where to be seen. As I was getting up I started to hear voices inside my own head.  First was my mothers (Luna's mom not mine) I couldn't make out what she was saying though it sounded like the mom was blaming me for her death (remember in the fifth book Luna said that her mom died doing an experiment). Then I heard Harry's voice and it sounded as though he was in pain and screaming for help.  Finally, I heard Voldemort's voice telling me that, well, he telling me something, but I couldn't hear him. It was kind of distant even though he was right next to me.  He was smiling at me (evil smile) and everyone was laughing (all of his followers that is.)
The sun started to come out so the Dementors “glided” away, but one stayed. It was holding a limp object which was pale and looked barely alive.  It was Harry, the Dementor was coming closer to me and only then I realized who was the limp object, the Dementor wasn’t afraid of the sun because its powers grew so much from Harry’s horrible past memories, it was very strong and started to glide over to me.  I was still staring at the body of Harry, I was crying and figured that since I'm the only one left it's not fair for me to live and the rest of my friends to be dead. Voldemort read my thoughts and said, “Death will come, Blood shall spill, One must die, One must kill”

From Jessica R. Vance ~
I was hanging out with Ginny at the Yule Ball.  Something was different though, because Ron and Hermione were dancing together, and Ginny and I were giggling about this. They danced over by us and Ron looked over at me and I gave him a thumbs-up (as I would probably do in real life, if that were possible). Then Bagman came in to talk about the Tournament and I said to myself, "Oh my God, he's totally a Death Eater and nobody even knows..."

From Animesailor ~
The 6th Harry Potter movie came out and it was a cartoon. Harry was captured by Voldemort and they both went up into the clouds. Then I acquired the 7th book which started out at Voldemort's lair in the sky.  He told Harry he didn't want to be evil anymore, but wanted a shop in Diagon Alley. "Well, you can't have a joke shop, since Fred and George have theirs," Harry told Voldemort, who sighed and said that he was going to open a bank.  I guess Harry didn't want to tell him that there was already a Gringott's.
Who knew that if only they would give Voldemort some room and a store he would be happy?

From Gwyneth ~
I was in my old 4th grade classroom, and was hiding in the coatroom, but the door was open. One of my older friends was on a podium presenting a speech, oblivious to the fact that Voldemort was terrorizing everybody in there.

From VWT ~
I was watching Harry get his first Hogwarts letter. Then I turned into a female version of Harry and Dudley started chasing me through the woods behind my house.

From Tiina ~
Tom Felton was in our house and he was playing Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban - game. I was sitting near him and I tried to make up some kind of conversation... Then he asked me if I could find more sweets 'cause he had eaten all!! So I went to kitchen looking for some.  When I came back he had stopped playing and he went to somewhere. Then I write on the computer screen "Could you give me your e-mail address so if you like I could write to you someday?" Then Tom came back. He saw the text and he gave me the address!! Then he said that he had to go.  Then he went outside. Then I remembered that I had forgotten to ask a photograph.  I ran to him and asked him that.  He ignored the question and he asked me if I could sit with him on the bench!!  I was so pleased!!  We were sitting there and talking and then suddenly (I couldn't believe it..) every single one of my family drove in there from every point of the compass!! 

From Sid ~
I had a dream that my friend Margi and I were waiting in line at a Borders for the midnight release of the sixth book. And when we got the books, they were like huge, I mean BIG! And so we immediately opened them and I shouted something along the lines of, "I'll get done with it before you!" and she shouted, "You're on!" and a television crew heard us and asked us if they could film us live as we fought to finish reading the books. I laughed and said "sure" as I finished chapter one. So we all piled in Margi's parents' van and went to her house, where I was spending the night. We were reading really fast and the camera men were reading over our shoulders.  I got to the end of the book, four chapters ahead of her and was screaming and jumping up and down and the camera guy was shaking my hand and then I woke up.  
I actually thought it had happened and went to my bookshelf to find the book.

From Audrey ~
I had a dream a while back that Harry was being chased by evil forces.  Dumbledore was worried, but couldn't hold them back, so he suggested Harry make a run for it.  Hermione decided to go with him, but Ron stayed back at the school to watch over things.  Harry and Hermione made a trek across dense forest and open road, hiding from a light blue beat-up minivan.  Their quest ended in front of a 7-11 similar to the one near my house. They were cornered there by overweight housewives who were carrying banners. The banner-decked minivan parked in front of the store, and then I woke up. 

From Stories ~
I was somewhere that had a gravelly road with my girl scout troop and the rocks were beginning to cut into my bare feet. I glanced down at Dobby, who was walking beside me for some reason and noticed he only had socks protecting his feet. When I asked him if he wanted me to give him socks, he replied with "Mistress is so kind!" and disappeared. 

From Gwyn
Dream 1 - I was sitting in the Gryffindor common room and Oliver Wood came in and said we need a seeker for the Quidditch match. I asked him why Harry wasn't playing and he said Harry got sick. We ran down to the Gryffindor locker room and one of the chasers (I think it was Katie Bell) gave me some robes. We played against Slytherin and I kicked Malfoy just as I caught the snitch. We won with 200 points to 20. Dream 2 - I was in Hogsmede with Harry, Ron and Hermione and we went into all these cool places. First we went into the Three Broomsticks and got Butterbeer. Then we went into Zonkos and I bought a bunch of dung bombs. They were weird, they were black and baseball-sized and didn't smell unless you were two inches away from them. Then we went into Honeydukes and I got tons of chocolate, sugar quills, and all that awesome stuff!  After we went towards a Quidditch shop, then I woke up.

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